Revenge is the Replay against Humiliation of Syrian Refugees

Adel Samara

Occupied Palestine

For several days now and without interruption, the Counter Revolution (CR) especially the European did not get tired of exploiting the catastrophe of flee Syrian refugees as if it is the first and only wave of refugees towards Europe!
Before the NATO destruction of Libya in 2011, Europe was dependent on the late president Qaddafi in controlling migration from Africa to Europe.
Following the NATO destruction of Libya, Europe continued  its attempts to control those waves, but it was never a political issue.
So, why all this campaign against Syria? and why now?


And why nobody asks: Why the Gulf rulers never accepted any Syrian refugee considering the fact that the Gulf is one of the main destroyers of the peaceful life of the Syrian people and accordingly a creator of Syrian refugees?
Why there is no comment or protest against sexual trade of Syrian women for the Gulf bustards?
Why is that Arab and world feminism did not protest against sexual trade?
I certainly never expected Arab dependent intellectuals to protest as long as they are intellectual prostitutes for the Gulf rulers and bribed by oil rent. I called this part of intellectuals, “Intellectuals of Sixth Brigade”.
Why do we hear any protest from human rights organizations at least against Arab and Turkish panders who manage sexual slavery of Syrian women to the Gulf.
Regimes of Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey know about this sex trafficking.
It is unbelievable that European regimes are unable to protect its coasts against Syrian refugees, that if all of them are Syrians.
There is no need for more analysis of the big propaganda and media campaign. It is:
• Aimed at opening a new Political front against Syria
• Europe got enough skilled workers who have no rights and very low wages.
• It is a support for the Turkish enemy to enable him to occupy part of Syria and create a non-fly zones.
• It is a good chance for Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon to gain money from UN to keep Syrian refugees inside their countries, most of which will be stolen for sure.
The main reason behind Syrians flee is the terror created by 83 states led by the US against Syria, and the main profited by that is the Zionist regime as long as Syria is weakened more and more.
What is shocking in the international media campaign is that:
The real enemy which created the crisis in Syria and the wave of refugees is the same who humiliated Syrian refugees in Europe.
Accordingly, the issue is:

Not to blame the refugees or the Syrian state. The issue is why people in Arab countries did not attack embassies of regimes which are launching war against Syria and humiliating the refugees at the same time. The revenge must be more against Macedonia and Hungary where these refugees received the worst treatment. Hungary is the first country which betrayed socialism 1956 and integrated into the world market even before Poland. Hungary is using the Syrian refugees to compete for trickle-down economy from Western Europe.
We shouldn’t blame the refugees. The right position is to attack all embassies of the enemies who create the crisis of Syria and humiliate Syrian refugees. Their Embassies and interests must be attacked by Arab masses.
I think that the role of Arab revolutionary intellectuals and political parties is to provoke Arab masses to move.