An Ignored Reality by Haaretz


Adel Samara

(Occupied Ramallah)


The Zionist Ashkenazi Regime’s (ZAR) occupation of the West Bank and Gaza WBG 1967 provides many easy and profitable chances and jobs for Jewish settlers in historical Palestine. Any Jew who came or was brought to Palatine since 1860’s is a settler, colonizer apart from the fact whether he is religiously Jewish or not.


The Jews inside Palestine who called themselves “friends of Palestinians” or critical to ZAR policies in the WBG based on two pillars:

·        The State of Israel is an absolute fact, and the land of occupied Palestine 1948 is the land of Israel. From here came the name of the newspaper Haaretz.


·        This group criticizes the Zionist occupation policies in the WBG aiming to improve its face and guarantee the recognition of “Israel” as a state on a land that belongs exclusively to the Jews. Lately, ZAR reached a stage of asking for an exclusive Jewish state!


In fact, a lot of Israelis are benefiting from being employed in jobs available as a result of ZAR occupation of the WBG. Those beneficiaries are an extended phenomenon started from Mukhabarat to journalists.

Some of those “friends of Palestinians” are either ex-members of the moribund Israeli, even Zionist, left and some are academicians like Illan Pappe, and some even big writers, like the linguistic Chomsky, and some even radical feminists like Judith Butler.


Apart from the journalists who do what their job requires them to do, the others, i.e. academicians, leftists, writers, philosophers, feminists, new historians…etc who believe or declare solidarity with our cause must:


·        Declare that Palestinian people have the right to liberate its land and return to its home and property.


·        He/she must fight by any means possible for the defeat of ZAR.


·        He/she must declare that the ZAR practices are an extended Holocaust and extended annihilation of Palestinian space, society, class structure, economy and culture.


All these Jews and or Israelis who are living in Palestine and who criticize ZAR policies must do that, not because they are great or revolutionaries, but because it is part of their apology to our people. It is a tribute that they must pay.


The campaign which Haaretz (30 Sep 2014) launched against Beirzeit students accusing some of the arrested students of being terrorists is a good reason to ban their correspondent. It is because resistance is a human honor, not terror.


Despite the apology of Beirzeit University for banning of Haarretz journalist, Haaretz humiliates all people of the university. This I leave for lecturers whose English better than mine to respond.


Unfortunately, while Haaretz considers the university lags behind post-revolutionary era, which never arrived, I like to inform it that there are Palestinian lecturers in Beirzeit who are, post-modernists, culturally externalized, adopt liberal discourse, Francophile…etc. And these are the reasons why the University administration apologizes now to Haaretz reporter. But, fortunately, most of the students are different.


Haaretz even publishes a lot of lies. Some of its writers are even ignorant when it comes to the reality in the WBG i.e. some did not know that University of Beirzeit existed long before the ZAR occupation of 1967. The ZAR in addition to stealing our land practices a policy of “Blocking Development”. That is why Jordanian economy is too developed in comparison to ours taking into consideration that we were at the same level before the ZAR occupation.


Another lie is that Palestinians failed to develop Wi-Fi connection and a laptop. I can’t say that the editor of Haaretz is illiterate. Any ways I advice him to ask the Zionist economist Simha Bahiri who in 1989 advised ZAR rulers to stop banning licenses to Palestinian investors, because, at least from his point view the Palestinian economy will stay dependent on that of Israel as long as the occupation is still there.


Unfortunately, Palestinians from the dependent elite, i.e. businessmen/women politicians, academicians, NGO’s managers, false communists and intellectuals (whom I call Intellectuals of Sixth Brigade) are against de-linking our economy form that of the enemy.

It is not strange or unique for Haaretz to publish lies by a white western closed mind orientalist journalist who said that:


“…I met the Islamist student who led the stone-throwing rioters who injured the visiting French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin and chased him off campus in February 2000. The British Consul-General Sir Vincent Feane had to beat a similar retreat in 2013”


The fact is that the French colonialist attacked Hezbollah and that is why the student movement not only the Islamists cursed him. As for the British Consul-General, it was really great to kick him out. He represented the state that donates our Home land to the settlers. But, the trick is that the Zionists insist on interviewing naïve students with a deliberate aim to show that our people’s resistance against the capitalist/imperialist/colonialism is based on culture and politicized religion.


The German Rosa Luxemburg Foundation which funded the conference in Beirzeit University which the reporter of Haaretz was asked to leave, is a colonial NGO, practicing and encouraging normalization between our people and its colonizer through its double faces, i.e. its two offices in Ramallah and the Tel-Aviv. People have to recall Franz Fanon now to judge. This NGO is one of the most dangerous NGOs because it is NGOising local political parties especially the leftists. Its virus infiltrated even some good Marxist cadres.


Here I finish by confirming the fact that our country is all Palestine. This is the fact which proves that any solidarity with our cause must start from 1948 occupation of most of Palestine not from the completion of its occupation in1967.