Politicized Religion: Old and Global, by Adel Samara, Occupied Palestine

 Key words: Political Islam (PI), Politicized Religion (PR), Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR), Counter-Revolution (CR)

One of the biggest delusions, largely circulated and recently used terms, is Political Islam (PI) as a term targeting one religion by itself in an era of global cultural collapse into a very dangerous decay manifested in an increasingly politicizing of religion on a world scale.

It is astonishing and paradoxical that, while humanity is developing in technology, science, dissemination of information…etc, it is sinking into wars racism, discrimination, hunger…etc. Politicized Religion (PR) is one of the most dangerous pathologies of the world of today. To attribute PR to Islam only is really a deliberate targeting of Islam. The irony here is that those who are targeting Islam are regimes, intellectuals, academics and intelligence services who themselves believe and practice the same dangerous and dirty crime. It seems right that it is in today’s world, more capitalist domination is truly at the cost of retreat of real collective consciousness, retreat of philosophy and flourishing of PR regimes, currents, and organizations…etc.

The large campaign of bourgeois media machine against forces of PI is very dangerous and intentionally hides and camouflages the real motives and powers behind these criminal forces which are the ruling capitalist regimes in the West, and even before, those in the East because western capitalism is the main supporter of regimes of PR, first in “Israel”, the Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR), and later regimes of PR in the Arab Gulf countries. This collusion confirms and uncovers the deep and strong, relationship between capitalism and PR.

It is, in fact, an obvious hypocrisy to have the same Saudi Islamic regime launches a “holy” war against Moslems, and at the same time leading a dialogue between religions! It is good news that Austrian regime decided recently to close a Saudi center for religious dialogue in its capital.

The phenomenon of PR has been expanded, motivated and cultivated by political/economic interest, but covered by religious and cultural discourse, at least since feudalism, which means that PR is manufactured by politicians. Feudal Europe launched a “Holy” war against Arab Homeland under the cover of protecting Christ’s’ tomb! Does it deserve that! And who knows if it is there.  While the reason behind that was European rulers’ strife to get rid of surplus princes who looks for fiefs for themselves, and the kings who were trying to get rid of surplus population. Later, this surplus was expelled to the Americas and priest Malthus suggested to carry on wars and disease to decrease population growth. However, the current western regimes more and more believe in decreasing the population of countries of the periphery especially the Arab people. The criminal former US Secretary of State and Judaist Henry Kissinger bluntly repeated that.

The current deep relationship between western regimes, especially those of the United States, and the Arab rulers of the regimes of PR and the top leaders of terrorist Islamic PR organizations fit into our analysis: that the mere existence of Arab people is targeted. The terrorist leadership of Arab PR organizations and parties is, in fact, has a local chin directed towards the simple and naive terrorists they lead, and a hat oriented towards their western/Zionist masters.

Political Islam (PI) originally is not Islamic

The point of departure of this article is that all religions are negating each other. That is why, this is not a historical research on the original and development of PR, but discussing some observations on the most effective and modern ideas and role for this dirty and criminal phenomenon. The most dangerous and effective role of PR took place during the current era of globalism; a fact that confirms the deep alliance between capitalism, especially in time of crisis, and terror. In modern era, i.e. globalism, the counter-revolution (CR) camp invests in contradictions of religions, deepens their subjugation to capitalism and creates al-Qaida against the progressive regime in Afghanistan, labeled PR as if it is only Islamic phenomenon. The creation of al-Qaida opened the new and most dangerous era of bloody sectarian wars in history.

Despite the fact, that Arab regimes of PR are directly indulged in this historical crime, the other components of CR play double face towards this phenomenon: On the one hand, the western rulers of CR pretend that they are fighting Islamic terrorists i.e. forces of PR, and on the other, the same CR support Arab regimes which recruit, educate and finance the forces of PR!

This led us to inquire if the phenomenon is only Islamic or global?

It is really global.

While school textbooks and churches references praise Martin Luther as reformist, others can consider him as an enemy of humanity, and an early servant for exploitation and racism.

