Sharm el-Shaikh: Regimes’ Base of Terror

Not Protesting but Deconstructing

Adel Samara

Kana’an eBulletin – Volume IX – Issue 1835

In recent years, the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Shaikh has become a base for world “official” terror. The last conference held there (March 2009) was attended by eighty five statesmen, among them leading rulers, “dependent”/client rulers, many experts in massacres, and financial capitalists from all over the world. Their obvious, yet unstated goal was to tighten the siege on Gaza and prevent goods from entering the Strip, from milk for children to cement for re-building demolished homes.

What was essentially decided in that conference, and publicly announced, is that not even bread will be permitted to reach Gazans, unless the resistance movement declares it’s recognition of the Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR)- Israel. Hillary Clinton, the new US Secretary of State, was the most vocal of all voices.

The message of Sharm el-Shaikh conference to Palestinian resistance fighters was clear:

You must realize that you are the only remaining defiant force that is opposed to the recognition of Israel (that was established on 78% of Palestine in 1948). Only upon your recognition of Israel, will food and supplies be permitted into Gaza.

This demand is well known to, and understood by, fighters and revolutionaries all over the world. If Palestinian resistance forces accept the recognition of Israel, militants will fall to the level of Arab and Palestinian comprador who have betrayed the national cause of liberating Palestine, Arab Homeland, and spirit of resistance, people’s dignity, and all those who dream of defeating capitalism in the world.

The message was actually much worse. It told the poor militants that:

As long as you maintain your honor and humanity and defend your people’s rights, then your children will fall victims to thirst, hunger and lack for basic medicine. This will last until you recognize Israel on your own land and in the heart of your own Homeland. None of the Arab regimes will support you. The most they will offer you is some political rhetoric and perhaps some sympathetic words from neo-conservatives and the Vatican’s Pope, who is visiting Israel soon to pay his respect and congratulate the Zionist settlers for the massacre against Palestinians. But, be assured once again, that you will get nothing before you recognize Israel.

The official regimes can’t bear the fact that those fighters dared to stand up to an Israeli army whose soldiers were gathered from over a hundred nations to pretend that all of them, from so many races and colors form “Jewish/Hebrew nation”. In the history of mankind, science, sociology, or anthropology have never proved that an old dismantled tribe lost to history can continue to exist as a “pure” blood for three thousand years. What unifies all those settlers and soldiers is the fact that their state was built on land, stolen from other people, and cemented by the material interests of the world capitalist system through its three bloody eras: colonialism; imperialism; and, now, globalization.

In Sharm el-shaikh, the world ‘leaders’ stood hand-in-hand to impose a siege against 1.5 million civilian Palestinians in Gaza, most of them are infants and elderly. I dare to add women although many western feminists might accuse me of degrading women. But many of those ardent feminists did not stand in a picket line in Paris, London, Berlin, and San-Francisco or in any academic circle in solidarity with the women and mothers in Gaza. Post-modernists in the capitalist west criticize the failure of modernity to protect the “white blood” and to prevent western internecine massacres, but they fail to see the rivers of blood of the poor in Algeria, Vietnam, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Somalia and others who were massacred by the soldiers of “white” countries! The irony is that Arab intellectuals still praise this modernity and post modernity and re-mold themselves to fit into it.

In Sharm el-Shaikh, Mrs. Clinton declared that: No water, milk, food will be allowed into Gaza until the recognition of the state of the “chosen people!”, chosen by the capitalist center.

That is why, the important development in the last few days in internal Palestinian Authority (PA) affairs should not be the resignation of PA premier, but the neutralization of Mrs. Clinton from deciding for the PA and commanding them what to do. Unfortunately, the PA is still following Hilary’s commands and guidelines.

In the same Sharm el-Shaikh, Egyptian soldiers manned the Rafah crossing between Egypt and the Gaza Strip, to prevent Mr. George Gallaway, the member of the British Parliament, Salah al-Mukhtar and their comrades from bringing milk to the infants of Gaza. In the process, several members of the convoy were wounded. Further, Egyptian soldiers could not fathom why they were ordered to stop someone like Mr. Gallaway!

