Brief reading of EU Foreign Relations Counsel’s Report on Syria (2017)[1], by Adel Samara 

Preliminary Note: I choose to limit my response to this report according to date of publication in 2017 regardless of many developments which followed that date  especially the weakened role of this enemy, the EU, in world politics and especially in the Syrian crisis.

It is obvious from the report that the EU as a political/economic block did not give up its’ colonial capitalist ambitions, but the deterioration of Arab situation encouraged this old wild block to renew its’ bloody history.

EU cultural discourse is an orientalist one, which determines for others who they are, what they must do and how to think. But the most dangerous motive behind EU attitude is its’ support to the Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR) as if it is a normal entity in the Arab Palestinian homeland!

So, what we might expect from a colonial racist power other than supporting their watch-dog in and against Arab Homeland?

But, again, this EU polemic position is fed by the weakness of Arab ruling regimes, especially since there is no threat to this colonial power in Arab Homeland and that ZAR is the real agent and guard for EU.

In this report, the EU allows itself to ask Syria to change its’ historical name Syrian Arab Republic to Syrian Republic. This colonial interference in an internal Syrian issue and has nothing to do with other ethnicities in Syria. It is a:

A malicious position aiming to de-link Palestine from its’ mother Syria, and de-link Syria from its Arab depth and to leave Syria alone in its’ war for liberation of its occupied land by Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR) and Turkey, and finally to de-link the relationship between each Arab country and another so as to obstruct any cooperation of any sort between them in terms of land liberation, development and unity. All those facts explain that the report is not neutral, but totally aligned for the sake of the settler ZAR.

Despite all the facts which confirm that what happened against Syria by counter-revolution (CR) was a plan and conspiracy designed deliberately since 2005 and 2007 the US ex-general Wesley Clark declaration, the report pretend that what took place in Syria was a popular uprising! This is without going back to the position of the West against Syria since its independence.

Regarding the pretence that what happened in Syria was popular Intifada, it is important to ask: What is popular Intifada? Suppose that there were Intifada in the city of Dera’a, does that mean that it is all the Syrian people? Taking into consideration that in its’ mere beginning in Dera’a there was a concealed armed terrorists waiting the Syrian Arab army in which 60 soldiers were shot dead[2] . This makes it clear the EU report intend to generalize its’ creation of political lies. The Intifada of yellow vests in France was never called Intifada by EU despite of the fact that it is on the streets for several five months.

Concerning the Syrian Kurds where the report totally supports them, most of them are not Syrians originally. The majority of them fled from the Turkish massacre and unfortunately after they were used by the Turks in the massacre against more than million Armenians. They, like the Armenians, fled to Syria. Because most of them are refugees, they are not entitled to claim separation. They have the right to be ordinary citizens.

Suppose that every national community in the United States decide to demand separation, how many states will be there? Any ways, the states of the US south are demanding separation because the land and population belong to Mexico.

The most obvious irony is that the EU, which is part of the plan to destroy Syria, is “crying” against Syrian and other refugees to Europe, the same are EU racist policies against Arab and Moslem communities in Europe. Can anyone imagine how the EU will behave if several million Arabs in France demand a special entity/autonomy?

Syrian Kurds are scattered all over Syria, and they do not constitute the majority of the population even in areas of their concentration, i.e. the Arabs are more even without other ethnicities and religions [3].

The irony is that in the areas which the Kurds control they are supported by US imperialism army and to a lesser extent by the French enemy; they suppress Arab population and ban them to teach their own language.

Accordingly, their hidden agenda of separation from Syria, which became obvious following their policies on the ground, means that they are looking and practicing ethnic cleansing in most of Syria which means the destruction of the country, typical to the plan of the French fascist General Guru in 1920s.

It is interesting to know that not only US, EU are pushing for the disintegrating of Syria but many intellectuals who are supposed to be leftists like Galtung[4] who as a figure in development, i.e. to be for the sake of big or large countries, not little poor entities. This form of leftists is in fact organic intellectuals for imperialism whom I call them, “Intellectuals of Sixth Brigade”.