During the crystallization of Merchant capitalism, Martin Luther (1483-1546) emerges and shows high political theological interest on Jews during the conflict between Catholicism and Protestantism. From here, we might be able to follow the relationship between Anglicanism and Judaism which was crystallized later in granting the Jews Balfour declaration in 1917 which supported, financed and armed until today the Jewish occupation of Palestine.

What encouraged Britain to support of Jews that, following the victory of Mercantilist Protestant Britain by the end of the 16th century, 1688 over the Catholicism of Spain and Portugal, were the Jews who migrated to Britain and established the first bank in history in Holland [1].

Luther might be considered as the godfather of Hegel and Hegelian left who ended as Eurocentric and politicized religion.  Hegel squeezes history within the borders of European modernization or in the history of Europe. He starts from Europe and ends in it.

Hegel and Max Weber are the first who used the term the Judeo-Christian heritage to make a unification base of modern mind and soul, but excluding Islam. This is an early foundation for neo-conservatism.

In the name of Christianity, the white settlers in South Africa and the United States pretended that those countries are a promised land[2], granted to them by God, and according to God’s promise they slaughtered the “barbaric” native peoples. The westernization and capitalization of Christianity breeds the worst and most dangerous politicized religious sect Judeo-Christianity and at the political level the neo-conservatives.[3]   This Judeo-Christianity is the incubator of Zionist Ashkenazi Regime[4] which claims that God donated Palestine to the Jews as if he is a land lord. Today, the Jewish settlers are burning Palestinian wheat fields in occupied West Bank[5].

Jewish/Zionist “Marxism” is Different and Even Strange!

While Zionist ideology, (see later) fabricates and pairs secularism with religion, Jewish “Marxists” fabricate Marxism in the service of Judaism.

Ber Borochov (1881-1917) argued in 1937[6], “that each nation stow a social system in a pyramid form: a large base of peasants and proletariat on the ground and factions of medical doctors, lawyers, intellectuals and clerks in the top. But Judaism is unique in that that its triangle is deformed (theory of upside down triangle) where a narrow base of peasants and proletariat support a large top of professionals. Borochov argued that Judaism will never be socialist unless it is proletarian (from proletariat). The peculiar description of Jewish working class is: its small size, its participation is in commerce and distribution, and not in productive industry. This peculiarity has resulted from the peculiar historical role of Judaism as a nation with no country, homeland”[7].

Borochov argued from a Zionist “proletariat” perspective. It is really an intrusion to the proletariat to submerge it with Zionism. It is a very strange repellent. Proletariat from Marxist perspective is a revolutionary socialist class. There is nothing in common between this class and settler colonial movement, Zionism. Settler colonialism is a terror in itself. When it is oriented by the capitalist West towards the Orient, it became a terrorist project”.

It is really a meaningless and criminal way of thinking by Borochov who recognizes that Judaism as a nation with no country, homeland to justify Jewish occupation of others’ Homeland! In fact, without a homeland, there is no nation on the one hand, and religion, as part of culture, which is not a main factor for building a nation. Despite all of that, the Zionist, Jewish “Marxist Borochov is asking the world to accept all the fragile and deformed case of Jews to accept his demand to the world to let the Jews by the name of religion to evict another people from their Homeland, just to let the upside down Jewish triangle to became normal one, and to enable the Jews to breed proletariat in the land of others. He justifies all those crimes and deviations just to facilitate the transformation of Jews to be normal people! Here we might grasp the most terrorist way of thinking which is a strong base for PR. Borochov did not tell us: What will happen to humanity if Jews will not be socialists?

“Israel” the most PR State in Modern Age

The western media, politics and academia pretend that Iran is a PR state, ignoring the fact that the ZAR, Israel, is the first PR even before its injection in Palestine and the eviction of Palestinian people out of their Homeland.

The West’s irony is in its’ compromise with ZAR who declare openly that its state is the state of Jews, while Iran never calls itself as the state of one religion or one race, but calls itself as the Islamic republic of Iran.

In fact, Zionism was able to fabricate pairing the myth and history despite of fact that both are negating each other. In that fabrication and pairing, Zionism pretends that the current ZAR, which was gathered from more than hundred nations from all over the globe, is a direct extension of the old Hebrew kingdom and that the white Jews are decedents of the old Jews from 3000 years ago! But, a lot of new historical and archeological research shows that there as never a Jewish kingdom in Palestine, but in Yemen and Hejaz.

