Dr. Adel Samara


A Paper presented to Seminar “Zionism OF THE 21th CENTURY, AN ENEMY TO KNOW”, held in Turin/Italy 1-3 December 2013


It was and still is difficult to place or situate those Arabs who cooperate, collaborate recognize and collude with the Zionist Ashkenazi Regime ZAR as a white, settler, colonial, capitalist regime.


I did not mention its racism because settlers are racists by nature on the one hand, and we Palestinian Arabs shouldn’t accept joint future with them. Any time we blame settlers’ racism, we mean that we accept it, accept living with racists and just exchange liberation of Palestine for marginal gains and improvements.


While the term Zionist Arabs (ZA) is relatively new, but as a process and facts, it is old. That is why the problem here is not the term but how to classify Arabs in their relationship with Zionism. Are ZA those who are secret agents, normalizers, those who recognize ZAR…etc? This short speech does not intend to discuss this point in details.


Zionism is an ideology designed by a group of western capitalist and intellectual figures who belong to several nationalities but are Jewish by religion, and most of them secular. Their goal was to build a colony. Some were to invest in a capitalist project imitating previous white settler colonial settlements. They were clever enough to grasp the urgent need of colonial powers in our region which is: to create a base to protect and expand its colonialism in the Arab Homeland. Those Zionists found themselves the proper supply for that demand. The content of this explanation is that ZAR is a mere tool for and is dependent on colonial powers.


It is not by accident that the Zionist settlers in Palestine were from nearly one hundred nations, and accordingly, their metropolitan wasn’t one nation, but the various nations of imperialist center, the World capitalist System (WCS).

As a national ideology without a nation, Zionism was desperately searching to manufacture a nation:

  • The so-called Jewish nation
  • And to place it somewhere, i.e. not deliberately in Palestine.


It is worth noting that neither Jews nor Zionists were targeting Palestine as a priority for a location for their settlement a priority. Both were looking for a place for capital investment. Jews as part of European colonial waves to North America, occupy land and build their own state in Brzdnetz 1670 but the black slave destroy it 1774[1].


More than two centuries later, Zionism has been created and starts testing several other places to occupy and colonize, i.e. Argentina, Uganda and others.


However, the Jewish state in Palestine was never designed neither Judaism nor by Zionist movement itself, but very early by the “reformist” Martin Luther  (1483-1546   ) who was one of the early organic intellectual for merchant capitalism rose at that time in Holland and Britain[2]. I hope that this will make it obvious that the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine never started or was designed by Jews, but by the colonial interests of world capitalist system to occupy Palestine and build an aggressive base in it considering two facts as I noted above:

  • The interests of core capitalist regimes interests in Arab Homeland
  • And their need for a settlement to protect those interests.





Zionist Arabs were created synchronically with Zionism itself considering the fact that Zionism was crystallized 1897 by aiming to satisfy imperialist needs in our region which later (1916) designed Sykes-picot agreement or plan/conspiracy[3] to fragment Arab Homeland on the one hand, and to prepare Palestine for Jewish settlers according to Balfour declaration (1917) on the other. The fragmentation of Arab Homeland to Qutry states has been in parallel with the plan of creation of ZAR. Both have been coined by the same imperialism. That is why the “umbilical-cord” is the same to the extent that their fate is strongly connected. (See later)




All Arab regimes that were created based on Sykes-Picot  plan/conspiracy, that is why they have no other choice but to be loyal to their colonial masters, because their mere existence, power and even continuity of their rules is guaranteed by imperialism .


In peace conference in Paris 1919 prince Faisal of the Hashemite family accepts Lawrence’s written commitment that he accepts item 3 which stated: “that the colonial administration of Palestine will facilitate the Jewish immigration to Palestine”[4]. Faisal’s approval is an exchange of Palestinian’s Homeland for political power (monarchies) for Faisal and his brothers in Syria, Jordan and Iraq. All those monarchies were designed by British imperialism imposed over Arab people in those areas.


For the sake of comparison, Sultan Abdulhamid of Turkey refuses Herzl’s demand for Jewish immigration to Palestine. The difference is that: Ottoman colonialism wasn’t dependent on others, and not a tool created by imperialists [5].


The same is the case of Saudi family. The founder of Saudi Arabia Abdul Aziz wrote by his own hand his approval for “donating” Palestine to the Jews.

