German Left Follows German Regime against Palestine


A Marxist Critique to the Coming “Anti-imperialism Camp’s” Conference in Stuttgart Spring 2013: One Democratic State


By Adel Samara – Occupied Ramallah

Unfortunately, we, the Arab and Third world Marxists and nationalists, have no choice but to resist and challenge liberal, capitalist and many of leftist western colonialism in its old and renewed forms and versions. Western Colonial left is the most dangerous as long as it supports capitalism and imperialism under pretense of leftism. This support was manifested in the wars against Iraq 1991, 2003, against Afghanistan, 2001, Libya 2011 and currently against Syria.

These facts prove that slogans like anti-imperialism or anti-capitalism are mere cover to a racist white content unless this left declares and practices its commitment to socialism and struggle against capitalism and imperialism which is never crystallized in the case of many western leftism. The “Anti-imperialist Camp” which currently supports the counter-revolution war against Syria and/or the new French leftist party “The New Left Anti-Capitalism” which changed its previous name the Communist League and failed to condemn the French imperialist occupation of Libya, invasion of Mali and its leading role in supporting the counter-revolution war against Syria, are clear evidences that this form of left is a left of capitalist imperialist regimes.

Before going to the colonial/imperialist roots of many western left as part and component of Euro-centrism, I like to refer to the difference between this “Anti-imperialism Camp” and the revolutionary pioneering initiative by the Communist Party India (Marxist Leninist) Janashakti – Nexalites which initiated the Anti-imperialism convention and Forum 1995 for all International Marxist Leninist Parties and Organizations aiming at building a broad camp against both imperialism and capitalism. The labor party of Belgium welcomed many of the activities of this camp especially before the right wingers of the party change his Secretary General Ludo Martens.

It is important to note here that Naxalite conducts a peasantry guerrilla struggle in India, and Philippines’ Marxists are conducting the same struggle while the same Maoist current defeated the old feudal client regime in Nepal and rule the country as a result of revolutionary democratic elections, without getting into the debate about the current complex situation in Nepal.

I mention this point to shed light on the fact that the so-called “Anti-imperialism camp” distances itself from the honor of military struggle especially when it comes to Palestine because their radicalism applies everywhere except on the Zionist Ashkenazi Regime – Israel (ZAR)! Moreover, this Anti-imperialist Camp supports the imperialist and Wahabi/Salafi aggression against the Arab Republic of Syria! This “camp” calls for a democratic state in Palestine under the same settler Zionist regime, i.e. they want to democratize a capitalist settler colonial white Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR) and to de-link Palestine and Palestinian people from its national Arab depth.[1] Thus, with this arbitrary separation of Palestine, they aim at minimizing the conflict form its reality as Zionist-Arab conflict to a mere Palestinian demand for citizenship under the ZAR. If they succeed in that, their final goal is to integrate the ZAR into the Arab nation as a dominant power, Integration through Domination. In this case, the ZAR will play an imperialist role in the Arab Homeland in the levels of military might on the one hand, and on technology and know-how on the other. In this scenario, the Palestinians will be used to play the role of marketing the ZAR products and services which will deepen Arab dependency and backwardness. As long as the ZAR is a direct part of world capitalist system, especially that of the Triad, its integration into Arab Homeland will guarantee a new role which facilitates capital’s expansion in the region.

Nazism against Jews but Germany against Palestinians!

One wonders if the culture of racism in Germany only started by the Nazis! Two centuries ago, Gorge Wilhelm Fredric Hegel argued in a racist manner against what he called people without history. Why shouldn’t we understand aggressive politics of all German governments against Palestinian people as a modern adoption of Hegel’s racist ideas? Donating tens of billions of dollars to the ZAR as compensation/substitution for the lives of exterminated Jews under Nazi Germany is a policy which strengthens the settler colonial ZAR in Palestine. From a moral point of view, human beings shouldn’t accept money for human lives. But, in case it happens, Germany should pay the victim’s families not the settler colonial ZAR. This support is an open formal German racist war against Palestinians. What Germany should do is to boycott this regime and all civilized German citizens shouldn’t even visit it.

