Syrian Kurds: Either a Syria for All Or a Zionist Tool

Syrian Kurds:

Either a Syria for All

Or a Zionist Tool

Adel Samara

Occupied Palestine


War against Syria will last as long as ISIS, al-Qaida al-Nusra and the rest of terrorist organizations are tools for Counter Revolution (CR) triad (US, EU and even Japan imperialists, Zionism and comprador Arab classes/regimes especially Gulf regimes’) war against humanity in general, Arab Homeland in particular mainly Syria.


The invasion of Syria aims to destroy and divide its remnants, as in the case of Yugoslavia, USSR, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, and Libya. All of those cases are an application of artificial nationalisms manufactured by CR and bought by comprador elite in those countries and other places.


Nationalism on the world scale passed into three stages and forms, two of them were progressive stems from popular needs while the third represented by periphery’s comprador elite:


□ Nationalism in Eighteenth/Nineteenth centuries in Western Europe as a product of industrial revolution started as revolutionary but end as imperialist.


□ Nationalism of twentieth century against colonialism/imperialism took place in Third World as revolutions of liberation movements fought for independence but most of them fall in the hands of comprador capitalist and dependent classes.


□ Nationalism at the end of 20th and beginning of 21th century manufactured by CR in the global era and uses local comprador elite in many countries in periphery as its vehicle.


The leading group of Syrian Kurds who declares federalism belongs to the third wave of nationalism supported directly by US imperialism.


The meant Syrian Kurds are similar to the Iraqi leading Kurds in their political motivations, i.e. looking for separation supported by imperialism but maneuver through smooth terms and discourse.


Syrian separatist Kurds are inclined to be more Zionists than those of Iraq, i.e., Barazani’s because of the following:


□ Kurds ruling elite in Iraq who opened their area for Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR) are in their own land in North Iraq, while those in north Syria are mainly refugees who escaped Turkish massacres and that is why a quarter million of them failed to get Syrian citizenship while Syria gave them citizenship in the reform process in 2011. But those Kurds and enemies of Syria never appreciated that reform.


□ The 1.9 million Syrians in the targeted area for separation by Kurds are 78% Arabs, and the rest belong to other ethnicities and religions. How could the minority oppress the majority in the majority’s own land? This is similar to the Zionist settlers in Palestine in both terms of land and number, while the case of Iraqi Kurds is different in terms of land and percentage of the population except Barazani’s lust for stealing Iraqi city of Karkuk.


□ The survey of that part of Syria is nearly the same of occupied Palestine by ZAR, and like Palestine most of the land does not belong to Kurds.


□ Iraqi Kurds supported by US imperialism and Syrian Kurds are supported by US and French imperialisms, i.e. the same is the case of ZAR. This poses a question if really the Kurds who really defeated ISIS in Ain Al-Arab or it is mainly the US raids? It is likely to believe that the exaggeration of Kurds resistance there was a well manufactured propaganda to justify separation. It must be noted that Syrian jet fighters participated in that battle in addition to Arab Assyrian and Azidi militants.


The Kurdish leader Saleh Mussalam, said to France 24 that: “If we liberate Riqqa, we will never allow the Syrian army to enter unless we reach a joint political understanding”.


This is a language of separation. It seems that the Kurds will never liberate Riqqa alone. It seems that it will be liberated mainly by US according to a compromise between Washington and Moscow on the basis of saving credit to the US. That is why the Syrian Arab army might not liberate Riqqa according to that compromise. But it must be noted that any inch “liberated” by US imperialism will never be a real liberated area, it will be a base for the US itself as it is the case of all other pieces which separated from the aforementioned nations.


This reminds us of the recent history in Palestine, when the Zionist settlers declared that they liberated Palestine from their British supporters while in fact the Jewish settlers were brought, trained, armed by the same British colonial power during their occupation of Palestine 1917-1948. The so called Zionist “liberation war” was the eviction of Palestinians from their Homeland and the creation of a base for imperialism,  ZAR. Britain like all western capitalist regimes declared their recognition of the ZAR, the same crime of recognition done by USSR and the eastern block and also the opportunist social democratic current which lately called universal socialism.


Mussalam added that the separatist Kurds will open a representation office in Paris, which is similar to the Jewish Agency pre and after the occupation of Palestine.

The shame is that not imperialist regimes supporting those separatist Kurds, but also leftist in Europe like the German left. (Kana’an, Volume XIV – Issue 3680  28 November 2014, German Leftists and Zionists: Racing towards the Bottom, Adel Samara).


The same goes is for most of Trotskyite groups lefts-false-logic-on-syria COMMENT: STANLEY HELLER The left’s false logic on Syria, March 1, 2016


and even some known writers like Galtung.


(Kana’an, Volume X – Issue 2407 ,15 November 2010 Challenging White Intellectual Manipulation By Adel Samara What Is Behind Norway Clientele Role Against Palestine? Democracy How vs. “Democracy Now”)


Since the beginning of the war against Syria, Galtung suggested the division of Syria along ethnic and sectarian lines. His speech was based on media pretense that what is going in Syria is a civil/sectarian war and not an imperialist Wahhabi one. His orientalist way of thinking will never help him to expect that the division of Syria on the bases he suggested will put the sectarian tiny states in a continued war between each other.


The same is the position of Arab leftists who spent decades looking for the western left to recognize them through adopting positions against Arab nationalism. The most striking example is the support of Secretary General of Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Nayef Hawatmeh for the feudal leadership of Kurdistan Iraq, but hopefully he will not made the same collusion against Syria.


Finally, without explaining the progress by Syrian Arab Army in the field against CR and its tools of proxy war, and without referring to the fact that many Syrian Kurds are against separation, it is important to note that the future of Syria is in a united Syria with development far from the system of social market, social and national and equality on the one hand, and gender emancipation on the other. .