Let’s say here that it was not only Balfour who gave what he did not own to the Jews who did not deserve, but also Arab agents and/or ZA did not own it as well. One can’t avoid concluding that those Arabs are Zionists taking into consideration that the main goal of Zionism is to create a Jewish state in Palestine.


Following 1936 – Palestinian long strike and revolution, the Jordanian Prince Abdullah sent a formal suggestion to the Anglo-American Investigation Committee to divide Palestine as follows: Jerusalem and Nablus for his Emirate, Galilee to Lebanon, Beer Shiva and Gaza for Egypt and the rest for the Jews[6].


On the demographic level, many Arab rulers were either pushed (the case of Iraqi Jews) [7] or gave lip service (the case of Morocco) for immigration of Arab Jews to Palestine. Doing that, those Arab rulers were either deliberately Zionists or imperialist agents who can’t, but obey the later demand to provide ZAR of cheap labor power and killers in the form of soldiers.


The following table shows that Arab Jews are the second sect in ZAR after Jews who were brought from the former Soviet Union.



In 1976, King Hasan of Morocco declared that after ten years of peace agreement between Israel and the Arabs, there will be an alliance between the twoparts [8]. What does that mean? It means that he, from Morocco decided that ZAR is a normal entity despite the fact that it is built on the ruins of Palestine!


In May 1977, Prince Fahd of Saudi Arabia renewed his father’s commitment to the ZAR and declared that: “Israel should be confident that we have no objection against its existence [9].

In 1979, Egyptian president Sadat signed a peace agreement with ZAR based on its recognition and Egyptian withdrawal from the Arab Israeli conflict.


In 1993, PLO did the same when it signed Oslo Accords. In brief, Oslo Accords are PLO recognition of ZAR over most of Palestine, in an exchange of a Zionist permit for a Palestinian political organization to practice administrative rule on the population of West Bank and Gaza, but not on land, what I call Oslo-Stan.

Later on, several Arab regimes (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE…etc) built secret or indirect political and economic relations with ZAR [10].




When ZAR attacked Lebanon in 2006 aiming to uproot Hezbollah as a resistance movement, the rulers of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan encouraged ZAR not to stop war until the final termination of Hezbollah.


One might understand that those rulers, their regimes and comprador capitalist classes don’t like or might be unable to fight. But obvious encouragement of ZAR to terminate a resistance movement as an Arab movement have dangerous indications. The least to be said about that is that those rulers are Zionists.


Their support to ZAR to occupy Lebanon is an extension to their support for him in Palestine.




While some people might argue against the above- mentioned facts, ZA of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE and their participation with NATO colonial war against Libya made things absolutely clear.


The same is for Syria. Qatar and Saudi Arabia recruit tens of thousands of terrorists from all over the globe, paying the cost of this war against Syria since nearly three years. From a practical point of view, these Zionist Arabs are in a war of aggression against Syria. The terrorists who are fighting against Syria continuously declare that they are supported by ZAR and they will make “peace” with it. One of the goals of those Zionist Arabs is to support ZAR.


It is not enough to say that understand this aggression is due to the fact that those regimes are dependent on US and other western imperialism, because it is not a condition that Arab dependent must launch war against other Arab country especially Syria.


The Zionist attitude against Syria might provide a good explanation for the Zionist Arabs’ war against Syria, at least in the level of joint interests between them and ZAR.


 “The only prospect that holds hope for us is the carving up of Syria… It is our task to prepare for that prospect. All else is a purposeless waste of time[11].


“We should prepare to go over to the offensive. Our aim is to smash Lebanon, Trans-Jordan, and Syria. The weak point is Lebanon, for the Muslim regime is artificial and easy for us to undermine. We shall establish a Christian state there, and then we will smash the Arab Legion, eliminate Trans-Jordan, and Syria will fall to us [12].”


“Regime change is, of course, our goal both in Lebanon and Syria. We wrote long ago that there are three ways to achieve it- the dictator chooses to change; he falls before his own unhappy people; or if he poses a threat to the outside, the outside takes him out..[13].”


Let’s consider that ZAR knows very well that Palestine is the southern part of Syria, and that if Syria will not be able to liberate Palestine, it will not sacrifice it for the ZAR. Based on the same facts and developments, the ZA aggression against Syria is a direct support to the ZAR taking at least into consideration their encouragement of ZAR to destroy Hezbollah 2006.


