Imperialist Fabrication Reached Occupied Palestine

Imperialist Fabrication Reached Occupied Palestine

A Declaration from the Participants in al-Khalil Hebron Demonstration


By Adel Samara

Friends from al-Khalil city (Hebron) who are patriotic, nationalists, communists, Marxists invited us to participate in a supportive demonstration to the Arab country Syria, the resistance movement and against foreign and any intervention  in Syria.

The Demonstration took place at 9-1-2012. But the next day (10-1-2010)  we astonished that al-Quds daily (in Jerusalem) publish a photo  (attached) with a comment saying: “ A demonstration in solidarity with Palestinians in Syria and against president Bashar al-Assad).

We contacted al-Quds and the editor said that the photo sent to the paper by EPA. Al-Quds published (11-1-2012) explaining and amend the false piece of news in the previous day. (attached).

It is important to confirm that EPA where desperate to find any action against Syria. If not, why they did not contact the people in charge to knew the truth at least according to the pretended morals of the bourgeois media? The same is for al-Quds paper, also because if the comment under the picture is against the Saudi king, will al-Quds publish it without investigation and confirmation. I doubt that it will publish it even with million confirmations.

We never praise or humiliate president Assad. We are self respected people, but we are real Arabs and organic intellectuals and for sure against imperialism, Arab comprador regimes and rental oil states and Zionist Ashkinazi regime for sure.

It is highly important to note that people like us are clear, clean and courageous enough when write or speak to criticize the Syrian regime and push for real reforms motivated by our love to Syria , but at the same time and with more and intensive manner we attack the enemies of Syria, USA, EU, Turkey, GCC and especially the terrorist groups of Politicized Religion. This is the main difference between us and the counter-revolution camp like media people, intellectuals, writers…etc who never dare to say a single word against the enemies of Syria,  the enemies of humanity.  Is this a clear difference? Yes it is

Names of some of the Participants:

Hisham al-Sharif

Ihsan salem Abu Arab

Ali al-Tawawi

Nader al-A’waiwi

Munzer al-A’waiwi

Dr. Khalil Nakhli

Shawkat Hammad

Dr. Muhmad farhat

Dr. Adel Samara

Abdul A’alim Daa’na

Nazmi Daa’na