Unfortunately, what is happening is just the opposite. Some German leftists are cheating their Palestinian and Arab dependent fellows on the one side, and on the other, German governments are continuously donating to ZAR monetary liquidity and weapons. One of the recent donations was in the form of a three nuclear sub-marines (this confirm that the ZAR is a nuclear state) and lately Germany decided to plant a forest in the occupied part of Palestine al-Naqab “Negev”.

On the social level, and despite the shameful reputation of most of NGOs on world scale, German leftist party, the new left (de-Link) “export” a “Marxist” NGO to occupied Palestine using the name of the “poor” Marxist Rosa Luxemburg. What a cheap exploitation of her revolutionary legacy! De-Linka NGO paid $40 thousand for a conference in occupied Ramallah aiming at uniting Palestinian left![2]

The same de-Linka will participate in the above mentioned Stuttgart conference named “One Democratic State” for the settlers and the native Palestinians jointly with participants from liberal and westernized Palestinians and Arabs who are against military struggle. Other participants are progressive Jewish “leftists” from ZAR as well.

But, one democratic state with the ZAR is not a priority for Palestinian people who wants from Germany to stop its terrorist war against them, to stop feeding the ZAR with money liquidity and the most sophisticated weapons, and to allow Jews who were expelled or left Bavaria go back to their homeland, i.e. like Russian Federation which facilitates the return of Russian Jews to their homeland.

German Ancestors of the Current German Colonialist Left

 What follows is not a theoretical piece in political economy. But to call historical events and positions to help understand the current positions of some German leftist groups through their support of ZAR.  “…During the 1907 elections in Germany when, after twenty years of steady growth in their election results, the SPD lost almost half its votes due to an upsurge of patriots brought about by Germany’s genocidal colonial conquest of Namibia and the massacre of more than 65,000 herero people”.

I leave the answer to de-Linka to tell us why the voters voted in favor of their capitalist colonial brutal regime?

What is worse is the fact that the right wing of SPD and some of the center argue: “…that the SPD must become a pro colonial party in order to win votes in parliamentary elections …Bernstein stated, the SPD must “develop a positive, socialist colonial policy”.

What form of a left which use the souls of the poor Namibians for parliamentary seats? Are the Zionist leftists different in using the souls of Palestinians for the same purpose or even worse?

The Zionist left led the ZAR, and in 1967 occupied the rest of Palestine and started building settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Capitalism and Imperialism

Neither I will deal with Luxemburg’s argument that capitalism can’t last without colonialism, nor I will discuss the fact that capital, by nature is expansionist and, accordingly, must launch colonial wars.  But, I will deal with the false differentiation and separation between capitalism and imperialism as an inherited pathology in some of German left.

Bernstein, like Kautsky, hoped to unite the Second International with supposedly peace-loving sections of capital to temper the system’s brutality. De-Linka is trying to do the same by building a peace camp from liberal Arab /Palestinian and Jewish Zionists under the umbrella of peace. In fact, what is encouraging de-Linka to do so is the PLO signing of the Oslo Accords with the ZAR, an agreement that I call peace for capital between the bourgeois of the two partners. But de-Linka goes that far to unite Palestinians in historic Palestine under the Zionist regime in the so-called One Democratic State.

What is the difference between this democratic joint state and Netanyahu’s Economic Peace?

In fact, the participants in this conference who are marketing the one democratic state are:

  • Totally ignoring the Palestinian resistance for over a century and declaring the defeatism of Palestinian people;
  • Trying to avoid the new historical development in the Arab Homeland and the region which is the rising up of Resistance camp;
  • The development of the new poles on the world scale.

Neglecting resistance, the Anti-imperialism camp is, in fact, following Kautsky’s racist and Eurocentric argument that“a lasting resistance from the native population… is not to be expected..”.

Am I right to deduce that Kautsky is influenced by Hegel on “Peoples without History”?

What is important is to remind de-Linka that Rosa Luxemburg was against Kautsky’s racist, reformist and renegade argument.

I think that the Anti-imperialist camp is influenced by Kautsky’s simplistic/reformist argument that “imperialism is just a question of power, not an economic necessity.”

