The Zionist Intrusion of Al-Aqsa: Covering the Truth about the Conflict, By Adel Samara

The Zionist Intrusion of Al-Aqsa:

How Political Conflict is covered by

Ideology of Politicized Religion Forces

Adel Samara

Occupied Palestine

Most of historical Palestine has been occupied by Zionist settlers in 1948, and the rest of it was occupied in 1967 including al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. So the mosque was never, and shouldn’t be a separate issue, as if it is not part of Palestine or occupied in the last few days.

The direct reason behind the current war against al-Aqsa and Jerusalem was launched by our enemy the Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR) is a political not a religious issue.

All previous Zionist wars against Palestinian and other Arab people were based on the same two pillars of Nazi policy:

  • The maximum possible military brute force
  • The Maximum possible psychological war

As for the psychological pillar, ZAR always used religion to involve Jews, as much as possible, in a “holy” war based on the religious myth of “Land of Israel” on the one hand, and to deform Palestinian and Arab attitude and conceptualization of the conflict to fall into the trap of religious war.

The irony is that both Zionist Ashkenazi Regime ZAR and many Arab and Moslem clergy (Sheikhs), i.e. current of “Ideology of Politicized Religion Forces” (IPRF) are in harmony showing that the conflict is a religious one.

Religious war aims at showing and serving the myth that Jews are a nation not just a religion and accordingly, thus justifying the slogan of a “pure- exclusive” Jewish state.

On the other side of the conflict, the other irony is that all Arab regimes which ruled by IPRF and pretend that their Islam is the “real Islam” are normalizing with ZAR, and never dared to say a single word in protest against Zionist war against al-Aqsa, not to mention ZAR occupation of Palestine! This fact confirms that the conflict was never, will ever be a religious one, and that those Arab regimes are part of and pursuing the counter-revolution directions, prescriptions and policies towards Arab- Israeli conflict which is (1) the destruction of the Arab republics and armies to keep ZAR the most powerful force in the region and (2) to terminate Arab nationalism, as well as (3) to continue sweeping away Arab wealth (Trump’s recent trip to the Arab Gulf regimes and sweeping the wealth away rent from them, is adequate to confirm this analysis.)

What is going on in the region is that many Arab and non-Arab Islamic regimes under the name of “Real” Islam are standing for and support ZAR as in the cases of Saudi, Qatari, UAE and Turkey. In addition to that, counter-revolution is establishing and supporting a new regime as an enemy of Arab Homeland which declares itself as an ally for ZAR, and by that new regime I mean the Kurds who are led by Iraqi tribal and comprador Barazani, Forces of Democratic Syria and even by ex-Marxist Abdullah Öcalan, head of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)! All those Kurdish groups are supported by US, EU, ZAR and Arab Gulf regimes. The Iraqi part of these Kurdish groups declare openly that they have a good relationship with ZAR. Just for information of some readers, most of the Kurds are Muslim Sunni and the rest are Muslim Shiite.

In the West Bank itself, the defeatist leadership of PA and PLO are losing ground as long as they continue raising the two-state solution and adopting the negotiation alternative with ZAR. In fact, ZAR and counter-revolution never believed in one-state or two-state solutions. They are for one-state for the Jewish settlers. Their position is deteriorating from the lie of “peaceful” settlement towards the termination of Palestinian cause.

But, what is important to confirm is that, the Palestinian people never ceased to struggle in all possible forms of struggle and contrive new ones despite the huge military Zionist and counter-revolution machine. This, in addition to the fact that Arab resistance camp is in progress despite global war led by counter-revolution against Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Lebanon, Tunisia …etc. It is, certainly, a gradual victory taking into consideration the huge capabilities of counter-revolution which is, unfortunately, deeply rooted in the region even before resistance itself. That is why, the issue is not to gain a military battle against counter-revolution, but to reach a political, cultural and social victory leading to deep socio-economic-cultural transformation.

The real transformation needs Arab revolutionaries to challenge and achieve the main task which is to restore Arab masses which are currently divided between total ignorance of what is going on and deception by regimes of “Ideology of Politicized Religion Forces” (IPRF).


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