Welcoming Palestinian “State” with fattening jails,

Thanks Netherlands!

By Adel Samara

(Kana’an eBulletin – Volume X – Issue 2166)

When the Palestinian Authority (PA) arrested Ahmad Sa’adat, PFLP general Secretary, and other members of Fath militant group and jailed them in Jericho prison a few years ago, few people were aware of some important facts, to mention some:

· Although the capital of the PA is Ramallah they were arrested in Jericho, because, according to Oslo Accords, the PA can spread its rule on Gaza and Jericho only. That was, and still is, the real spirit of the so called ‘Gaza-Jericho First’.

· The guards of that jail were US and British police subjected to the Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR) authorities.

At the time of the incident I wrote in Kanaanonline a bulletin concluding that Jericho jail is the first global jail in the world.

On 23 December 2009 the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) advertised, in AL-AYYAM Daily Newspaper, a bid for the local contractors for building a prison in Jericho. The prison, which is aimed to be used by the PA, will be financed by the Netherlands’s Government.

Thanks Netherlands! Thanks again, as a regime and a civil society! Netherlands, like the rest of the capitalist European countries, plays its part in the international formal division of labour against the Palestinian people. The donor countries are specialized in different fields of support e.g. Netherlands is specialized in building jails, the USA in finding repressive apparatuses to terminate any resistance and to protect the ZAR, the EU in providing technical training, Japan in building infrastructure, Turkey in establishing industrial zones on the 1967 borders similar to the Maquiladoras between the USA and Mexico. What a fantastic cooperation?! The USA takes the responsibility of assassinating the Palestinian resistance members while Netherlands prepares jails for those who will be arrested. What an end for the resistance groups who sacrifice their lives for liberating their country! “Jail is the natural place for a militant, freeman in a slavery nation”, the former Indian Prime Minister Jawaher Lal Nehru said.

Netherlands, the country who has a long and brutal history of colonization, first built the barrier between the inhabitants, the Red Indians, of what later became the USA and the white settlers whose actions against those inhabitants was no less than an ethnic cleansing. Later, the same barrier became the well known financial castle, “Wall Street”. Netherlands colonialism started during the Mercantilist era i.e. before Britain. Its colonialism retreated when the new colonial powers, Britain and France, rose and Netherlands was severely defeated by Britain in Boer war in 1895.

In the West Bank (WB) and Gaza, Netherlands was the first country who bribed local grassroots organizations to welcome foreign NGOs finance through its Zionist NGO (NOVIB) in 1975. What an honourable contribution to attract/lure leftist militants to renegade against class and national struggle!

Does the PA Need Jails?

Jails are the last thing we need in the occupied Palestinian territories. The ZAR built jails that ‘welcomed’ 800,000 Palestinian women, children, youth…etc. Logically, when the occupation leaves the occupied country jails diminish naturally. The PA’s demand for more jails reflects the fact that more people will be jailed, which means that being given a free Palestinian state is a mere myth.

People who have little or even no information about the ZAR’s occupation of the WB and Gaza might think that there were no jails under the occupation. Perhaps, they think that the Israeli occupation is a very democratic and civilized one, if any occupation can be, and as a consequence the prisons built for the PA are the first prisons to be ever built in the WB and Gaza.

In an era of nation-building, people need development strategy. The WB and Gaza are still in an era between occupation and independence; the economy is devastated and unemployment increases on daily basis. The so-called national bourgeois cooperate with the ZAR capitalists more than doing business in the WB and Gaza. So, if we are to choose between alternatives should priority be given to development or establishing jails?

One last question needs to be raised; why have the prisons been established in Jericho rather than Ramallah? The only explanation for this question is that the PA has Self Rule over Gaza and Jericho only. Does that mean that the new Palestinian state will be established in Gaza-Jericho only or might the Israelis be generous with the PA negotiators and give them a few kilometres more?!