What is happening in Syria?


Facts, Myths and Catastrophic Scenarios

By Masad Arbid



The Syrian people, like all Arab peoples and those of the Third World, have endured years of suffering and injustice and, therefore, have their legitimate and just demands: they aspire for economic and social justice, freedom, real and indigenous democracy, human and social development and Arab unity.

These popular demands are not raised against the ruling regimes alone, as western propaganda claims, but also against all forms of foreign hegemony, intervention and diktat.


Arab peoples understand that at the core of their problems are western imperialist powers. This deeply rooted antagonism between Arab nation, on the one hand and Western imperialism, on the other, has at least three main causes:


1) Two-century long history of colonization and hegemony aimed at protecting political and economic western interests and achieving the highest levels of capitalist accumulation through plunder of Arab wealth.


2) Continuous plunder of Arab oil, wealth and resources, leaving millions of Arabs among the poor of Third World countries, while their countries are so rich and their rulers are immersed in wealth and corruption.


3) Lastly, and equally important, because western imperialist powers – to maintain and preserve their interests – have established, maintained, armed and financed client Arab regimes that are corrupt, oppressive and antagonistic to the interests of their people, their freedom, democracy and human rights that the West brags about advocating and defending.


The Syrian people have a long struggle for these just demands in the context of their own interests, heritage, values, culture and their eight thousand-year old civilization. They want to achieve change in their country on their own and only by their own internal national social and political forces. They also want to shape this change in harmony with their reality. Above all, the Syrian people are determined to complete this process through peaceful and constructive comprehensive national dialogue.


Syrians, like all Arab peoples, enjoy a deeply rooted national Arab identity, an identity that had persisted for thousands of years and was deepened through four centuries of struggle against the Ottoman occupation that was camouflaged by religion and by French colonialism that followed and was covered by ‘positive colonialism’. Hence, the Syrian people certainly reject all forms of so-called freedom and democracy that are “cooked” in the West to serve US and western interests. They will accept nothing less than a change and a future created by their own hands and in the context of their own society and historical development, and they will not submit to the diktat of western imperialist powers upon their lives and destiny.


What does the West want from Syria?


What is happening in Syria today is not about defending the Syrian people and their freedom, and is not about achieving their national goals and demands. In the entire modern history, there is not a shred of evidence that western imperialist powers have done anything to defend or advance the interests of colonized peoples.


Learning from their experience in sabotaging and diverting the popular revolts in Tunisia and Egypt (from December 2010 until now), the counter-revolution forces were, this time around, more prepared for Syria. They swiftly diverted people’s just demands from its peaceful and patriotic constructive struggle for change and reform, and turned into armed and violent conflict aiming at exploiting developments in Syria to serve western capitalist interests, and their clients: the most brutal and reactionary regional and Arab regimes: Turkey, the Zionist entity – Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.


What is happening today in Syria is not about change and reform; it is about the destruction of Syria as a country, state and society with the primary objective of eliminating it as a regional and Arab power that confronts the Zionist enemy and imperialist pursuits in the region. It is about erasing Syria from the political scene because of it’s steadfastness in protecting Arab identity and its support for the forces of resistance in the region: namely the Lebanese Hezbollah and Palestinian resistance against Zionist occupation.


This explains the desperate role of Zionist entity – Israel, NATO member Turkey (second only to the US in military presence in NATO) and dark-age rulers of Qatar and Saudi Arabia and the rest of the orchestra, the petro-dollar deformities, the so-called Gulf States.


Plan for More Fragmentation of Arab Homeland


The global war that we witness today against Syria and its people is not new and has nothing to do with ‘Western support of the Syrian people in their struggle for freedom’. These are mere lies and fabrications.


What is happening in Syria today is nothing less than one more episode and advanced step in a century-long plan to divide the Arab nation and fragment the Arab homeland.


We have seen the precursors in the division of the Sudan (South and North), the de-facto division of Iraq, and the many other divisions along ethnic, religious and sectarian lines such as those in Egypt, Lebanon and Bahrain, to mention a few, among Moslems and Christians, and among Moslems themselves, Shia and Sunni.


