Four Fronts to Support and Liberate

Palestinian Prisoners

Adel Samara

There are four fronts or areas of struggle to support, strengthen and liberate the Palestinian prisoners of war against a regime which resembles and transcends both Fascism and Nazism. In fact, Zionism is older than these movements taking into consideration that the “reformist” Martin Luther was the first who suggested a Jewish occupation of Palestine.


The first pillar is the military struggle to capture Zionist soldiers and to exchange them with Palestinian prisoners. This rarely happens, but it is the most effective and shortest way.


The second is boycotting Zionist products and terminating normalization with the Zionist Ashkenazi regime (ZAR). This must be implemented by Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip (WBG), i.e. to restore the popular boycotting of the ZAR products during the first Intifada which was unfortunately abolished by the PLO following it’s signing the Oslo Accords with ZAR. Boycotting and anti-normalization efforts have been practiced by secular and fideism popular classes in an obvious difference from the secular, national and religious bourgeoisie of the forces of politicized religion which continues its economic relationship with the ZAR despite of national bourgeoisie and religious rhetoric of the merchant section of the politicized religion.


It is worth to note here that this argument is based on social class facts not on bourgeois national rhetoric or the politicized religious organizations that use the mosque as a place to clean themselves of the crime of normalization. A real boycotting and anti-normalization is a provocative factor that if renewed and continued will oblige normalizes, from any social class or section, to fight back against the popular classes because the real struggle against normalization and boycotting is challenging, harming and minimizing their goal of accumulation. While the Palestinian Authority (PA) termination of boycotting was a policy that terminates the local productive sectors, any hesitation in practicing boycotting and anti-normalization is in fact terminating the struggle of the prisoners. A woman boycott of the Zionist production is a case of anti -consumerism, or a conscious consuming which might be better and more effective than any vicious speech by a general sectary of many compromising political parties.


Boycotting and anti-normalization is a duty and moral obligation for Arabs as well. This emphasizes the fact that Arab political forces must apply pressure on their regimes to stop normalization with the Zionist regime, and those which exchange with that regime to stop that. This battle is a great opportunity to uncover politicians and organizations that are still maneuvering to hide their practice or inclination to normalize with the ZAR.


The Third is what I once named “Arab 23rd Arab country”, the Arabs and Palestinians who are scattered all over the world. They are in terms of numbers larger than many Arab countries, their sources, capacity of consumption, the chance of free speech especially in terms of liberties in the bourgeois capitalist countries despite of its shortcomings…etc., is better than many Arabs in the Arab Homeland. If those Arabs devote continuous activities in support of the prisoners and other Arab issues they will be very effective.


Fourth is to challenge the UN to tackle the case of Palestinian prisoners as a just case.


The UN, throughout its history, was used by imperialist powers. Moreover, in the last three decades, following the collapse of the USSR and the decline of the world revolutionary forces, the UN became an easy tool for imperialist goals. As this is the case, why shouldn’t Arabs apply pressure on this organization to do something human once in its long life, i.e. to be in charge for the case of Palestinian prisoners?