The Conflict of Democracies

The Conflict of Democracies

People’s Democracy Challenging “Democracy” of Capital


Arab Popular Classes’ re-Ordering and Forward to Second Revolution


Adel Samara


It is still too early to analyze the unprecedented and unexpected marvelous revolution in Tunisia and Egypt and the anticipated revolutions in other Arab countries against the despotic regimes. It is early and difficult because history never moves as fast as we desire and without us changing it. The movement of history is always slow but confident and forward.


It is still early as well to got the chance and knowledge to separate the opportunists from the true militants and revolutionaries in both Tunisia and Egypt, while it is so crucial to know and differentiate between the real revolutionaries an those who were trained and supported by the US (NED) who has been lectured by the Metternich’s of the age, Hillary Clinton and Feldman or by Henry Kissinger.


It is still too early to concretely grasp and put aside political leaders like Muhammad al-Bardei’s who is dancing on the US imperialist and bloody tune.


But what is more complicated is to find the imperialist fingers in the new regimes in Egypt and Tunisia and the secret ties between the army leaders in both countries and imperialism and Zionism. Despite various dangers and internal mines on the road of the revolution, the great fact is that Tunisia and Egypt did revolt and the most urgent task now is to protect the revolution and to be confident that the most important guarantor is that the position of the popular classes is steadfast on the one hand and to move the revolution forward from democracy to social change against capital. This is the only way to marginalize those who infiltrate the movement and pretend revolutionary merits.


As long as the analysis and evaluation of the first real popular democracy in history of mankind still early, it is worth to launch a deep critic against the “bourgeois western democracy” which colonizes our land and minds, the so-called democracy which uses many of our intellectuals as agents, collaborators either for money or for brain washing. The so-called democracy which create, support and protect dictator regimes and comprador/parasitic classes. But, it might be the right conclusion that this form of absolute despotism is the motive behind the explosion of the people’s democratic revolution in Tunisia and Egypt. This democracy is the most brilliant democracy throughout history, and not in the age of capitalism alone. It is the real revolution and democracy by all and for all and what is most important and distinguishable is that it is not against any other nation or race as is the case, practice and history of the western capitalist “democracy”. But again, this pure and real democracy is the first stage of the final revolution.


Throughout the life of our people, generation after another, we have been taught that democracy of ancient Greece is the absolute ideal one, while it was for Greeks not others, for rich not others, for males not others, for nobles not others, for the city/state not other nations! It is the “democracy” that laid the roots of the western capitalist democracy with its class, race and core content and limitations. That is why there is a real umbilical cord between the two of them extended for two millennia.


While the second is an extension to a large extent of the first, this doesn’t mean that the first is not from a western/European origin. However, knowledge and civilization is the product of all humanity in its both cultural and material instances. The exaggerated praise for the Greek democracy despite of the fact that it was for the few rich is the real root which extended it to the capitalist era, which was devoted for the capitalists while all amendments that added to that democracy are oriented to keep, support and at least not to harm the interests of the rich. That is why; any attempt to transcend its ceiling will face termination. It is worth noting that the Greek democracy and that of Kuwait are similar in terms of exclusivity, and not to mention the Zionist Ashkenazi Regime.


The formal education which this capitalist democracy teaches – in our schools and universities and it even infiltrates our mosques and churches – is a policy that put our way of thinking like our material situation in the belly of capitalist white beast which aims at remolding us for servicing its interests. Accordingly, we realized that many of us were and still are no more than imitators, and mere copies of them. Thanks to those who succeed in using the capitalist technology despite of the false “property right”. They succeed by the genius of the place which is an extension of the genius of the history of nations and their culture and civilization.


Many liberal, externalized comprador and normalizing intellectuals and those who has been bribed through scholarships, conferences…etc will argue that democracy in the West is the ideal as long as it guarantees the right to vote for everybody.


It is worth noting the mechanisms which lead or pushed this democracy to reach that level and the internal breaks which regulate it to the extent that it made and guarantee the interests of capital and its dictatorship:


First: The basic rule in the democracy of capitalist economic system or its main mechanism is to provide controlled political liberties, to sacrifice these liberties under the name of liberalism and to maintain the tight control of economic rights which are crystallized in sucking surplus, intensifying exploitation and legalizing private property. The issue is to let people speak, vote for those who are able to pay the cost of candidacy along with maintaining market economy, private ownership and extracting surplus value. Applying these policies, the society practices political speech, and sacrifices economic rights for capital even during the harsh economic crisis as it is today. There is no doubt that this mass subjugation to the market forces is deeply rooted in the bourgeoisie ideological hegemony. As long as political rights of expression and vote are there, the production line is safe. There are no strikes, no occupation of factories, and thus the surplus continues to stream, which means that everything is under control.


Second: Who is able, other than the rich, to pay the costs of nomination? It is the same even in the countries of the periphery: Who is able, other than the rich, to bear the cost of nomination on the one hand and to pay for bribing, to buy congressmen?


Third: The false propaganda for freedom, human rights, liberties…etc, all are concessions applied and limited:

 To national state boundaries to enable the bourgeois to control the national market and to use the civil society to indirectly pacify people’s protest and revolt.

This democracy for inside has been used to recruit the people to support and participate in colonial aggressions.


Fourth: Of the main results of the internal capitalist concessions is to impose deeply, but in form of hegemony, inside civil society that colonialism is imperative for a good and different life for the core capitalist countries. The irony is that the regime, through hegemony plant deeply in mind of civil society that the white is different and it deserve better life even at the cost of other races and colors. This helps explaining why western civil society support and participate colonial wars since its early aggression, the colonization of India until the current massacres in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Fifth: This western capitalist democracy as an extension from the Greece city/state and a tool for capitalist exploitation inside and for colonialism abroad is part of the superstructure for the material infrastructure which owned in a private manner. And in a more concrete description, the white capitalist democracy is limited inside and for each national state alone. It means that:

 It dominates the civil society and employs it and the society’s institutions to serve its material base and class interests.

 When it moved out of its borders, it took place in a colonial and aggressive manner.

 Its relationship with other nations is to maintain polarization and blocking their development.

 It is nationalist internally, but its face is not international or humane.  


This might be clear in the three externalized eras of western capital: colonialism, imperialism and globalism.


Sixth: This democracy as it is has no human face.


This is why the essence of the new Arab popular democracy is not capitalist or imperialist or aggressive. Will it maintain that and continue to the second phase of revolution? People’s power and time will tell!  


What has been discussed here leads us to read the new revolution, people’s revolution with totally different tools, because it is a new and different democracy by the masses not by elite and for elite. Millions stay day and night under the sky voting for the change of the despot in their land and the world.


What a glory is the spontaneous democracy. The nation which is accused as the nation of terrorists achieves now the most honorable and peaceful democracy. A democracy that is not motivated by colonialism but is in the defense of the people’s basic rights and wealth. That is why it is new and different democracy.

But again, will it be protected against its many enemies from inside and outside? Will the popular classes be able to fight capital after despotism?


It must.