Abbas-Dahlan Scandalous War


More Catastrophic than Normalization


Adel Samara

Occupied Palestine

It is difficult to uncover the reasons of timing of money and politics wars between Abbas and Dahlan as leaders of Fateh organization and Palestinian Authority (PA). And what is more difficult is to know how much money has been stolen by western and Arab rulers to re-mold the PA regime economy to become the Political Economy of Corruption. All forms of “rent” that were donated either to the PA or to NGOs of left, right or religious organizations were devoted to support the existence and continuity of Oslo Accords. This financial “support” is a financial rent to Palestinian regime and NGOs to continue their national and political collusion at the cost of the Palestinian cause especially the termination of the Right of Return (RoR) and the recognition of exclusive Jewish State.


Dependency on this form of “rent” resulted year after year in the termination of the productive sectors of Palestinian west Ban and Gaza Strip (WBG) economy where more and more of its labor force has been absorbed into rentier dependent vacancies and workplaces, i.e. the PA and NGOs.


This is the background which anyone who attempts to analyze the scandalous war between Abbas and Dahlan must deal with.


The large amounts of money both Abbas and Dahlan accusing each other of steeling, is money sent by “donors” to be used for corruption and deepening dependency. Otherwise, why would donors continue to finance a corrupt regime if the aim is not to strengthen that corruption. If my argument is correct, the discussion of how much this or that stolen money becomes a matter of details.


The same is for Abbas’ and Dahlan’s exchanging accusations of knowing and/or participating in the assassination of Arafat, i.e. if any of them knows about the role of the other in that assassination, why was he silent for all those years?


In fact, the issue is much larger and deeper than to be limited to those two persons. The issue is that many people around those two persons had  participated in the corruption as members of a huge apparatus of men and women. The same goes for the secret behind assassination of Arafat, i.e. for sure there are many people around Arafat in addition to Abbas and Dahlan and many of them have information about the conspiracy. Why those others did not speak up?


The point which I am trying to elaborate is that the structure of the PA is corrupt. The top figures are corrupt and many of them at least knew some information about Arafat and other Palestinian militants’ assassinations.


Dahlan, has been accused repeatedly by both Hamas and Fatah of being an agent of US, Israeli, Egyptian, and Jordanian intelligence, but can anyone imagine that he was and still is doing that alone?


What must be noted here is that the corruption and Internalization of Defeat (IoD) of the PLO and PA leadership on the one hand, and the release of their scandals in the public media on the other, is a dangerous attempt if deliberately designed or not to terminate the Palestinian cause on the levels of:


  • Palestinian struggle


  • Arab nations’ and international support and solidarity of Palestinian struggle and cause.


It is more dangerous than normalization practiced by all Palestinian politicians, political parties and NGOs who recognize the Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR).

Accordingly, it is expected that Arab regimes that support any of the two, Abbas or Dahlan,  are in fact playing the role of counter-revolution to terminate the Palestinian cause in a direct and open support to the ZAR.


Financial poisoning support of the PLO by Arab rulers started since the inception of PLO in 1965 and was designed to achieve two dangerous respectfully goals:


a. To strengthen the right wing of PLO, i.e. Fateh over the left and nationalist currents.


b.     To encourage the corruption of PLO as a policy to block any revolutionary influence of Palestinian resistance movement from expanding to Arab masses.


In addition to what I noted above, that the issue is not the amount of stolen money, and whether Abbas and Dahlan alone knew how Arafat and other militants were assassinated, it is important to ask: why are the scandals been uncovered now?


The most accepted interpretation is that both figures are trying to confirm to the counter-revolution center, the US and ZAR that he is the best, and who enjoys more popular support, and accordingly will be qualified to be an acceptable partner for so-called peace which is in brief means the termination of the RoR, and the recognition of an exclusive Jewish state on the land of Palestinian people. The only difference between both is the matter of who is ready to take the adventure and to do it fast.


Abbas opened fire against Dahlan few days prior to his visit to Washington. A visit which officially had the objective of extending the negotiations period with ZAR, but practically to persuade Obama that he, Abbas, is the proper leader for the time being and to suggest and name a vice president for himself aiming to counter the plans of Dahlan. Whether he succeeds or not, for the cause nothing will change.