ZAR designed its policy in the region through launching wars against Arab nation and Ben Gurion as one of its main founders wrote that he is ready to donate an Arab Emir to launch war against ZAR, now ZA are paying for war and fighting on behalf of the Zionists against Syria.

In the minds of Ben-Gurion and the officers, wrote Sharet, ‘Israel has no worries, neither international nor economic. The question of peace does not exist. What happens in the region and in the world is irrelevant. In their view, [the state] should see war as the principal and perhaps only means of increasing welfare and keeping the moral tension…[The retaliatory operations] are exilir of life… They help us keep the civil and military tension. Without them, we wouldn’t have a fighting nation, and without a fighting regime we are lost…For this purpose, we can concoct dangers, indeed, we are obliged to. Give us a war with Arab countries and all our troubles will over…Ben Gurion himself once uttered that we should take an Arab and pay him a million Liras to finally start a war’ (Sharet 1978:Vol.III, pp. 1201-2).  Unaware of Sharet’s yet unpublished  Personal Diaries, Aronson and Horowitz (1971) speculated in this very spirit, arguing specifically that the latent function of the retaliatory operations were to both help integrate the immigrant masses and increase their support for Ben-Gurion and his government[14].




Zionist Arabs’ war against Syria still needs more understanding in relation to Palestine. Nobody accepts imperialist pretence that they are attacking Syria for the sake of democratizing it. No need to call history, but to call recent years when the capitalist West led by the US pretence that their war against Iraq was for democratizing it. The result wasn’t democracy but destruction of Iraq and a defeat of US imperialism.


If US democratization of Iraq is a crime covered by US bourgeois democracy, what is the cover for the pretence of Qatar and Saudi Arabia of “democratization” of Syria?


This raises a critical question: what is the joint interest of counter-revolution (CR) to destroy Syria?


The three components of CR have deep interest in blocking any form of Arab unity as the real threat against all of them. As long as Arab liberation movement has been defeated by CR since 1960s, and as it is renewed recently in the version of Resistance and Rejection RR), and as long as Syria is one of the components of the RR, then its’ destruction become a necessity.


Arab nationalism means Arab unity and transcending of Sykes-Picot plan/conspiracy. In case of any form of Arab unity, CR will be in crisis and will deteriorate towards defeat. Arab unity is against Qutria states, against ZAR and against colonial interests.


In this limited time, I can’t go in details in theoretical issues, but I want to make some points clear especially for many false leftists in the West that their traditional and conventional understanding that Marxism as a theory is in antagonistic absolute contradiction with nationalism is a false one. The dependent Arab intellectuals collude with western Marxism which is entrenched behind a “Marxist discourse” which rejects nationalism especially Arab nationalism. From this discourse it is not hard to smell a Zionist influences which under “Marxist’ cover fighting to support ZAR because they know deeply that liberation of Palestine is closely connected with Arab unity [15].


Nationalism in colonial societies, i.e. Europe before and during Marx’s time and currently is really a colonial one and a weapon in the hands of bourgeoisie. In the periphery, nationalism still plays a revolutionary role for liberation. All writers who wrote and believe that countries of the periphery, including and especially Arab Homeland, transformed to an era of post colonialism are naïve. The short, but brutal era of globalism support my notion that colonialism did not end but renewed itself during globalism.


My argument is that in Arab Homeland, nationalism of popular classes is a social/political/class power struggling for liberation, women emancipation and social transformation towards socialism for Arabs and their national, ethnic partners in Arab Homeland excluding ZAR [16]. For decades, anti Arabism had argued against Arab nationalism as chauvinistic one. They intend to mix Arab regimes of national orientation with the question of Arab nationalism!  And or they fail to understand that nationalism is not the same for all social classes.


Nationalism of the ruling comprador dependent capitalist classes which oppress popular classes (Arab, Kurds, Amazig (Arab Berber)…etc) is different from latent nationalism of the popular classes which is progressive by nature and socialist according to their interests.


Finally, in many of his writing, i.e. in the Manifesto, Marx argued that a strong national state is better vehicle for transformation to socialism. Accordingly, Arab unity led by popular classes is in antagonistic contradiction with, Arab Qutriya entities especially those in the Gulf, against ZAR and the core capitalist ruling classes.





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