In May 1916, in the midst of WW1, the colonial British and French created Sykes – Picot Agreement which was drafted in anticipation of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire to colonize Arab counties that were under its rule. In that agreement, Britain and France drew the map of fragmenting Great Syria and broke it into today’s Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, while Palestine was colonized by Zionists to establish on its land the Zionist entity in 1948. Today, we are facing the Second Sykes – Picot Agreement to pursue the ultimate imperialist goal: fragment Syria into tiny “semi-states” along sectarian and religious lines.


Global War Against Syria


In the global war against Syria, all facets of aggression have been entertained and have been in place for a long time.


a) Syria was named among the countries of “axis of evil”, which was announced by former US president George W. Bush.


b) US Congress Syria Accountability and Liberation Act which passed into law on 12 December, 2003.


c) Accusing Syria with the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri, who was assassinated on 14 February, 2005.


d) Imposing several forms of political pressure and economic sanctions on Syria, which resulted in the suffering of the Syrian people and created severe living conditions for its poor popular classes.


What Syria is facing today is a most vicious global war by all means and at all levels, but most dangerously:


a) Media war: that had waged a war of propaganda by stating lies and fabrications spearheaded by the Arabic satellites Al-Jazeera and Arabiya (owned and operated by Qatar and Saudi Arabia respectively), along with US and western media mouthpieces BBC, CNN and others.


The basis of this propaganda war is a lie that was fabricated by western powers, their media and the so-called Syrian opposition. This lie claims that the Syrian army is killing its own innocent citizens who participate in peaceful demonstrations.


This fabrication raises two questions:


First: If these demonstrators were peaceful, then why are they armed and why are they committing hideous crimes in Syrian towns and villages? No peace or just cause can be served by blowing up homes of peaceful and unarmed families, mosques and churches and slaughtering innocent children.


Second: Who is behind these terrorist mercenary groups? Who is organizing, training, arming and financing them to be smuggled into Syria through its borders with Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Jordan?


b) War of terror: that we witness in Syria on a daily basis is committed by mercenary terrorist gangs that, as mentioned above, infiltrate into Syria to terrorize citizens and commit the most hideous and bloody massacres as the ones we saw in the Syrian towns of Houla and Qbeir (June 2012).


This war of terror against the Syrian people is masterminded, armed, financed and operated by US, NATO and other western forces along with their regional puppets and client states (Turkey, Israel, Qatar and Saudi Arabia with their “junior” agents in the region such as the fascist right-wing Lebanese forces and militia).


The Intervention Scenario and Lessons of History


It is unfortunate that few of us see these developments through the prism of recent history, and remember that western intervention had caused the full destruction of former Yugoslavia, Iraq and lastly Libya under the pretext of rescuing “innocent civilians”. This intervention, which was shamefully termed ‘humanitarian imperialism’, is controlling and manipulating the so-called ‘international legitimacy’ of the UN and its Security Council, the obedient servant of US imperialism.


Those of us, however, who did not learn this lesson, will continue to believe the media lies until we wake up one morning to “weep” over the thousands of slaughtered innocent people in Syria. Isn’t this precisely what happened in Libya in summer 2011?


The scenario that is masterminded in western capitals is easily predictable and does not require a high dose of creative thinking. It can be, with reasonable precision, charted as follows:


1) The terrorist mercenary groups will continue to commit massacres in every possible Syrian town and with the utmost brutality.


2) US, western and Arab media blame the Syrian government, its army and law enforcement for committing such crimes.


3) Heighten the media lies and eventually send ‘brave and credible’ western and US journalists (war celebrities) to cover these crimes as we saw many times in former Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya. This, according to the scenario, will ensure the ‘shaping’ of the US and Western public opinion which will ‘suddenly’ wake up and realize the ‘devastating suffering of civilians in Syria’ and will, therefore, support the intervention of its governments.


