To Wahabis, Salafis and Oil Rulers:


It is Gaza to be liberated not Damascus!


Adel Samara

War is like revolution, it condenses years into moments and establishes  challenges that are impossible to be transcended. Blood shed in war is greater  than that in a revolution or civil war. As war is the moment of truth, no one can escape but to change according to the new facts and developments.


Gaza blood flooding, but asking: Where are the Qatari, Saudi and Emirates’ jet fighters which destroy Tripoli, Sert and Bni-Wallid of Libya? Why it shouldn’t raid Tel Aviv?


Infants of Gaza are asking: What is the value of calling Egypt’s Ambassador from the Zionist regime? Why Egypt of Islamists shouldn’t send rockets to Gaza? Why did Egypt destroy the Tunnels and kept the Steel wall against Gaza that was built by Mubarak?


Why is Egypt sending terrorists to Syria and facilitating the smuggling of Libyan weapons to Syria, while forbidding the smuggling of Syrian rockets to the Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza?


Gaza women are asking: How if Qatari jet fighters which raided Tripoli in Libya turn to raid Tel Aviv? The Zionists might raid Doha, and Qatar will spend oil rent for rebuilding its capital. Good, then the rent will stay at home and will not be donated to US and EU banks and budgets to help capitalist ruling classes to avoid revolution against capitalism.


What if Saudi Arabia raids Tel Aviv and Tel Aviv responds? Saudi regime will be obliged to spend oil rent inside to rebuild Mecca. It is the same surplus which is donated to US banks and budgets and that is spent to destroy Syria or is paid to buy US weapons which will never be used? It is well known that in Saudi Arabia there are dozens of US bases to protect Saudi Arabia? Then why are trillions of dollars spent to purchase weapons?


In this case, what will the new equation will be?


It is the mutual destruction that replaces the unilateral destruction of Gaza and Lebanon by the Zionists before the rise of Hizbullah which is supported by Syria and Iran. When destruction is challenged by destruction, the Zionists will be able to understand better that it was a historical mistake to settle Palestine and evict its people.


This is the equation that Arab oil, rent, Wahhabis must understand. This is the only approach to understand why all the counter-revolution forces insist to destroy Syria because Syria is the gate towards the liberation of Palestine. It started from and through Hizbullah? What is wrong of that?


This is the equation that the Western left must understand. It is time for this left to liberate itself from Zionist propaganda and to understand, if it is too late, that settler colonial white entity is an enemy of all human beings and we Palestinians are its victim. This is the best moment for the Western left to de-link with the Orientalist viewpoint to our East, to Arab Homeland.


Gaza fighters are asking Arab “spring”: The smuggled Syrian rockets to Gaza might finish, what you are going to do? Who will replace them? How will we protect our children? Aware you aware that the Zionists are planning to evict the Gazan Palestinians to Sinai and occupy the gas fields? The goal is to build Egyptian, Zionist and Qatari gas joint venture!


It is time for Arabs to send thousands like Jules Jammal against the Zionists Ashkenazi Regime )ZAR(. ZAR will respond and destroy. Good, it will be the first time that oil surplus will be used locally, but ZAR will never be able to continue.


It is not enough from Egypt to call her Ambassador from Tel Aviv. Mubarak once did that! So what? Amman will not dare even to do it. And what about other missions (Cultural, economic, intelligence services and mainly Normalization)?


All Arab revolutionaries should be asking Hamas to withdraw its Wahabi militants from Syria!


What a shame?


It is time for Hamas militants to understand why Syria and Libya were targeted.

It is time for all human beings to understand how Palestinian blood paved the way to clean misunderstandings between Obama and Netanyahu  and to understand why the imperialist capitalist butchers of UK, France, Germany and most of Western ruling classes are competing to destroy Syria.