Book Review: Jihad of Marriage

Jihad of Marriage


by Eyman Ziadeh*


In Al-Jua’ba small bookstore in the centre of Ramallah, I got Dr. Adel Samara’s recently released book, Jihad al-Nikah Zukuri la Dini ( Jihad of Marriage is a Male not Religious Motived, published by by Dar Aba’ad (Dimensions) – Beirut which is  managed by Sarkis Abu Zeid, and in Ramallah by Al-Mashriq/Ala’amil for Cultural and Development Studies.[1]


Jihad of Marriage qualitatively analyzes the phenomenon, Almstdkhalh, of the so-called Arab revolutions, which has been the best, thus far, on proving the Geography of Syria.


In the introduction, Dr. Adel Samara explains the unjust Jihad marriage. He further states how it is by far the worst and most demeaning act against women in the history of mankind. The most dangerous part is the ignorance toward the matter.


Samara explains how this type of behavior violates the female body. However, this heinous act is overlooked by the majority, and instead they moved to blame everything on the general disturbance that is going on in Syria.


Samara sees that Revolution must be as recommended by the international revolutionary Che Guevara and what is happening in Syria is the opposite.


Samara provides some historical anthropological analysis attempting to understand the historical context of the global Jihad marriage and its affect on humanity. He also explains how there is an exponential spread of this marriage across Arab Countries. The acceptance of this marriage is due to the economically successful countries applying this law into the countries not as economically stable.


Jihad marriage is not something that is unfamiliar to our society. In Ancient Greek times it was natural for women to give themselves as an item to men. This also occurred, as today, among the upper class society.  Samara reviewed and analyzed the literature of Greek philosophy.  He read about their view of women, including the way the women oppression was established. The perception that former philosophers had of women being inferior and just an object was passed down to future philosophers. This caused the legalization, by the incorporation of the “fatwas” of clerics, to what is now known as Jihad marriage.


We have come a long way from the age of Ancient Greece; however, the persecution of women sexually is now happening in Arab history as well. In Syria, fighters are being sent from all four corners of the globe to invade the Syria. Women are being hired by the legitimacy of “fatwas”, so that the terrorist fighters can be provided with sex. Unfortunately, females who leave their countries and go to Syria for this purpose never return. This sexual exchange can be thought of as a form of business that is still going until today and haven’t stopped yet.


Samara is surprised by the silence of the Arab feminists and Women Organizations on this employment of women in this dirty war taking place. The lack of addressing this phenomenon has made a statement, in the face of this chaos of rape, as being overlooked. The women being held captive are being traded as slaves because they are different, by means of religion, than the fighters being sent out. The trade, in the case of this slavery, is being held in camps outside Syria and has yet to stop.

The author argues that Wahhabism, since its inception laid the rules of sexual slavery of women. Muhammad ibin Abdul Wahab married more than 300 women, except for those in concubine. He was with some of them for one night, which is the start of what is now known as Jihad-al-Nikah. This idea is based on the thought of Ibn Taymiyyah Salafi, who perceived women only for the need of sexual intercourse and reproduction. Samara explains that in the land where there is no law or rules against rape, it only paves the way for more women to be raped. The French magazine gives an example of my different type of people that went to Syria to fight for their right.


Under the section, “Ihram to Damascus,” it explains that the fighters have their sisters and wives escorted from Tunisia. They come to the battle fields in the Syria to maintain the practice of Jihad Marriage. The author wonders and can’t imagine how this is possible. Turkey has now followed the same footsteps and has become the exclusive agent for such a globalized slavery.


Samara believes that Jihad Marriage is something that the visual media didn’t focus on nor paid enough attention to. The reason behind this carelessness of the media is that those who manage and run the media are capitalists and are supportive of the idea of jihad al nikah. With all this, the women of the society are silent and are not doing anything to oppose this act.


According to Samara the Wahhabi ideology and the Turkish role support the capitalist West and the Arab world for slavery that the religious men of the society took advantage of to make many of their decisions. The Doha’s prominent role to promote this kind of rape is the largest in history. This is done in fear of losing a national project, because its fate depends on the imperial project.


This book is unique because the topic is not addressed in a superficial fashion. It contains science and deep knowledge that can be accessed, not only in terms of its content but also in the boldness of addressing the problematic issues.

* A post-graduate student at the University of Beirzeit, Occupied Palestine.


[1] The book is available in Al-Jua’ba bookstore in Ramallah.