Press Statement of the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) about the barbarous massacre in Gaza

Kana’an eBulletin – Volume VIII – Issue 1750

The Zionist entity of Israel sharpened its murderous, genocidal policy with the ongoing bloodiest and most barbarous massacre of hundreds of Palestinians, including civilians and children. The year of Nakba’s 60th anniversary concludes in the bloodiest way for the heroic, martyred Palestinian People. The year 2008 concludes also in the most revealing way for the criminal nature of the Zionist entity, the gendarme of the US and EU imperialists in the region. The protracted campaign of slow extermination through the total blockade of Gaza has now been replaced by the mass murder of hundreds of Palestinians.

The European Union governments keep looking at the ongoing massacre, silent and accomplices in the crime, setting off the justified resistance of the Palestinian People with the bloody occupation of Israel, and holding a policy of “equal distance” between the murderer and the victim. We call upon the Greek government to stop mumbling the nonsense about “vicious circle of violence” and to condemn immediately and explicitly the genocide against the Palestinian People.

We declare our unconditional solidarity and support to the Palestinian People, who is punished because it keeps on its heroic resistance against the armipotent occupier. We are confident that the Palestinian People and the organizations of the Palestinian Resistance will unite and shake the foundations of the Zionist entity. We call upon the Greek People to demonstrate its solidarity by participating in the protest outside the Zionist embassy in Athens and in all the solidarity actions that will follow.

Long live the Palestinian Resistance!
Down with the Zionist Neo-Nazis!
The embassy of the genocidal Israel has no place on Greek soil!

Athens, 28 December 2008
Communist Organization of Greece (KOE)