Haj Amin Wasn’t Elected

But All Brutal Imperialist Zionist leaders

 and Hitler were!


                                                   Adel Samara

Occupied Palestine


While media are still an effective machine mostly monopolized and used by western capitalist and Zionist Mafia, fortunately some real information about the brutality of Zionist Ashkenazi regime (ZAR) leaked recently, but gradually, to world public opinion.


Related to this issue, I like to begin with the Zionist campaign against British Labor Party leaders like Corbyn, Ken Livingston, and Sadiq Khan which indirectly attempted to refer to them as are anti-Semitic.


But from our perspective as Arabs, we are not satisfied by the positions of the so called left towards our two main causes:


· The Palestinian cause: which is not only the occupied part by Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR) 1967, but also the occupied by the same settlers in 1948. The first sign of Mr. Khan’s Zionization following his success as mayor of Greater London, is in an interview where he says that: The first city he promises to visit is Tel Aviv. First a humanitarian disaster. Talk about it: the Holocaust. The Zionist Moslem was rude enough where ignoring the extended and current Holocaust against Palestinian people. And not to mention the western capitalist globalized Holocaust against all Arab nation through the well industrialized terrorist Islamic organizations, or what I call “Terrorist Orientalists”.


· The western capitalist regimes which are still targeting the Arab Homeland.

In another  words, we are in a war of defense against the Counter-Revolution. The recent strange sign of that is British foreign Minister Hammond racist comment against Syrian Concert in Palmyra ‘tasteless’ Source: Pravda.Ru. 06.05.2016:

“concert of the Mariinsky Theater orchestra in Syria’s Palmyra was a tasteless attempt to distract attention from ongoing air raids in Syria“.


What a sick mentality!


The Zionist campaign against Corbyn, Ken Livingston, and Sadiq Khan recalls the issue of Haj Amin Al-Husseini’s relationship with Nazism.


The gradual uncover of Zionist lies push Zionists to follow, exaggerate and deform the relationship of Haj Amin with Nazism. The concentration and exaggeration of this relationship tells more about Zionism’s bankruptcy based on more and more people in the world realizing  the reality of Zionism and ZAR as well.


The room for Zionist and or Jewish myth that God promised an evaporated Hebrew tribe the land of another people, the Arabs of Kan’aan, is no more accepted. This terminates the “base” of the western capitalist regimes and classes to create a Jewish state in Palestine.


In fact, the ZAR entity is the most peculiar and dangerous in history. It was not thought of and created by Zionism. It was started first by Martin Luther, grasped by British and Dutch mercantile capitalism to inject a Jewish entity in Palestine. Later 1897, the political Zionism adopted the capitalist project and offered its services to western imperialism.


What is the meaning of this cooperation?


It is a creation of a state of agents from the prime minister to the lower worker in social ladder.

Many researchers show that the relationship of Zionists leaders with Nazism was deeper and more compromising than that of the poor Haj-Amin. One of the good documented works on secret compromise of Zionists with Hitler is: 51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis, by the Jewish Lenni Brenner.


In addition to the fact that most of pretenses against Haj-Amin were fabricated. But, even if he was very close friend with Hitler, it must be noted that the very racist Hitler will never accept that as racist, and for the sake of comparison, remember what Obama said against his Arab Sunni dependents recently!


What is most important is, that Haj-Amin wasn’t an elected leader by Palestinian people, he was a Mufti, (position fits into the dirty British colonial discourse to read and deal with us on religious and sectarian bases), but Hitler, Ben Gurion, Nathenyaho, Roosevelt, Churchill, G.W.Bush, Cameron, Obama … etc were and are elected. Even the mentally, morally, anti-women and bloody sick Hillary Clinton might be soon elected president for the US bloody regime.


All those elected leaders are either Zionists and/or support Zionism as the current and modern fascism. Tens of Millions of people all over the world has been killed by those rulers/leaders and the establishments they represent.


All western democratic elected leaders support the ZAR which evicted Palestinian people and currently shooting innocent Palestinians on the streets. It is about time to challenge the western capitalist discourse as racist and full of lies.


In fact, the world embarks towards a globalised Nazism composed of ZAR, Western regimes, Arab Gulf rulers and their joint satanic creature ISIS (Daesh) the Zionist Arab and Moslems. This I call the recent version of Orientalism, Terrorist Orientalism.


In fact, there is a lot of issues in the western discourse which must be challenged. I am only refers here to two of them:


1) Theory of Apology: It is the huge western apology to the Jews for massacres conducted by western regimes in general and Nazi in particular because the massacre has been conducted deliberately. This apology was and is still used to hide western capitalism’s hundreds of massacres against humanity. To only mention Nazism’s massacre against Jews is a trick and conspiracy between western regimes and Zionists which benefited both. The same apologists must apologize to us for their prolonged massacre against Palestinian people and Arab nation through creating and still supporting the ZAR and ISIS.


2) Theory of Recognition or the inferiority of many  Third World intellectuals who are struggling to be accepted and gain recognition in western academia, right and left circles. The issue must be the opposite, i.e. all western circles must apologize for humanity especially for Arab and Palestinian people for crimes committed and still going on by the West in its three periods of aggression and exploitation: colonialism. imperialism and globalism.