By calling for One Democratic State solution in Palestine, they neglect the economic interests of the core capitalist countries behind the mere creation of the ZAR, i.e. capitalism itself and the ZAR harsh economic exploitation of Palestinians in 1948 areas which are a “reserve” for cheap labor and a market for the products of the Zionist capitalists.  That is why, they dream that Zionist and imperialist capitalists will go for democracy on the one hand, and that we the Arabs and Palestinians will go down on our knees as long as the white settlers “donate” to us “democracy”.

According to Kautsky, “Imperialism is simply a beastly ‘method…’ [to achieve] what is legitimate and necessary in itself but can be achieved ‘much better’ through other methods, namely, ‘democracy.’”  While the ZAR is a settler colonial state, we can’t call it imperialism or even sub-imperialism because it is not on its own land. It is not a normal society since it gathers its settlers from 100 nations and cultures on the one hand, and occupies the homeland of other people: the Palestinians. That is why a hundred years ago; Lenin told the Bond that Jews are not a nation as long as they don’t have their own land.

Following Kautsky’s appreciation of bourgeois democracy as a solution for its beastly method, the Anti-imperialism Camp are curing the ZAR with the same false medicine bourgeois democracy which even Samuel Huntington considers false .

Anti Imperialism or Anti Arab Nation?

What form of democracy might a capitalist regime of settlers and racists offer to native Palestinians after they were evicted from their homeland and subjugated to an extended Holocaust?

The “Anti-imperialism Camp’s” calls for a “Democratic” state an adaptation with the refusal of ZAR to “donate” the colluded Palestinians a tiny state in less than one quarter of Palestine. This means that the internal argument inside this camp is: as long as the Zionists are against any form of Palestinian state, why shouldn’t we support a one “democratic” state under the domination of the Zionist Jews? The big joke is that any suggested false western capitalist or leftist solution for Arab Zionist conflict, will always find Arab and Palestinian collaborators. In fact, the deterioration of PLO from the liberation of Palestine to accept Oslo-Stan did encourage liberals and renegade Marxists to suggest one democratic state dominated by Zionists. The irony is that all Jews in Palestine, with the exception of less than a dozen individuals, reject this one state democratic solution and are going for a pure Jewish state. Any continuous marketing of this solution will only expand and deepen the internalization of defeat among Palestinians.

Liberation and Socialist Arab State/s

It is certain that the two-state solution was a conspiracy against Palestinian people’s Right of Return to their homes and land. It is rejected based on that principle and not only because it has failed.

The one-state solution will never come through “democracy” or democratization of a white settler colonial ZAR, not to mention its bloody and brutal policies. Democracy will never cure settlers.

The current situation opens no window for any solution. Those who are against two-state solution must struggle for a socialist state which must:

  • Be achieved through liberation of Palestine;
  • Be a socialist one and Palestine will be part of an Arab socialist state/s;
  • And according to the present conditions, this remains a vision for the future.

When the socialist state takes place, which will be after the liberation of Palestine and must accomplish the following:

  • Allow all Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and land and have compensation;
  • Dismantle the military apparatus of the Zionist regime;
  • Liberate Palestinian land from the settlers;
  • Nationalize land and advanced technological and industrial complex.
  • In an Arab socialist state/s the natives, i.e., Arabs, and their non-Arab partners in the Homeland and the Jews will be equal citizens.

[1]  See their upcoming conference “Together for One Democratic State”, 2nd Palestine Solidarity Conference Stuttgart 10-12 May 2013.




[2]  It is the matter of Palestinian left inferiority and the German left superiority. This is one of the reasons of the failure of that unity. What is funny is that the director of this NGO, Peter… said in his speech to the dependent Palestinian leftists: “You are corrupted people”. After he finished he came and set beside me without knowing who I am. I wrote to him a note: As long as you knew that they are corrupted, why are you supporting them? He wrote back: “The problem is that others don’t organize themselves”. This means that “Peoples without history” need whites to organize them! Here he uses Marx’s saying about people who did not represent themselves others will represent them.