As long as the majority of the Syrians are against separation, the Kurds are taking the country to an internal/civil war in which they play the role of an agent for the imperialist enemy. The irony is that the so-called Forces of Democratic Syria and the PKK pretend that they are Marxist groups but at the same time they are in alliance with imperialism. What is more of a  caricature is that the “Marxist” Trotskyites fall into support for Kurdish groups on the one hand, and cheated many leftist figures from many corners of the world.[5]

That is why the US supports and protects them, and because of this support on the one hand, and their open betrayal, on the other, they did not change or retreat from there destructive role.

When dealing with the East, the secular EU concentrates on religion which is a retarded way of dealing with social economic and national crisis. This way of discussion reflects a colonial goal towards the region.

In addition to what I refer to in the above lines, there are many other strange and polemic areas of the report.

“… The destruction of Aleppo’s eastern, opposition-controlled half at the end of 2013 and early 2014 are believed to be mainly a consequence of the regime’s fear that the nascent administration developing in this part of the city could emerge as an alternative”.

This argument is polemic. In any civil war, there is destruction which takes place, sometimes by accident and sometimes deliberately. In the Syrian case, the regime is defending its’ country against globalized war. On the other side, the report did not mention the brutality of hundreds of thousands of terrorists and the destruction of historical sites and even graves. The report was written before US total destruction of Al-Riqqa city. 

“…Another feature of administration in opposition areas is that it has to a large extent been driven by donors. This is indeed the area where most non-UN international aid has gone, and also where money from the Gulf has poured into armed groups – though Gulf money has also contributed significantly to humanitarian aid”

 Here is an obvious hypocrisy where the EU proudly praises “Arab Gulf’s democracy” which finances terror[6] . Who, other than the EU, can rudely praise dependent regimes which never allow their citizens to build political parties, have elections, free journalism, free speech…etc? This without mentioning that the Gulf rich ruling strata were raping Syrian poor refugee girls by paying money to their hungry families, and without mentioning the crime of Jihad Al-Nikah by the terrorists.

“… Opposition areas are, however, where Syria’s nascent civil society has emerged, where for the first time in more than five decades Syrians have been able to participate in the election of their leaders, even though this is only at the local level and in very imperfect conditions”.

Is it logical to expect the creation of a civil society that fast by a traitor Kurds groups? But the report itself noted that Arabs under Kurds rule are oppressed! What form of civil society is this?

“… In the end, the Syrian state is a result of 50 years of nation building by the Ba’ath Party. Decades of a centrally planned economy, the development of national institutions, a single school curriculum, and pervasive regime propaganda have left their mark on Syrian society”.

Every regime must be motivated to deepening its own culture and ideology using many means including those that are pervasive. It is well known that Eurocentrism is on the lead of that in its culture, academia, politics and psychology.

“…The wars against Israel, and the years of economic and political isolation and sanctions, have also contributed to national unity. Syrians remain proud of their history, of their country’s central role in the Arab world, and of its role as a standard bearer of Arabism. This must also be set against the fear of the unknown. Even after all of the destruction of the last five years, the example of the violent disintegration of Iraq frightens everyone.”

The western capitalist bias, hypocrisy and lies become evident when the report is based on the pretence that the ZAR is a normal and peaceful state and is defending itself against Syrian attack! It is the EU that knows, before anyone else, that knows that the ZAR is its’ creation occupied Palestine and evicted Palestinians to settle Jewish settlers in their Homeland- Palestine.

While I am writing this essay, the EU is supporting ZAR war against Gaza Strip, accordingly, it is expected that the EU will support the terrorists war against Syria.[7]

As for wars of destruction, whether in Syria or else in the world, it is the West including the EU that provides the terrorist with huge amounts of all sorts of sophisticated weapons. Eastern Europe was the open market for the Gulf regimes to buy weapons, and most of those Eastern European regimes are members in EU and NATO.

