German Leftists and Zionists: Racing towards the Bottom


Adel Samara


This might looks as a provocative question. But, facts of life proof that it is justified.

The West created a big lie, the so-called “gilt feeling” towards Jews to justify the creation of the Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR) and to continue supporting it at the cost of Palestinian people. Their intensive Holocaust against Jews creates an extended one against Palestinians!

While there is a lot of hatred in the west in general against Semitism especially against Jews, the most brutal treatment of Jews were in Germany, Is it because of very similarity between, most of Jews and most of Germans in terms of racism, i.e. competition between both of them for being the champion of racism?

The equation is as simple as follows: Jews were historically exploiting others especially during European Feudal social formations as usurers, transformation to capitalism and during current capitalist social formations as well, but now in terms of financialization and speculation. More than any white European nations the Germans exterminated many Jews. The Jews and white ruling classes in the west use the Holocaust in an opportunist manner to highly strengthen the capitalist West’s old plan to create a watchdog for their colonial interests in Arab Homeland which is the Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR) in Palestine. A regime, or if you like, a social formation of pure agents to imperialism and world capitalism goes down from Prime Minister to simple employees. The plan is the West’s deliberate continuous targeting of Arab Homeland[1].

In this context, I am negating the theory of Ilan Pappe that the case of Zionist theft of Palestine is “Ethnic Cleansing”. It is a continuous destruction of Palestinian space, demography, class structure, economy, culture and national goal. Ethnic cleansing takes place in certain area and in certain time. I think that the Palestinians who highly praised the liberal historian Pappe’s good documented work suffer from Internalization of Defeat and inferiority.

I recall Pappe’s work to ask the German leftists: Why are you supporting and financing the destruction of Syria where Ethnic Cleansing when compared to the Counter-Revolution against Syria, is a video game. And who are you, who mandate you to interfere in an oriental and superior manner against another nation while you may be ignorant about its situation and surely history?

My argument here is that the capitalist West is an enemy of Arabs in general. For sure the regimes and capitalist classes are the most dangerous enemy, but even the masses are colluding with capital in an opportunist and pragmatic manner as long as they benefit from all forms of colonialism including unequal exchange, a fact that explains why they did not protest against their rulers’ colonial crimes[2].

While there are few  small leftist parties and groups in most of the west are against colonialism, in Germany, the case is worse.

In the following, I will not talk about Palestine, but on Syria.

Some German leftist and Social Democrats are repeating the crime of the creation of ZAR by supporting some Kurds in Syria to create a dependent racist entity there. Those Germans pretend that the autonomy whichwas declared by Syrian Kurds is a “New Democratic Utopia”![3]. By the way, the same lies were about the entity of Iraqi Kurds who are in reality an entity ruled by a Feudal family steeling Iraqi oil, marketing the smuggled Iraqi oil stolen by ISIL, supported by imperialism and opened for the Zionist regime. According to the German left’s supervision, the new Syrian Kurds entity will be a new Zionist entity against Arab Homeland.

Let’s look at facts on the ground:

1-     Most if not all the land which is inhabited by Kurds are Syrian territory that welcomed Kurds who escaped Turkish extermination in the same way how Greater Syria welcomed the brutally exterminated Armenians by the same Nazi Turkish nationalism[4].

2-     The areas which were inhabited by Kurds, are not purely Kurds and have no geographic continuity Al-Hasaka, Manbij and Ein- El-Arab>

3-     This is different from the cases of Kurdish land in Turkey, Iraq and Iran.

4-     The same territories have mixed population of Arab and Kurds.

5-     That is why, many Kurds who fled to Syria were demanding Syrian citizenship, and that is why as well the Syrian authorities gave it to nearly 250,000 Kurds two years ago as part of reform which the West, as our permanent enemy, still gives lip service to.

6-     The Syrian Regime, as Syrian Foreign Minister recently declared that the inhabitants of those areas are Syrian citizens and the state supports them and provide them with money, food and weapons. The Syrian Air Forces stopped protecting them only when the US coalition started raiding ISIL to avoid clashes between the two air forces[5].

7-     The Syrian Kurdish Democratic party, the leader of this Kurds Autonomy never demanded severance from Syria. But the colonial Marxist Germans want it to be severed!

8-     Even the western media repeated that Turkey and the rulers of Kurdistan in Iraq promised the Syrian Kurdish Democratic party that: If you declare severance from Syria, we will stop ISIS war against Ain El-Arab “Kubani”.

9-     Many of the Syrian Kurds are not in favor of that Autonomy and they are members in Syrian parliament.

10- To go back to 1980s the Kurds were around 40 percent of Syrian parliament. Now they are 10 percent while their number is less than that percentage.

11- We know that the aim of Western Governments is to balkanize the Near East, in the same time when Europe came together why they are trying to balkanize the Middle East. Where is the position  of German Leftists?


The question is: Why does the German colonial left encourage an artificial entity in Syria? Is it other than the goal of western colonialism? While doing that, do they differ from their racist colonial regime[6]? Why do they insist on creating a new Zionist regime?

They are continuing the same Sykes-Picot  colonial plan for fragmenting Arab Homeland. Now it is fragmentation under the supervision of capitalism in the era of Globalism.

The Kurdish nation is a fact, but Jewish nation is a pretense. Kurdish land, Homeland is a fact, but Palestine is an Arab land. If there is a special God who promised Jews to steal Palestine, it is not our God, it is capital

The Kurds have the right for self-determination, because the land is theirs. As long as the Germans are generous enough to the extent that they “fight” to create an artificial Zionist Kurds state in Syria, Germany is larger than Syria and Bavaria is the land of many Jews.

Now, to repeat, the West was and still is targeting Arab Homeland. Unfortunately, there is no or little difference in the West between: left, right, academic and politician. To mention but two:

One: The Jewish British academic and intelligence agent Bernard Lewis spent nearly a century planning and advising for the fragmentation of Arab Homeland.

Two: John Gjaltung[7], the Norwegian academic and ex-leftist (from the Dependency School) recently argued for the dismantling of Syria into five entities on sectarian and religious basis!

After all those western crimes, are we wrong to call the West: Our direct and first enemy?


[1] The western racists might lose their temper since we, Arab masses believe that they, the Westerners are inferior morally as long as they support the ZAR and Zionist Arabs while we are resisting them.  Sure, we did not defeat them yet, but we have the honor of fighting them.

[2] Is the Western Society a Civil Society? Lessons from the Occupation of IraqAdel Samara, Kanaanonline, Volume III Issue 290, 24 August 2003.


[3] There is a big question here, how the German leftists, Marxists and socialists who pretend that the Kurds area is like Paris Commune, infiltrate to Syrian Kurds? Is it without collusion with Turkey jointly with ISIL terrorists? For sure those Germans were never Guerrilla fighters!

[4] One of the main differences between Armenians and Kurds comprador and reactionaries is that the Armenians appreciate Arab hospitality. Try to imagine that Armenians in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine will demand a state?


[5] There is no place here to explain that US “raids” against ISIL is a conspiracy

[6] Adel Samara, German Left Follows German Regime against Palestine, A Marxist Critique to the Coming “Anti-imperialism Camp’s” Conference in Stuttgart Spring 2013: One Democratic State.  Kana’an – The e-Bulletin,  Volume XIII – Issue 3138 ;1 March 2013


[7] Adel Samara, Challenging White Intellectual Manipulation, and White Colonialist Galtung is Still “Teaching” Us! Enough,From Oslo-Stan [1] to Oslo-Man, in Kana’an – The e-Bulletin, Volume X – Issue 2407 15 November 2010