Not Only White, But Norwegian Terrorist!

Not Only White, But Norwegian Terrorist!

Breivik is a Killer and Writer of

“Manifesto of Late Capitalism”

By Adel Samara

What comes first to mind: terrorism in Norway!  We were not shocked when it happened in the United States when Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people with a truck bomb in Oklahoma City in 1995. The “very democratic” US and even western media speculated that it is from a Middle Eastern protesting against the occupation of Iraq. Most, if not all western analyses concentrated on the response of Arabs against that occupation and not: why the occupation took place and why the very “civil society”, after few days of the massacre, they considered it normal.

I was visiting Chicago that day. Many Arabs and Muslims were arrested, but more, men and women, were beaten by the white “civilized “masses. Most of Arabs and Muslims put themselves under home arrest day and night. The reality of racist culture uncovered the false US and western multiculturalism. Thank God McVeigh is white.

“The same agitation tune repeated by the Wall Street Journal, the paper of wield capitalism of the US which ran an editorial on Saturday putting the blame for the attack on Islamist extremists, because “in jihadist eyes,” the paper said, “it will forever remain guilty of being what it is: a liberal nation committed to freedom of speech and conscience, equality between the sexes, representative democracy and every other freedom that still defines the West.”[1] This paper never mentioned that the tiny liberal nation of Norway is an agent to US (military, politics, academia and culture).

The case of Norway is more complicated. This 32 year-old racist Breivik seems to be “well educated” about racism. While many call him Nazi, he has little in common with Nazism. He is a Zionist and an ardent believer in western Christianity which is the deformed and capitalized version of Christianity. Nazism wasn’t in love with Zionism and wasn’t against western Christianity. But what is in common between Breivik, Zionism and Nazism is capitalism, the devil that the western media continuously ignore. His 1500 pages book, Manifesto of Late Capitalism which strives to complete what European feudalism failed to do against Arab Homeland. His hatred for Islamic tolerance and Marxist multiculturalism is highly influenced by Samuel Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations not by the original Christianity of the East.

When we, Arabs and Thirdworldists comment on such issues, we are targeting two communities separately: the white population in core capitalist countries, and the communities in the countries of the periphery. We insist that they are two, communities but with an important difference that while the white culture is one and the same, our is different and we have many in common against this white capitalist culture. It is too early to believe that the world is a Global Village, peaceful, democratic, with true multiculturalism …etc. In a world of multinational corporations, NATO, EU, WTO…etc, there is a world village that is deeply divided to: Down Town and Chantey town.

Our pain for the victims is deeper and more genuine than that of white civil society including the Norwegian, because we suffered that pain all our life and for many generations since the Crusade wars. Our pain is greater because we knew from a bitter and long experience that liberal capitalists, the whites, will go back fast to their normal life enjoying the consumption of our stolen wealth, intensifying exploitation, colonialism, aggression, racism and blocking our future. They knew very well that their luxury is impossible without conquering us either by domination (in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan) or third hegemony as it is the case now in Libya and might be repeated in Syria. And what is more disgusting is that they will continue their false propaganda on Civil Society, multiculturalism, human rights, women empowerment, tolerance…etc.

Islamophobia is not limited in Norway. Norway might be on the bottom of the list of white racism. The question is why Arabs, Palestinians included, and Moslems are living there? Why the western media agitate against the large Moslem communities in Europe, the expansion of dressing Hijab, the waves of African “illegal” immigration to Europe…etc.

This media and even academia did not inquire, explain or analyze when and why this phenomenon took place? Did Arabs and Moslems invade modern Europe and America or those core capitalist countries? Europe opened its doors for them to rebuild its infrastructure following the first and second imperialist wars between the western Christian European capitalist classes.  All nations paid the costs of these wars especially those countries of the periphery. It was wars for colonizing, re-colonizing and maintaining colonization of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

A Tiny, but Aggressive Norway

The population of Norway is 4.8 million. It is a wealthy and oil exporting country. Arabs and Muslims are there are mainly to clean dishes, streets and few sought political asylum. Briefly, they are in Norway itself either t o according Norway’s needs or the Zionist interest. Any country that attracts any Palestinian is contributing in the policy of taking Palestinians far from their colonized land.

But, while Muslim and Arab communities in Norway are “polite’, why does Anders Behring Breivik hates them that much!

Why is it that he is not satisfied by Norway’s aggressions against Arab and Moslem peoples through its role as a tail for the imperialist animal? [2] Norway sent its soldiers to join white capitalist invasion and occupation of Iraq. The result was more than million Arabs killed. And to use the colonial discourse those Arabs are Christians and Moslems. We never heard about popular Norwegian protest against this crime.

Norway donates to the US army spectacles that enable them to see at night. It is especially to enable them to kill innocent Iraqis “efficiently” at night as they are able to kill at day time.

Norway’s army is killing NOW innocent Afghani people.

Norway’s jet fighters are destroying Libya now as well.

Norwegian NGO FAFO conducts very detailed socio-economic surveys in the West Bank/Gaza to enable US and Zionist Ashkenazi Regime -Israel (ZAR) how to design Oslo Accords.

Norway’s regime is the gravel holder of Oslo Agreement which “donated” occupied part of Palestine 1948 to ZAR.

Norway’s academia[3] is colonizing Palestinian universities, bribing students with scholarships and using them as “academic spies” on resistance movements to serve the US and ZAR interests.

Scholarships for Palestinian students in Norwegian universities are planned by the American University of Cairo! Why?

Norway still host many Arab and Palestinian and Zionist writers, poets, academicians to attend meetings dedicated for normalization with the ZAR settler colonization of Palestine.

These are just few of the Norwegian crimes against Arabs and Moslems, how big are the crimes committed and those to be committed by white capitalism of the core countries!

Despite all Norwegian crimes, the western media is repeating that Norway is a peaceful nation! Yes, many of the people there are peaceful people, but this is not enough. They must know that their King Harald and Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg are not. Why they let their regime participates in massacres of other nations?

Finally, as long as the killer is white, and as long as he did it to please the Zionists, it is certain that it will back fire and will agitate honest human beings against Zionism. His hatred against Islam must open eyes of real Moslems against their rulers who are agents for imperialism and his hatred to Marxism reminds us that socialism is the future for a peaceful humanity.

[1] Quoted in The Greater Threat: Christian Extremism From Timothy McVeigh to Anders Breivik, Pierre Tristam | July 24, 2011.

[2] In many articles I called Norway, Sweden and Denmark non-Governmental Governments. My argument is that these countries have no colonial history in Arab Homeland, and that is why the US and EU imperialisms used them to infiltrate our countries under the cover of NGOs from such countries which have no colonial heritage.

[3] The well known Norwegian economist Galtung is a striking example of hypocrisy for the ZAR and US against Palestinian people. See   Kana’an – The e-Bulletin Volume X – Issue 2407 15 November 2010 Challenging White Intellectual Manipulation by Adel Samara What Is Behind Norway Clientele Role Against Palestine? Democracy How vs. “Democracy Now”.