It is impossible to conceal the fact that the EU is contributing in the destruction of Syria for ZAR, but the EU rudeness not separated from the support of Zionist Arabs.

“… Because of the size of the Kurdish community and their geographic concentration, and hence their perceived threat to national unity, Kurds have been particularly discriminated against. In the wake of the uprising, other minorities have brought forward claims for recognition, including Syrian democratic forces conducting ethnic cleansing against Arabs, Christians Assyrian, Turkmens, Circassians, and Armenians.”

Again, according to Orhai electronic bulletin published by the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, there are no district in Syria that the Kurds are a majority, a fact that challenges their claim for separation. To reach the situation of becoming a majority, even the EU report itself noted, that the Kurds leadership is conducting ethnic cleansing against Arabs, Assyrian Christians, Turkmens, Circassians, and Armenians in the areas which they control supported and protected by US, EU enemies. One of the questions is: What form of democracy and civil society are in parallel with ethnic cleansing?

One of the report irresponsible points is that in Syria, there is discrimination against Kurds, while the truth is that there was class repression in the Syrian state especially when the regime moved towards the system of social market. This repression was never national, ethnic, religious or sectarian as in the west, including the EU, as they pretend. There is no ideal regime in any place in the world, but internal mistakes or policies do not justify to launch wars against any other regime, where the results are so obvious in the cases of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and for sure Syria.

One of the most dangerous diktats of the West, including EU, is in their attempt to impose a new Syrian constitution especially their insistence to strengthen the Forces of Politicized Religion/Moslem Brothers who were, and still are, the core of terror in Syria. It is ironic that recently, April 2019, the US itself added the Moslem Brothers to its list of terrorist groups!

“…For European states and institutions, particularly those most active in international diplomacy on Syria – the seven European members of the International Syria Support Group: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK, and the EU – a recognition of the irreversibility of decentralization should have important implications for their approach to conflict resolution.”

The so-called “Friends of Syria” were 60 regimes in 2011 and they are now around six only. In fact, those regimes are friends of the terrorists and part of the war against Syria. This form of “friends” needs only to show that ZAR is in the core of this friendship.



[2] See, Sharmine Narwani: Syria: The hidden massacre. You can follow her on Twitter at @snarwani. Published 7 May, 2014.

[3] A lot of statistics on the issue in ORHAY.NET .

[4] White Colonialist Galtung is Still “Teaching” Us! Enough, From Oslo-Stan [1] to Oslo-Man, Adel Samara. Arab Cultural Forum-Ramallah, Occupied Palestine.

[5]  See, Solidarity with Syria April 29, 2013 § 1 Comment

The following is a comment on the above mentioned so-called friends of Syria,

On Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 8:46 PM, Ken Stone <> wrote:

Yup, these “leftist” intellectuals below are so smart that they are backing Obama, Cameron, Hollande, Harper, Erdogan, the King of Saudi Arabia, and the Emir of Qatar in their “humanitarian” intervention of inserting Al-Qaeda mercenaries into the sovereign territory of Syria.

 [6] The ex Qatari foreign minister declares in 2018 that the United States asks the regime of Qatar to support the terrorists, and that is why Qatar paid $137 billion for that plan. He continues to say, but we failed to hunt Syria.

[7] Statement by High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini on the continuing Gaza escalation. Bruxelles, 05/05/2019 – 17:11, UNIQUE ID: 190505_2

Statements by the HR/VP

Indiscriminate rocket attacks from Palestinian militants in Gaza must stop immediately: the European Union reiterates its fundamental commitment to the security of Israel. We express our condolences to the family of all the victims and to the Israeli people, and wish a speedy recovery to the wounded.

This cartoon is the best explanation of EUs’ hepocrcay.

Indiscriminate rocket attacks from Palestinian militants in Gaza must stop immediately: the European Union reiterates its fundamental commitment to the security of Israel. We express our condolences to the family of all the victims and to the Israeli people, and wish a speedy recovery to the wounded.

This cartoon is the best to show EUs’ hepocracy–wUxgkb8JDAat


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