Employing Nobel’s Prize to Penetrate the Rights of Nations

Adel Samara

· Shall We Cease Cultural Normalization with Norway!

What is required from a Palestinian or Arab or an international intellectual towards foreign policies of countries antagonistic to humanity even in a lamb’s dress?

What’s the cause driving a great country to inflict destruction at an international level? It’s all right: to transfer its interests as an empire, especially against the humane socialist project (in the case of America, for instance).

But, what reason drives a small country to play a military, intelligence and antagonistic role at an international level; “Israel” for Example? Because it is an instrument for obstructing the development of the Arab Nationalist Project? As it seems, even against Islam. Few days ago, it bought (God knows if received them as a gift) planes that fly to Iran that can’t be detected by radar. What cause drives a small rich and distant country to be a tool for executing antagonistic policies against any nation that does not win the satisfaction of the globalizing capitalist centre countries (especially, America) and to serve Israel, in particular?[1] The country I mean here is, Norway.

I pose these questions not only for knowing the opinion of the Palestinian citizen in a certain country, but the most important thing to be understood by all of us, and we find that it is the duty of every citizen to follow up the attitudes and policies towards his country.

Now, the small country subject of discussion here is. Norway. A small distant European, cold, rich oil producing and western country. But Norway is a country where the Organization of Nobel Prize for Peace is founded and awarded? 0n the face of it, there is no problem, and from a practical point of view, this organization is led by capitalist western countries, a fact which confirms that their prizes are political and politicized at the same time in favor of the west where they go to those nominated by the west, especially the United States of America .

President Sadat was awarded Nobel Prize, and he was the man who ousted Egypt from the Arab national project, and “Israel’s” Rabin was also awarded the prize, Rabin who “broke the hands of the children of Intifada”. Yousef Ajnoun also received it when he wrote that Israel should annex Damascus….and the list of such prize recipients goes on. Today it has been awarded to a Chinese dissident, (Liu Xiaobo), an activist calling for the destruction of Popular China, that is, the United States employs treacherous personnel and elements to destroy China within the framework of her policy aiming at obstruction and ceasing the development of China economically, especially in the field of currency war at an international level, which is the war that was discussed in Washington recently.

Norway, which has no troubles with the Arabs, is the one who provided the US Army with glasses for night vision to kill the Iraqi resistance fighters and even citizens.

From the Palestinian perspective, Norway is directly next to Israelis in being antagonistic to the Arabs, for it is the country that promotes the exodus Palestinian Refugees from Lebanon and the occupied territories as a contribution to the liquidation the right of return of Palestinian refugees even at a modest rate.

It is Norway that financed Fafo NGO for performing the survey of the West bank and Gaza before Oslo Accords (1993), an action that created the ground for these Accords and the Paris Protocol (1995) between “Israel” and the PLO, which included the recognition of the Zionist Entity, and “contributed” to the liquidation of the Right of Return, besides the moral destruction and reengineering the society in Oslo-Stan (the name I designate for the West Bank and Gaza as a result of Oslo Accords), and it is Norway that continues to host the series of conferences aiming at cultural normalization between Arabs, Palestinians included, and the Zionist Entity. Of course, Palestinian Academicians go there claiming that they present papers against Israel. All this is a part of the process of re-engineering the Palestinian and Arab Society through re-engineering culture and academia.

Norway seeks to control through financing colleges and institutes at our universities, and it is Norway that offers conditional scholarships to the doctorate students in subjects aiming at searching life details in countries that stand against the US invasion and the Zionist aggressions and their relation to the Iraqi Resistance under the cover of academia. There are he/she students who accept doing such researches!

The Chinese dissident who was awarded the prize, said that what opened his eyes to see “human rights is the Russian dissident during the Soviet Era Solzhenitsyn who said”:” Why does the regime arrest us like sheep? … Etc”.

The first question: If these violations are all coming from Norway against the different countries, the Arab Homeland and Palestine in particular, then why is it that Norway is declared a rogue country culturally, morally and even militarily.

The Second Question: Do those, who receive financing from Norway, dare to refuse it and criticize it (i.e. Norway), and oppose normalization with it?

What would happen to those who may he deprived of poisoned money and poisoned science?[2] Is the end of the world in financing a department or university institute graduating people culturally deficient?

[1] When the Norwegian Terry Larsen visited Jenin Camp in the West Bank after the heroic battle of Palestinian resistance, and of course the destruction of the camp, he said that this was a crime of war. This led Shimon Peres to reply, “But one day we gave you a bribery!” Now, does a Palestinian who is financed or awarded by Norway or any other country, does he dare stand against it?!

[2] A friend of mine expressed to recently his concern about the reliance of leftist institutions on foreign finance, and we went on to discuss the idea of turning to dependence on local sources. Thanks for the shocks! I think that this is a real redress of the situation. That’s what I called Development by Popular Protection, as a development model in the economy of a party and a class, and which I have discussed again it in my book, “Normalization flows in your blood”, soon to be published by Dar Abaad in Beirut.