Imperialist Aggression … What after? by Adel Samara


Between Worthless Demonstrations, Civil Disobedience and Armed Struggle

From Engaged Intellectual to Class and Engaged Nation


Adel Samara

Occupied Palestine

Let’s remember Mao’s saying: “Imperialism is a paper tiger”. He said that even before US defeat in Vietnam, Iraq and before the French defeat in Algieria and the British defeat in South Yemen.

If this is the case of imperialist regimes, how about Arab clientele rulers who are designed, supported, protected and ruled by imperialism?

US enemy’s aggression against Syria supported by other two imperialist Triad partners (Europe and Japan) continues its war against Syria, but moved from indirect aggression to a direct one.

The question is not whether the direct war will continue or not, because of a simple fact which is that we Arabs, all Arabs, even the Arab traitors and agents are permanent targets for imperialism. As for Arab, imperialism targets even its Arab agents. Here let’s call a lesson of history that masters never respected their slaves.

My point about Arab traitors is supported by the fact that many Arab rulers were called to US regime few days before the direct aggression against Syria. They might have been commanded that an aggression will be launched against Syria, and told to harshly crash any popular protests on the one hand, and to informed other Arab rulers to “shut up” as well, or even that they should support the aggression.

In the same direction, it is obvious that Arab regimes that are dependent on imperialism are participating in the new semi-declared coalition with the Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR) against Syria which is camouflaged by a sectarian propaganda against Iran.

Based on the above points, the war against Syria is practically an Arab one as well. Arab dependent regimes, westernized intellectuals (Sixth Brigade) Wahhabi, Moslem Brothers, etc are recruited by US, Europe and Japan enemies against Arab nation and Homeland. Why Europe, not EU? Look at Sweden as a regime pretends that it is neutral but participates in the aggression against Libya, and even in the Security Council it supports US aggression against Syria, while on the same day terror killed some of its own citizens. Was it a Syrian terror? Or the terror which Obama and Hillary established at least according to what Trump stated on several occasions.

In fact, those Arab dependent rulers are internal colonialism/occupation; they are the Third US army: the first is the US army, the second is the ZAR, and the Third army is composed of Arab regimes and forces and regimes of Politicized Religion. It included intelligence forces, agents, and intellectual sixth brigade…etc.

As this is the case, the question is: What is to be done on popular level?

It is no less than to engage in the war, peoples’ war with its various levels and scales. You can’t be neutral towards counter-revolution (CR) when internal and external enemies are attacking you.

The first step for the popular classes should be to internalize and adopt the imperative decision to divorce with CR’s internal camp.

Second, popular masses must adopt and practice Popular Revolutionary Destruction against all different bases of enemies, i.e. economic, military, NGO’s, cultural…etc.

When all those bases are attacked even with rocks, when their roads are blocked, their staff can’t reach to their work place, products of the enemies thrown onto the streets …etc, this means a lot like:

The dependent regimes will fall into chaos; they will be obliged to use police forces and soldiers to protect millions of threatened places day and night. This I call the disintegration of the essential pillars of the Arab qutri/dependent state which will become unable to control people’s daily life and activities.

Its police and even army will be in a terrible situation even in their daily life because of new difficult challenges. They will have problems with their families who will be bad-mouthed cursed in their neighborhoods; their children in schools will be hated.

The external enemy will face a challenge against all its bases especially the drained wealth and the threatened markets.

The traitor regimes will apply more repression against all masses. This will not solve the problem. The people will respond with more resistance against regime’s brutality and treason.

That is why; I think that small numbers of youth must initiate these resistance activities without weapons, but with rocks and barricades. They shouldn’t be caught and they must know that demonstrations just put their heads as easy targets for police fire and sticks for nothing but to show what so-called public opinion and human rights associations that they are repressed while most of those associations are designed agents by the imperialist and the victim will be only registered as numbers or they even might not record them.

Lets’ push it from engaged intellectual to a class and national engagement.


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