The Issue is the Palestinian “Right of Return”

Rather than Direct or Indirect Negotiations

By Adel Samara

For the first time a minor dispute has occurred between the members of the Palestinian normalization wing, i.e. the right and left of wings of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), westernized intellectuals, the renegade Marxists and the so called independent “figures”; in other word “Oslo-Stan Wing”[1]. There is no major difference or gap between the Palestinian Authority (PA) which goes to the negotiations designed by the US imperialism and accepted by the Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR), and its semi-allies who accept the Oslo Accords as the incubator of all Palestinian compromise. Recognizing the ZAR’s right to control most of Historic Palestine, and indirectly giving up the Palestinian Refugees Right of Return (RoR) are put on top of the list of compromise.

The minor dispute occurred between the PA and its Palestinian Factions Peace Process supporters who contradicted the PA on this occasion only when they called for Indirect Negotiations. The latter planned to hold a conference in Ramallah to express their opposition for the Direct Negotiations, but the former prevented them from holding that conference by sending a huge number of police to the conference hall. This act aborted the conference.

A lot of articles followed that incident which aimed at reminding the two competitors, Chairman of the PA and the PLO Mahmud Abbas, and Prime Minister, who rules without a “parliament”, Salam Fayyad, that they made an intrusion against the “Palestinian Democracy”!

Both Palestinian leaders are encouraged by the USA to proceed in its agenda until one of them manages to eliminate the other. Abbas controls part of Fattah movement, while Fayyad builds his police through the demand and assistance of the US general, Lieutenant General Keith W. Dayton, who is based in Ramallah. This division and development dismantled the largest PLO organization, Fattah movement.

Aborting the conference shocked the “allies” of the PA, who planned for that event, because they discovered that they are not necessary for either PA leader. They had no choice except accepting the direct negotiations or to go to hell. This proved to them that they were not true partners. They were no more than dependents on Fattah and on a later stage the PA. This dependence was shaped in the form of receiving a few high rank corrupt jobs, mainly for the leaders, or jobs for their cadres in the civil and security police…etc.

Those miserable allies are now announcing that the PA has made an intrusion against “Palestinian democracy”. The question that is raised here is: what kind of democracy that is authorized by a settler colonial regime that is still occupying all of Historic Palestine and sponsored by the ex-US president Jimmy Carter who represents the imperialist centre.

It must be noted that, while Oslo Accords lure the largest Palestinian organization to give up military struggle, the so called “democracy” lures the new largest Palestinian organization Hamas to fall into the trap of democracy under the settler colonial regime.

The outcome of the Palestinian politics of the left and the right of PLO is corruption, normalization, and ending resistance.

The price that is paid for this outcome is mainly wealth, i.e. these Palestinians compromise the basic and historical rights of Palestinians and got a rent for that. The PA is supported by the imperialist donors, let some Trickle-down to its allies, and the left wing of the PLO is supported by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to the extent that it is NGOized There has been a kind of division of labour between the imperialist donors e.g. the US controls and creates a new secret local army to terminate any resistance, the EU controls the training course and pays most of the public service salaries, Japan controls and pays for the environment, France, Turkey and others building “maquladoros” on the borders of 1967 to wipe the border and make “economic” peace of Netanyahu the only fact on the ground. The new “cultural” imperialists Norway, Sweden and Denmark are infiltrating the academia and the minds.

The question is “To what extent are those ‘allies” ready and believe in finding a real opposition other than verbal condemnations”? Two decades ago they used the fax machine to spread their verbal opposition, but now they are using the IT technology to do so! To what extent are their elite able to practice austerity and stop depending on the poisoned money of the donors, NGOs and the new little imperialists (Norway, Sweden and Denmark)? They are unable and lack the will to do so.

That is why Abbas will embark into his negotiations; Fayyad is embarking in his termination of any political and military resistance, but smoothly. The allies know that!

Finally, the regime (the PA, PLO and Dayton) are calm, the allies will go down the tree slowly, their VIPs, privileges NGOs and salaries will pull them down. Only the popular classes know the truth, which is “the forces of PLO, i.e. politicians, intellectuals and most of the cadres did Internalizes the Defeat. The renegade ex-Marxist intellectuals theorize for all forms of defeat especially for normalization.

There is no struggle in Palestine against the ZAR, the routes for a real struggle are blocked by the PA’s forces. In the Occupied West Bank struggling is mere imagination. How to restore it to be real? This needs different forces.

[1] The following is not a joke, one of the figures who share in the protest in Ramallah and who spoke out of the hall of the cancelled conference criticize the PA and even Abbas, the same figure have a family friendship with the US founder and commander of the Palestinian forces which terminates military struggle, Dayton!