Islamophobia and Anti-Communism go Hand in Hand


By Victor De Giovanni*


Communists, contrary to the common beliefs, here in Malta, believe in religious freedom, as such Communists view with disdain any person who claims to be a Marxist or a leftist that does not respect the religious beliefs of others. The revolutionary theory that communists practise envisages the unity of all the masses to bring about the required change in society to make it equitable to all. Thus it is of imperative importance that all beliefs should be respected. Anti-Communism and Islamophobia are both a phenomena of the 20th Century and have similar roots. Both are the products of Imperialism in the quest for dominance of the world natural resources, and to subdue the working classes around the world to maximise profits by any means for the capitalist class.


1) The origin of Anti-Communism


In Europe after the Napoleonic wars the majority of the population were in abject poverty, and misery. This gave rise to political struggle within each and every European Country by the lower strata of society in an effort to emancipate them, and to better their living conditions. This impetus gave birth to the first Workers Parties and a new ideology started to grow, thus a Socialist ideology came into being through the writing of Charles Fourier, Henry de Saint Simon, and Robert Owen these writers gave outlines to imaginary to future idealistic societies.  However Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in their Communist Manifesto of 1848 described this as Utopian Socialism. It was the Marxist thought that was to formulate the Socialist ideology .These Parties started to be known as Social Democratic parties or Workers Parties.

In 1871the workers in Paris captured the city from the hands of the bourgeoisie and formed what was to become the first workers government. The life of this government was short as the war that was going on between France and Prussia was stopped, and the Prussians aided the French military in order to suppress the Paris Commune as this workers revolt came to be historically known. Thousands and thousands of workers were executed. The Communards wall in Pere Lachaise Cemetery bears witness to this. Although no communist party had existed at time, one can say that the seeds of anti-communism were planted here.


With the coming of the Industrial revolution in European Countries primarily in Britain and France and later on in Germany, new markets and raw materials were on demand by the Capitalist classes as now the Merchants and the industrialists allied themselves in their bid for bigger profits. This led to the colonizing of countries in Asia, Africa, and also to some extent in the Americas. This greed for raw materials obtained in these colonies culminated into an Imperialist war. Germany a late comer on the scene demanded a bigger share to be on par with Britain and France.


The Social Democratic Parties formed between themselves an International gathering calling it a Socialist International however due to disagreements between Karl Marx and the Anarchist Mikhail Bakunin, this international came to an end. After Marx death in 1885 Friedrich Engels along with others formed up the Second International and in different international of the Second International meetings, resolutions were drawn up in an effort to stop the impending imperialist war. These resolutions called upon the parties to militate around workers, in order that the workers in each and every country should be urged not to fight and kill other workers like themselves. However the French and German Socialists found excuses not to abide by such resolutions and this brought up a splinter within the socialist movement that still exist to this day.


The Socialists who abided by this resolution namely Vladimir Illych Lenin leader of the Russian Social Democratic Party (Bolshevik) renamed their Parties to Communist Party. The name Communist did not imply that these parties had changed their ideology but simply they did not want to be associated with the Social democrats who supported the Imperialist war or in other words the First World War.


This World War brought about radical changes namely: the Austro Hungarian Empire and Ottoman Empire ceased to exist. In Russia, to the chagrin of the bourgeois states around the World, the Great October Revolution ushered a new workers state, and the Soviet Union came into being, in what was before the Tsarist Empire. Defeated Germany suffered a collapse. Italy which was on the victorious side was also in turmoil.  So were the countries of Eastern Europe. The capitalist crises of 1929 better known as the Wall Street crash the bourgeois classes in these gave rise to fascism to oppose the rising tide of the now revolutionary working classes. Thus NAZI Germany, Fascist Italy, and similar dictatorial regimes were formed in Central and Eastern Europe. This epoch came to a close in Spain after the fall of the republic and a fascist dictatorship was set up with the aid of Germany and Italy, While Britain and France gave tacit support. This situation led to the Second World War.


2) Anti-Communism is a bourgeois phenomenon     


Anti-Communism is bourgeois phenomena. This was the direct consequence of the anti-Sovietism from the very beginning of the Soviet State when 14 Nations intervened without success in the civil war that ensued after the Bolshevik Revolution.  Anti-Communism in the 1930’s found a new hot bed in NAZI Germany and most of the NAZI propaganda is still being recycled over and over again today. After the fall of this Soviet state in beginning of the 1990’s had a new impetus with the fall of the Berlin Wall. The extreme right once again came into play in Eastern Europe. Communist Parties in Poland, Hungary, Romania, and in other former Socialist states came under fire, in some countries the name Communist became illegal, so were communist insignias, and to add insult to injury proposals to equate Communism with Nazism were brought forward. To Communists in Western Europe this is heresy as no communist ideology exists. The ideology is Socialism and communism is the aims that socialism wants to achieve, a society where each gives all he can and in return takes all that he needs. A Communist society has not yet existed, In fact the Soviets claimed that they had only reached an advanced stage of Socialism and had not yet arrived at the Communist stage.