4) The influx of terrorists into Syria will increase and the wave of massacres will escalate to enable the enemies of Syria to create the pretext for the UN Security Council (UNSC) to hold ‘emergency’ sessions to debate the situation in Syria.


5) Oblivious to the truth, and to its stated mission of protecting civilians, and to the fact that these hideous crimes were committed by terrorist gangs, UNSC will issue resolution(s) to prosecute Syrian officials (president and other government and military officials) for committing ‘war crimes’ and ‘crimes against humanity’ (remember late Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic and the late Iraqi president Saddam Hussein).


6) The UNSC and ‘international community’ will then, on the basis of ‘international legitimacy’ call and stand behind military intervention under Article 7 of UN Charter.


7) While these attempts are taking place, and while the steps of this plan are being implemented, this scenario will spread fear and chaos in Syria, creating uncontrollable conditions that will practically paralyze the economic, social and political life in that country.


What can we do?


What can progressive, anti-war and peace-loving people do?


We should:


1) First and foremost, seek the support of all progressive and leftist anti-war forces in the US and the West, as well as civil society organizations in these countries, to oppose all forms of intervention and aggression against Syria.


2) Demand that the US, NATO and western powers immediately cease its support for terrorist armed gangs and their crimes in Syrian towns and villages. This also means that Syria, as a sovereign country with its national army and law enforcement, has the right to perform its most basic duty in combating terrorists and maintain order and peace in its own country.


3) Reach for progressive US, western and world media including Syrian and Arab media (which are also available in English) and strive to find the truth about the situation in Syria.


All progressive and peace-loving people in the US and the West are invited to visit Syria to see for themselves the facts on the ground.


4) Ask Arab Americans, and those Arabs who reside in western countries, and their organizations to tell their fellow citizens in those countries the truth about what is happening in Syria and inform them of the great dangers of US and western intervention in that country.


5) Support the struggle of the Syrian people to disseminate the truth about what is happening in their country and expose media lies and fabrications.


6) Stand by the unity and cohesion of the Syrian people that persisted for eight thousands years. This history-long harmony of the Syrian social and ethnic fabric is the only way to ensure that Syrians, from all religious sects and ethnic communities, remain united.


7) Support, by all available means, the steadfastness of the Syrian people that had endured enormous sacrifices and persisted in their heroic fight for their homeland, independence and sovereignty.


8) Support the political and constitutional reforms that the Syrian people have marched on for well over a year now, and have achieved many constructive steps (constitutional, parliamentarian and others). At this stage, we should support the efforts of the Syrian people to further their reform and demands to meet their ultimate hopes and aspirations.


9) Support the path of the Syrian People towards change and reform which can be achieved only through political national dialogue by calling upon all social and political forces in Syria to engage in a free, open and peaceful political dialogue to determine the future of their country and to pursue their struggle for radical changes and reforms for a prosperous Syria.


Such dialogue should be open and free to all genuine and patriotic internal and national forces inside Syria, including the ‘clean’ Syrian opposition which resides and struggles in Syria. Here we certainly do not mean nor do we include the so-called Syrian opposition that operates in western capitals and receive financial, political and logistic support from the enemies of the Syrian people: western imperialist powers, Israel, Turkey and Arab regimes. This so-called opposition has de jure and de facto dedicated itself to the destruction of its own country in the service of western strategy.


Without such dialogue, Syria will witness rivers of blood in the days ahead and the situation will culminate in destroying the oldest cradle of human civilization. This, in turn, will open the door widely for the most reactionary extremist fundamentalist Islamist forces to take this country back to the dark ages.


* * *

We believe that the Syrian people, and all peoples of the world, have the natural right and duty to preserve the unity, sovereignty and freedom of their homeland. They should neither believe the lies of western imperialist powers nor submit to their conspiracies, and should certainly never drown their countries into civil, ethnic and religious wars.


Syria and its people are not alone. All freedom and peace loving peoples of the world and all progressive forces should stand with the Syrian people in their struggle against imperialist aggression and capitalist greed.