In its’ Debacle: US Sacrifices the EU and ZAR Gains, by Adel Samara, Occupied Palestine

The current US lust for blundering the globe and to insist on maintaining its’ domination, is not due only to Trump’s personal mentality and his administration, as some might argue, but it is related to the deep US economic financial crisis and worry of losing its’ global unilateral domination. That is why the US aggression is global and targets countries of core and periphery of the world system.

US support of Western Europe by Marshal Plan following the World War II aimed at stopping any European heading towards USSR as the other victor of that war. There is no doubt that US leaders were certain that for USSR to transcend the problem of Socialism in One Country will not be solved by socialism in the underdeveloped Eastern Europe, but by realizing socialism in the industrialized and more developed Western Europe, a development if happens will confirm Marx’s analysis.

Following US domination of Western Europe and maintaining capitalism there, the USSR found no way other than continue Socialism in One Country despite of the fact that it wasn’t its’ likely choice. This issue is still used until today by Trots in their strategy to terminate the heritage of USSR.

Considering its’ continued economic-financial crisis 2007-2008 the US reached a point that it is not interested to continue spending on EU security and maintaining EU countries living standard especially in a period where US lost the role of its economy as the “Economy of the last Resort”, in addition to its’ great indebtedness. US department decided to close its’ markets in front of EU’s commodities which are competitive to its’ own industries, a policy which stifles EU’s industries. This development means that a harsh economic conflict is taking place between imperialisms leading to monopoly by one state’s imperialism, i.e. the US. This phenomenon tells that the US is going into too much integration between state and capitalist class, a very strict monopoly

 Under Trump, the US is launching a global economic war. Some people argue that Trump’s policy is different from his previous presidents especially George Bush and his son and even different from Obama. They claim that Trump only threatens, but does not “use the sword”. In fact, Trump used Obama’s all weapons, i.e.:

  • Fighting Arab nation by its’ own regimes and Forces of Politicized Religion FOPR. 
  • Attacking Syria militarily.

Until today, Trump’s policy is that he gives economic war priority, launching economic war against China in terms of attack, retreat and negotiate, but his harsh and rude economic wars are against Syria, Iran, Russia, Venezuela…etc. All those regimes are responding by means of their power and dignity. The most shameful reply against Trump’s economic wars is that of Arab regime especially those of the Gulf. They pay and pay and pay!

In addition, but related also to US economic war against the EU, is the obvious orientation in the latter (many societies, regimes and political parties) towards far right which crystallized in national and ethnic scales. Ethnic contradictions, which in the past were softened by the all-European policy and prosperity, again come to the forefront, tearing “united Europe” apart.

In this complexity but on the top of them, “Great Britain’s exit from the EU, unrest in France and Hungary, attempts to spread this disorder to Germany (so far unsuccessfully), Warsaw’s actualization of Polish-German contradictions, in general – setting Eastern Europe against Western Europe (Polish-Baltic-Romanian bloc vs. German-French bloc). Against this background, the contradictions between the rich North and the poor South, which until recently were the main contradictions for the EU, temporarily faded into the background, but didn’t disappear anywhere and at any moment can flare up with a new force”[1].


Refugees and Workers


In addition to EU problem with the north, the US, and EU internal crisis it is facing double refugees problems, both made by its own hands:

  • A challenge of refugees, mobile labor, between its’ own members,
  • And a challenge of refugees coming from Arab destroyed countries which destroyed through terrorist war practiced by Arab Regimes and Forces of Politicized Religion which serve and are led by US/EU/Zionist/Turkish enemies on the one hand, and refugees from African poor countries which were and still plundered by colonialism including the European one. 

As for EU internal “refugees” workers problem, the most obvious one is the British protest but refusal to accept hundreds of thousands of East European workers who are competing with British working class which insist for higher wages. It is not clear whether the protest is from the proletariat of the first capitalized country, or from its’ own bourgeois? Or by other token, will the British working class protest against its’ own regime or against the poor refugees and workers? If it is against the coming working power, one can’t decide if it is because of racism or economic pressure?