The civil war in Ukraine began when a democratically elected government was brought down by an EU and US instigated coup committed by extreme right wingers which included Neo-Nazis, who went on a murder spree burning down the Ukrainian Communist Party offices and killing communist cadres. This led to the Eastern Part rebelling against the fascist Poroshenko government in order either to secede from Ukraine or retaking Ukraine back as a whole.


3) Islamophobia and Colonialism


The racist policies in most Western European countries result mainly from their servitude towards US imperialism. Laws are being enacted within these countries aimed at persons of Islamic beliefs under the excuse of a war on terror. It has been proved that Islamic fundamentalism is being financed and supported by the US and its’ faithful Allies in the Middle East namely the Zionist state of Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Islamophobia roots have their origins from the Imperialist policies of Britain and France way back prior to the First World War when they viewed this region as rich in Petroleum, and with these aims, planned the setup of a Jewish State in Palestine so to ensure their hold on these lands .


The division of the Ottoman lands in the Middle East with Britain and French holding on to territories belonging to Syria, Iraq, Palestine and other territories in the Persian Gulf  and giving the rest to the Wahhabis to form Saudi Arabia. However this was not enough as in Iran a democratically elected Mohammad Mosaddegh Government was deposed by an Anglo-American covert operation after nationalizing the Iran’s natural resource. This was the first time the US had overthrown a foreign government. In 1965 over two million communists were estimated to have been massacred in Indonesia in the CIA backed coup against Sukarno, all belonging to the Indonesian Communist Party in his book “The Struggle of a Muslim Communist” Hasan Raid a survivor  of this massacre gives an account of this and of the relations that exists between Islam and Communism.   The Partitioning of Palestine in 1947-1948 and massacres committed by the Zionists after the unjust UN resolution whereby the state of Israel was created on Palestinian land. The Six Day War.

Another example of anti-communism was the coup against the Popular Unity government of Salvador Allende in Chile. This violent coup was instigated by the CIA with the complete blessings of the Nixon Administration. Thousands of Communists were murdered by the Chilean Army under the Pinochet dictatorship

The counterrevolutionary fundamental jihadists openly aided by the US in 1978 that toppled the Soviet backed Afghani Government and formed the Taliban regime.  The unjustified aggression against Iraq in 1990’s, with blatant lies about weapons of mass destruction, and not sanctioned by the UN, as this was not considered a requisite for this war against Iraq by the George H.W. Bush Administration and its British Premier Tony Blair.  The second Iraqi war, started by George W. Bush the son, and the war on Afghanistan, using the excuse, of the September 11th attack on the World Trade Centre in 2001.   Today evidence shows that this could have been self-inflicted. All of this and other more recent events build the scenario behind which Islamophobia hides.


Well over 20 years Islamophobia has been the excuse behind the imperialist wars in the Middle East. The reasons that are being given to justify the actions of US and its’ allies criminal wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are the acts of terror committed by Islamic fundamentalism, even the Israeli genocidal policy against the Palestinian people is being justified in the same manner. Western Liberals and some Leftists are supporting the Imperialist intervention in the Middle East on the basis of encouraging secular democracy and for the advancement of women rights. The US had spent trillions of dollars in the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, yet US Imperialism is not concerned on how their Saudi ally treats women.[i]  Today in many western countries with the excuse of war on terror laws are passed that have a negative effect on Muslim persons. The Construction of mosques or Muslim schools are being prohibited, a ban on the hijab, while a barrage of anti-Islamic propaganda is being bombarded on the general public.[ii]


4) Islamophobia and the so-called Left


In Malta around 60% of the population does not distinguish between Islam and Islamic fundamentalism. To a large number of Maltese every Muslim person is a terrorist; even more they do not believe that IS, ISIL or Al Qaeda are US creations, and that these terror groups are financed, and armed by the CIA, the Saudis, and Israeli colonizers, with the agenda of stopping Arabic unity. The main preoccupation of some is that Malta is not prepared for a terror attack by jihadists. Stupidly they expose this weakness, by their criticism in the local press.  The support that Maltese public used to give to the Palestinians has waned because of this hysteria.


Like most Liberals, some of the Leftists in Malta also subscribe to this fear. They even deny that imperialism exists, and take the side of the US in aggressions likes the ones in Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan claiming that the US and NATO are defending the world from Islamic terror, they go as far as claiming that the West had liberated Libya and Iraq from a dictators, while completely disregarding the fact, that the only liberation that these aggressors were contemplating was relieving the Libyans and Iraqis from their natural resources namely petroleum. Some Leftists here in Malta even boasted that they were very pleased; with the NATO attack on Libya

Both Anti-Communism and Islamophobia are myths that bourgeoisie use for their hidden agendas to retain their class supremacy and continue to plunder other countries resources around the globe. The truth is that Islamic fundamentalism is not for the good of Muslim Societies around the globe. The same goes with Anti-Communism it’s not there to protect the working class. Both are tools of the Bourgeoisie in their imperialistic quest for the plunder of the world resources.




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*First Secretary Victor De Giovanni

Communist Party Malta

27, March , 2015


Debate –  “Behind media Veil: Islamophobia to Whom it’s necessary”

Organized By Garden of Knowledge Malta Association




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