In Sharm el-Shaik, the auction to assist Gaza started with $ 2 billion, and then rose to 3, 4 and 5.2 billion. However, not a single penny will be released until Hamas recognizes Israel and gives up power to the Ramallah PA! This money and other billions before that (since the signing of the Oslo accords in 1993) is an Economic barter for a Political Compromise of the Palestinian cause.

The Ramallah Palestinian authority has never had any national sovereignty. There is no doubt that its policemen are able to arrest and humiliate Palestinian residents; beat women in demonstrations, such as the one against Bush’s visit to Ramallah; but the nearly 80 thousand PA policemen can’t stop a single Israeli patrol from imposing curfew on the entire West Bank. In fact, Palestinian policemen, under Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, have assassinated fighters from Jenin, Nablus and Hebron, among other cities. This might be the real reason why the Zionist Yusi Biilen, former Israeli minister of justice and one of the so-called Peres Boys), was not JUST when he felt sorry for Fayyad’s resignation[1].

Those convening in Sharm el-Shaikh, threatened Hamas to release the Zionist French soldier Shalit, but none of those 85 ‘world leaders’ made mention of the 11 thousand Palestinian freedom fighters in Zionist jails, or the tens of thousands of Iraqis jailed by the US Occupation forces, or the 300 million Arab people who are ‘under arrest’ by their own Arab comprador. One might even expect Sharm el-Shaikh to replace Guantanamo and to be upgraded to an international or globalized jail for freedom fighters. The liberal Jacques Chirac and the NATO lover Sarkozy were, and still are, fighting to “liberate” Shalit, but refuse to apologize for the massacre of one million Algerians committed by the “civilized” France.

Again the true irony is that many Arab and Palestinian intellectuals are rushing to attend meetings in French intellectual colonies in Ramallah, Cairo, Beirut …etc, to sip coffee and speak the same language of those who tortured the Algerian hero, Jamilah Bu Haired, who recently visited the South of Lebanon and not French cultural centers.

* * *

The world is busy trying to find who assassinated the former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq al Hariri. Why hasn’t the same world ever inquired who committed massacres against entire nations. Some examples of the massacres of the world capitalist system since the mercantile era and the fall of Granada in Andalusia are:

– discoverers’ of the ‘New World’ where tens of millions were murdered by the British Empire,

– one million martyrs in the Philippines,

– more in Algeria,

– even more even in Vietnam

– No one knows how many were killed in Korea, not to mention the ongoing massacre in Iraq by the US army, including female soldiers who torture Arabs while they themselves are abused by US male soldiers.[2]

While most American lecturers of democracy and women’s liberation in Iraq crucified President Saddam Hussein, none had the courage to say: We have no right to question other peoples and hang their leaders.

Many Arab intellectuals praised those actions for a few dollars, and it had to take an Iraqi journalist, Muntazer al-Zaidi[3] to seek revenge for Iraq, its people, and President when he threw his shoe on Bush’s face.

The same ‘world’ leaders, intellectuals, intelligence services, and even some revolutionary movements define al-Hariri as a martyr. Asad abu Khalil and I are the only ones who never considered him a martyr, but even believed that he should face trial for the theft of Lebanon[4].

What an Arab Homeland is this! Divided and fragmented on the popular level, but united in its corruption, betrayal, theft, intelligence services, and squandering of the Homeland?

Why are all these western capitalists so keen to know who assassinated al-Hariri? Is it because he was ‘born’ to the parents of General Motors or Mercedes Benz, or maybe was born in Paris? Or is it because he is an agent for capital, and especially contract capital, which, according to Karl Marx, is the most exploitative form of capital.

* * *

What is behind the ‘concern’ of the West about Darfur?

The Sudanese people never considered Darfur part of San Francisco, Wales, or German Bavaria! There is nothing behind the western ‘concern’ about Darfur except the fact that Arab Homeland is wide open to all enemies to steal, exploit, and even creates an additional and a ‘new’ Zionist entity.

In the world of capital, especially in global era, there is no ruler who did not murder people although through different means. It is the Iraqis who must control their land and take their president to court, if they so choose. The same also applies to Sudanese president al-Bashir, not for the thieves of globalization, and the blood thirsty G.W. Bush and his regime that killed entire nations, nor Ban Ki Moon the last, we hope, UN tool for capital.

The Sudanese regime should have been punished, especially Sheikh Hasan el-Turabi, for his betrayal of Carlos (the Jackal) and for delivering him to the French regime.

