Zionism and Palestine

Nizar Sakhnini

Kana’an eBulletin – Volume IX – Issue 1910

According to Ha’aretz (31 May 2009), there are 3 legislative initiatives:

One mandates a three-year prison sentence for anyone who observes the Nakba – the events of 1948.

The second dictates one year in prison for anyone who denies the existence of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.

The third requires anyone who receives Israeli citizenship to sign a loyalty oath and perform military service, or some form of public service.

Such proposals reflect the real face of the Zionist racist project in Palestine . They are meant to make life more miserable and more difficult for Palestinian Arabs in order to push them into flight.

These proposals and laws are part and parcel of the Ethnic Cleansing War that started in April 1948 and is still going on to this date.

Peace with the Zionists is a mere illusion. For peace to prevail, Palestinian Arabs should be allowed to return to the homes and lands that were stolen from them. Until that happens, resistance is the only way to go.