Second Black September

Second Black September for Palestinians

Oslo-Stan State is an Arab Recognition of the Zionist Regime*

By Adel Samara

The Palestinian Authority PA and Arab ruling comprador are busy nowadays begging for an “Oslo-Stan state” from the United Nations calling it Diplomatic War!

The issue might look as an achievement and even political penetration in the front of the Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR), US and EU regimes as enemies to Arab Homeland. To a certain extent, this is right. But, as long as historical Palestine is under a settler colonial Zionist regime, the main task for Palestinians is to resist, liberate their Homeland and achieve the their Right of Return (RoR).

One might argue, why shouldn’t a resistance movement ask for UN recognition? Yes, they actually should. But, in the Palestinian case the issue is more complicated. The PA/PLO did in fact recognize “Israel” as a legitimate state on 78% of the land of Occupied Palestine! And thanks to that shameful recognition, some states recognized PLO and what the so-called Palestinian state. If the PLO did not recognize the ZAR, I doubt that a dozen of states will even talk to any Palestinian diplomat.

Accordingly, what PLO must do is to withdraw its recognition of the ZAR and act again as a liberation movement. In that case it will restore its capacity to represent the Palestinian people. This might look, from the point view of zionized Arabs and Palestinians and western capitalist political discourse, as an awakening, recalling the past, which is right, but what is right and legitimate is the fact that it is not in contradiction with the memory of the Palestinian people especially the 6 million refugees who were never consulted neither by PLO nor by the PA and Arab regimes as for the recognition of ZAR and surrendering their RoR. It must be noted that the so-called international community does not have the capacity or right to represent the people more than the Palestinians representing themselves. The UN coined a resolution of the Right of Return of the Palestinian people after the Zionist occupation of Palestine 1948, a resolution that was never executed and will never.

From a practical point view, there will be recognition of a “state” even by those powers who dominate the world order – US, EU and ZAR. If the recognition is not crystallized next September, it will be some time later. In its essence, it will never be different from the current Palestinian Autonomy in terms of its surface area, capacities and authorities.

This false Palestinian state is necessary for the plan of Western powers for a new colonized Middle East. At the same time, this state will be at the cost of the RoR, i.e. it will be a liquidation of the whole Palestinian question and Arab/Zionist conflict.

What does that mean especially in light of the new development of the Arab League decision to represent PLO and apply for UN recognition of a Palestinian state?

As long as the Arab League will apply to the UN on behalf of the Palestinians, this means that UN recognition of a Palestinian state will be followed by a joint recognition of Arab regimes of Israel- ZAR. In this expected situation, a full normalization will take place between Arab regimes and ZAR to the extent that the latter will be integrated into the Arab Homeland in a form of Integration through Domination (ItD), i.e. a form of neo-colonization of the Arab Homeland.

It should be noted here that the step of the Arab League is a continuity of the Arab Initiative which was neglected by the Zionists and the US for nearly a full decade.

The Zionists will exploit this development to its fullest extent including Arab recognition of an exclusive Jewish state (as if the ZAR is not now an exclusive Jewish state!).

According to Arab and Palestinian comprador class interest and readiness for compromise, the recognition of the Jewish state is possible even when if includes the expulsion/deportation of 1.3 million Palestinians in their homes in the 1948-occupied Palestine. This might be solved through land exchange. What a shameful trick! An exchange of Palestinian land for another on the one hand, and uprooting people from their homes as if they were a commodity on the other. It is a repetition of 1948 eviction of Palestinian people, but this time with the full cooperation of Arab and Palestinian comprador.

The compromise with ZAR which terminates the RoR will not be limited to the PA and Arab regimes. It, in fact, penetrates most of Palestinian organizations that support this compromise. This is the real meaning of a liberation movement convert to a peaceful movement begging for a state from the UN.

In this context many Palestinian intellectuals theorized, and continue to, for the justification of that compromise.

Finally, where would the challenge rise from?

It is from the resistance in its direct form, the military one and its popular war which is growing and developing throughout Arab new uprisings and its opportunity to struggle for the defeat of the counter-revolution. In fact, the acceleration of the political compromise is a pre-emptive step to break the bones of the new development in Arab Homeland, and the resistance and Arab people’s war.

* The first Palestinian Black September was the massacre against PLO in Jordan, September 1970.