For Fidel Castro


By Adel Samara

Occupied Palestine



The impossible is not that you don’t pass away, but it is to stay as you are from the moment of birth to the moment of death.


Who is able to be like this?


It is Fidel Castro of Cuba, and Cuba of Che Guevara, their comrades, party, people who conquered the impossible in various levels.


Many are called charismatic in history either because of their personality, courage, speeches, intellectualism and consciousness. All of these are right, but, the most important might be the persistent commitment to revolutionary morals all the life.

The power and will of never renegading in time of defeat, the decision not to refrain as revolutionary, and for sure not to get corrupted when grasping power. This attitude is possible under one condition: if the leader understood that he/she is a citizen, soldier,  militant forever, critical, revolutionary intellectual and Mushtabik  i.e. engaged.


This is Castro.


I remember his great sentence: “In Cuba, human beings pass away because of old age not because of illness.”.For anyone who understands communism, this is communism. A system that protects people’s health, not a system where the rich die because of overeating and drinking,  while the poor die of sickness and famine,  or a system that launches genocidal wars against nations and many of its poor soldiers. Socialist system does not recruits common people to slaughter in the name of religion and nationality by the name of God Allah. Cuba’s system challenged the most brutal barbaric capitalist regime despite it is being too close to US.


If the great Arabic poet al-Mutanabi, who lived a mellinum ago, were still alive he would have repeated Castro what he said for Abu Firas Al-Hamadani the hero of Allepo who fought the Romans:


You stood in a position where there is no doubt of death

You stood inside the eyelid of death while it is sleeping


Yes, Cuba stood firm in the belly of the capitalist beast – the US, but the beast wasn’t sleeping, it actually attacked Cuba for 50 years. US was supported, and continues to be, by counter-revolution forces from Europe, South America and reactionary Arab regimes and for sure the Zionist regime.


If we are proud in recognizing the role of USSR, it is especially for its support for Cuba. If we are to be astonished, it is because Cuba stood strong even after the collapse of USSR. And when many abandoned communism even without repression, and went for the mosques competing with fundamentalists, Cuba maintained its socialism.


Through these aggressions and wars and honor of international struggle, Che was the great martyr, but the “great” US regime decided to cut his hands. Since that time his hands have been slapping every US president including Tramp.


All dirty capitalist means has been used by US imperialism to assassinate Castro with no success. It might be that even the agents never believed in doing it against this hero of humanity, while in many cases the closest allies of many leaders betray them.


Castro lived with his people sharing with them their struggle, poverty, health care, victory, simple but nice life and development by popular protection.


A low rank officer in an Arab army or a manager in NGO, or a leader of small organization of few members, probably lived with living expenses many times more than that of Castro himself.


It is written in the great ancient Iraqi Myth of Gilgamish:


“He who saw everything, oh my country, remember him by singing”.


Castro, who conquered imperialism, uncovered the shame of renegade leaders on world scale, especially in Arab Homeland, Castro advises us to: Keep flag of socialism high; uncover people’s enemies, enemies of popular classes. That is why; sing in his memory, to be able to see everything the way he saw it.