Discussion about the Current Events in Egypt


Statement of a Palestinian Delegation Meeting Ambassador of  Venezuela in Occupied Palestine


Dear his Excellency,


Of  Simon Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela



With great pleasure we visit your country’s embassy motivated by the joint struggle of our nations against Counter-Revolution (the capitalist center, the Zionist Ashkenazi Regime in Israel (ZAR) and the reactionary ruling regimes in Arab Homeland) on the one hand, and to appreciate your kindly relating Venezuelan President Comrade Nicolas Maduro what we would like to discuss with you to on the other.


Our direct message is to explain that the Venezuelan government’s call of its Ambassador from Cairo was too hasty and that the CR exploits it deeply and publically.


The current conflict in Egypt is taking place on several levels. It is patriotic from the new regime against the terror of Forces that Politicizing Islam (FPI) which indirectly facilitates the ZAR plan to create a Palestinian State in Gaza and part of Egyptian Sinai (based on proposal produced by retired Zionist General Geo’ra Oland 2006). It is a class struggle because popular classes flood to streets demanding the resignation of “elected’ president M. Morsi. The masses elected him and fired him as well through a revolutionary step that exceeds vote boxes. It is an international conflict since many countries are interfering in the Egyptian situation.


The fact is it is the masses, the marginalized and exploited majority, are the ones who fired Morsi. It is neither General Abdul-Fatah el-Sisi nor the leadership of the new regime; the Multitude (or mix of political forces – al-khalit)  which still did not develop a coalition of real cohesion. It is right that inside this Multitude there are many CR figures which means that the country is divided vertically especially the capitalist class on the following grounds:

  • Most of the big capitalist class are comprador, but part of its productive faction in the hand of the army who control nearly 35 percent of the country’s economy. The military shares include chemical, pharmaceutical, and heavy industries which when it was offered for sale was bought by the military like seaborne complex. In addition to traditional industries. The military is inclined to protect its own and domestic market. This might make it easy for the military to steadfast when and if US stops its financial support. This form of economy is military capitalism.
  • Capitalism of traditional collecting industries, steelwork, cement which most of it are in hands of former president Mubarak supporters.
  • The commercial and service capitalism of the so-called businessmen are mainly in the hands of Moslem Brotherhoods (MB) and Salafists. A large part of them is in the hands of clearing agents, and owners of agricultural and dairy companies.

It is worth mentioning that most of businessmen originally worked in the renter oil Gulf countries and became capitalists on the one hand and articulations of Salafi/Wahabi ideology on the other.


The Egyptian left is divided as well, most of the ex-Soviet communists, Marxist-Leninist organizations and socialists are included in the mix of the Multitude, while the Trotskyites re with MB.


It is right that the high rank officers of the army has been trained in the US military, i.e. the enemy of all nations, but it is right as well that the corner stone of Egyptian military ideology is that the main enemy is ZAR despite of Camp David shameful agreement.


It is also right that the late president Nasser has been trained in Egyptian military when it was controlled by British colonialism, and the late president Chaves were trained in Venezuelan military by the US military, but both of them led a great revolutionary struggle. President Chaves radically changed the army which fought against FALN and its commander Douglas Pravo.


It is right that Saudi Arabia is trying to bribe the Multitude in Egypt  aiming at  terminating any radical orientation, and to block any change in Egypt’s position towards Syria and Russia, but Qatar was and still is supporting MB and both are implementing US policy for the sp=called “Greater Middle East”. Positions of oil renter regime have no contradiction among themselves towards any issue, they implement US division of labor among themselves. Their war against Syria is obvious.


But, most of the popular classes are on the side of the Multitude that is a better alternative than MB in many terms, i.e. their position towards women and other social issues, sectarianism and secularism in addition to the presence of socialist organizations and individuals within this Multitude.


Our mission is to think jointly and to emphasize that the new regime did not crystallize yet.


Comradely Greetings


Palestinians for Arab revolution, supporters for Syria, Egypt and revolutionary Venezuela.