Edinburgh Universitystudents occupy a Lecture Theatre

Kana’an eBulletin – Volume IX – Issue 1804

From: Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Reply-To: <secretary@scottishpsc.org.uk>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 16:33:56 -0000
To: Scottish PSC <secretary@scottishpsc.org.uk>
Conversation: Edinburgh University Students in Occupation!
Subject: Edinburgh University Students in Occupation!

Statement from the occupying students
On the morning of Wednesday 11th February Edinburgh University students occupied the George Square Lecture Theatre. We have acted against the university because of its financial and commercial links to the apartheid state of Israel, in addition to its unacceptable silence in response to the Gaza conflict, described by the UN President of the General Assembly, Miguel d¹Escoto Brockmann, as ³genocide². We will sit-in until the heads of the university agree to the following demands:

Broadly, we demand that our university demonstrate what should be its inherent opposition, as an educational institution, to Israel¹sillegal and shameful behaviours.

Specifically, to ensure the university publicly manifests its position, we demand:
1. BOYCOTT ­ That the university immediately suspend all contracts and relations with companies enabling the conflict and/or occupation, including Eden Springs. This demand is contingent on access to information to establish which other companies are implicated.

2. DIVESTMENT ­ That the university divest from and cut all links ­-  specifically on-campus recruitment ­ with BAE Systems, QinetiQ and all other ³arms and defence² manufacturers whose products are proven to be in use by the Israeli military.

3. SCHOLARSHIPS ­ That the university make full scholarships available to at least 5 students in Gaza, allowing them to attend Edinburgh University. This is a response to the destruction of their universities by the Israeli military, and to other barriers, physical and psychological, which restrict their right to education.
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