Abdulwahid Nur, the leader of so-called Sudan Liberation army should have been punished also -he is opposed to peace in Sudan more than anyone else, has also declared normalization with the Zionist state, although he is not the first Arab who had done that!

Protected by US occupation army, the US agent in Iraq, Nur al-Maliki, declared that he will negotiate with Bathists if they return back to the country. Isn’t it an example of how dark the current Arab situation is, when such an offer comes from an agent to one of the main forces of the Iraqi resistance movement?

What is worse, however, is the decision of many Arab rulers to strengthen the Iraqi regime directly and in parallel with the decline of the US bloody grasp over the globe following the deepening financial/economic crisis. Those same rulers are ‘donating’ the rest of their nations’ wealth to the US ruling class to renew its global hegemony.

Shame is too little and too polite to describe Morocco’s protest against Iran’s occupation and expansion policy in UAE, when Spain occupies the islands of Sabtah and Milimila and other Moroccan islands, while the king there never dared to even remind Spain of its crime.

The conspiracy of Sykes-Picot has led to the creation of the Zionist state – Israel (ZAR), and today similar regimes are in the making in Kurdistan, Darfur and when the time is right, Lebanon .

Silence is precious and Crying is a Shame

Demonstrations, protests, and speeches became useless in the Arab Homeland. Silence is more fruitful and precious because it will breed fear to those of Sharm el-Shaikh conference.

Since the Arab Qutriyah[1] state(s) had compromised the nation and Homeland, in the terror base of Sharm el-Shaikh, then the first step to terminate that Qutriyah state is to deconstruct its security instruments. It starts with attacking all cultural, financial and security colonies of the enemies’ regimes in Arab Homeland. Here, the weapon is not rifles and explosives, but an Intifada tactic, i.e. youth would throw stones against those missions. Arab regimes will order hundreds or thousands of its policemen and army to protect those colonies. This will create chaos for the leadership of policemen, the army and will have to be placed on continuous alert. Security of the regime will be in danger. Policemen and soldiers will find themselves in a daily battle with their own people and children, just for the sake of protecting their enemy. This is the lesson of the Palestinian Intifada -to make the security forces busy and exhausted and to increase their cost. This shouldn’t be done through mass demonstrations which will enable the police to practice its fascist role, but by few youth groups who are difficult to control and contain. Representatives of foreign enemies will be frightened and ultimately they will have to leave. Whatever has to follow should be left to the people. The people know what to do, to organize strikes, civil disobedience…etc.

These ideas are mere keys to organize/activate people in a productive manner. This is not directed against foreign citizens, but against the agents of those regimes, such as police and cultural multinational agents. The enemy must know that its continuous aggression against other nations will have a high price.

Arab regimes are no longer scared of demonstrations, but prefer them as a “good” tool to pre-empt popular revolt. The issue is how to utilize popular anger and invest it productively so people can advance their struggle. Fear must go to all “Green Areas” in Arab capitals including the foreign killers who came to either train local fascist regimes and its forces or to destroy the minds of the local people by means of re-education, de-education, and promoting internalization of defeat.

The above-mentioned keys are part of tools to remind the countries of “Civil Society” of the crimes they are committing against our people, and why they must change their regime’s policies. When boycotting takes place, popular de-linking with these countries and unequal exchange is terminated, people will for sure protest against their regime’s policies.

Since the official regimes’ response, such as the case of Venezuela and other Latin America countries, is not feasible in our current situation, as the local regimes are the first and direct enemy of the popular classes, then the alternative must be sought and accomplished by popular classes themselves.

[1] Al-Quds, 11 March 2009.

[2] This is never criticized by feminists in the US because they must “Support the Troops”, but the same feminist are teaching Arab feminists how to fight patriarchy.

[3] He was sentenced to three years imprisonment and declared in court that he is not guilty and each Iraqi would like to do the same.

[4] The Black Hands, by Najah Wakim is good evidence of this theft.

[1] In Arabic political life and discourse, qutriyah state signifies an area that was artificially severed from the rest of the Arab Homeland as a result of the fragmentation of the Arab Homeland. The term is used by the nationalist Arab parties that believe and struggle for a united Arab Homeland.