A confirmation to what is taking place in Britain, Tamás Krausz and Róbert Nárai argue on the case of Hungary:

“…Nevertheless, I think it is doubtful that Orbán will continue to block immigrants from entering

The country as 10 percent of working-class youth has left Hungary in a very short period of time. Capital needs new cheap labor and thus refugees. This will in turn decrease the price of

The labor force. Many believe that it is liberals and socialists who are bringing the immigrants in, but, in reality, it is capitalism that uproots people in and outside Europe, and the bloody wars of

The United States and NATO that produce refugees[2]


At the same level, the case of Kosovo which is pushing a lot of it’s working class to Western Europe. Its’ 3.3 million inhabitants are depending on remittances from it’s’ three quarter million workers abroad, nearly 400.000 of them working in Greece, Germany, Italy and the US. Due to the current economic crisis they are no more welcome by Western Europe which attracted them in the previous three decades following the collapse of the socialist Eastern Europe i.e. when Eastern Europe became:

  • A store for stand-by cheap labor
  • And an open market for EU exports.
  • An area which gave up its’ industrial base which was sold by nearly ten percent of its real value.


“…Moving along, the NATO-occupied Serbian Province of Kosovo is a complete mess, a failed state by any metrics. It’s a drug- and human-trafficking powerbase for the Albanian mafia, and it’s also bleeding thousands of disaffected people a year that flee to Central and Western Europe in order to escape the social devastation. ISIL, and Wahhabism in general, has made strong inroads there, and there’s a real fear that the totally dysfunctional entity of “Kosovo” might turn into a European base for jihadists, most likely with the full backing of the American instructors at Camp Bondsteel (the same forces who advised the Kumanovo terrorists). Neighboring Montenegro is in a very unpredictable situation[3].

In fact, Eastern Europe’s deterioration never stopped since the collapse of its’ previous socialist regimes, Pepe Escobar wrote:

“…We do have information that the US and its NATO partners are organizing for a mass delivery of weapons for the opposition in Venezuela, which will come from an Eastern European country.”[4]


The irony is that despite the economic crisis in most of Eastern Europe, it is still in need for the migrant and refugees labor force due to the low birth rates, which is much lower than the world standard which is 2.1 baby for each mother. The percentage is low even in the Catholic European countries, i.e. Italy and Spain which encourage and support families of more than 3 children.

The paradox is that Europe still needs migrant labor and at the same time dislikes them especially those of Arab and Moslem cultural background. There is no proper solution for that problem!


The aforementioned facts uncover the barbaric nature of the capitalist world system in all its hierarchy, i.e. most developed like Germany and semi-periphery like Eastern Europe.

Germany selects the high-educated and qualified Syrian refugees and leaves ordinary workers for the semi-periphery like Hungary, while the qualified Hungarian and other Eastern European countries’ workers escape to Germany and other West European countries.

Britain refuses to accept workers from East Europe to the extent that this phenomenon is one of the factors for Brexit. In the end, the EU, Wahhabism, Turkey, the Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR) in “Israel” and on the top the United States regime are in one camp to destroy the Arab nations especially the Arab republics. The EU absorbs the refugees as slave labor, its’ developed countries are exploiting our qualified labor power, while its’ periphery exploits the rest, the unqualified. Arab regimes, especially those of the Gulf participate in all that destruction. But, in the final analysis, the burden, the inhuman circumstances thrown on the shoulders of the working class in and of core and peripheral countries, but still the workers of and from periphery are in the lower steps of the ladder.

What about the Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR)

In parallel to the current decline of the West in general, the ZAR intensifies its’ relationship with Russian Federation! There is no doubt that of the reasons behind the repeated visits of the ZAR prime minister Netanyahu to Russia is to pressure Russia to minimize arming Syria, to exaggerate the Iranian role in supporting Syria and Hezbollah and finally to guarantee Russia’s recognition of ZAR as a legitimate one.

But, in relation to the content of this article, ZAR has a long term and strategic goal behind it’s insistence on good relationship with Russia.

It is well known that the ZAR metropolis is the world capitalist system, it (ZAR) was manufactured by West Europe, but following World War II, and the decline of Western Europe, ZAR expanded and deepened its’ relationship with the rising power of the US which was even before that war a ZAR supporter well. After 1967 ZAR aggression especially against Egypt and Syria, the US was encouraged to support that regime and armed it to the teeth.

The US dilemma is ringing the bell for the clever Zionist strategists and rulers who looks at Russia as a new rising power aiming to guarantee its’ support in a future which might witness the turn of the world power from the West to Asia

What encourages the ZAR rulers is that Russia maintains the USSR recognition of ZAR. It is well known that the capitalist Russia will maintain the same relationship with ZAR. It might not exchange its’ relationship, i.e. interests with All Arabs for the sake of its’ relationship with ZAR, but at the same time, Russia will maintain relation with both sides.

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y Pepe Escobar (cross-posted with the Asia Times by special agreement with the author)



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