But far from engaging in the relationship between the new Jews, the international Jews, the biggest Zionist lie is that it is started and pretend to be a secular ideology, as were its main founder Herzl and political leader Ben-Gurion claim, while ZAR declares itself as a state, exceptional and exclusive for Jews.

ZAR does not hesitate in confirming the compromise between Zionist secularism and religion. It is not only in the name of the state as “The State of Jews”, but in practical matters since its early years.

“Ben-Gurion … when workers went on strike in Rotenberg’s Electricity Company in Haifa, effectively eliminating the risk of contending ideologies (the autonomy of religious education, though, was left intact”[8].

While experience shows that there is no real difference between left and right politics in ZAR, especially from the stand point that it is a capitalist settler colonial and racist regime, one might grasp two interesting points:

       In a settler colonial regime, there is no chance for real left;

       Most of the entity is moving more and more towards fascism.

One of the recent examples on the internal contradictions of ZAR is the speech of an academic, liberal and former minister in its regime Amnon Rubinstein, who comments on 2019 Knesset 21 elections that:

“… The Israeli society is continuously turning too far from secular Zionism to religious Judaism”, but because Rubinstein is tight to racism he attributes the failure of the “left” to the pretend that Palestinians contribute in the “lefts” failure” [9] while, in fact, Arabs shouldn’t participate in their enemy’s fake democracy. They shouldn’t vote for a fake left, they shouldn’t participate in voting for a parliament of the settler colonial regime which occupied their Homeland.

 ISIS/ZAR Hidden Alliance is not Strange

There are a lot of similarities between ZAR state and ISIS terrorist state. Both are based and stems from PR and are supported by CR. They both target especially the same nation, the Arab nation. Those two forms of state are also similar in terms of being motivated by special understanding of religion. Their human ammunition must be from one religion, one from Jews and the other from Moslems. Despite of the fact that they must be in antagonistic contradiction in terms of:

The contradictions between religions;

The ZAR occupation of Arab land;

The ZAR occupation of Moslem land.

But they are in true reconciliation.

Politicized Religion as a Global Phenomenon

All abrahamic religions are incubators for politics, but not all believers are political activists or politically oriented by religion. The same is also true for a many non- abrahamic religions. My point is while PR became a large and known phenomenon, it is there in most of societies long before globalism, an issues which out of the range of this article.

The most current, large, criminal and dangerous PR is the neo-conservatism in the United State of America, because it is very ideological and it is in power in a strong military and criminal colonial country in several years of the last decades, i.e. the era of globalism in general and the era where neo-liberalism is the practical economic/social policy in this aggressive country taking into consideration that the US economy is gradually deteriorating especially since 2007, which means that intensive economic crisis led the US conservatives to more PR orientation and chauvinism.

This ideological current provokes a very reactionary and dangerous integration between western Christianity and Judaism on the one hand, and uses this ideology against all humanity but with a special target which is Arab nation in a clear service of ZAR on the one hand, and to continue deepening its control of oil for the sake of US economy and the control of global economies to subjugate them and keep the dollar as the world currency.

Here is the subjugation and occupation of religion to capitalism especially in the era of monopoly capital which is too much money in the hands of very few people.

This alliance of Judeo-Christian made a very dangerous intrusion inside Arab nation through terminating and using many Arab rulers as the tool for this purpose, to the extent that millions of young Moslems became terrorists against Arab Moslem societies!

What confirms that this Judeo-Christian alliance is a PR, is that they are against the third abrahamic religion!, an orientation which was stressed early by Hegel, the most racist idealist nationalist philosopher and Weber the manufacturer of Protestant Ethic and the believer in capitalism and bureaucracy in terms of the state’s “right” to monopolize power. If we take into consideration that Hegel himself was racist, we will conclude that he was motivated by racist ideology more than by religion which leads him in an obvious manner to be a theorist for capitalist bourgeois states’ interests of his race/nation and its regime.

The question here is: Who leads the other, is it religion or even a sect of a religion or capitalism? If it is religion, then Judeo-Christian alliance shouldn’t hate Islam. One might argue that the real enemy is Eurocentricism, which is to a large extent right. But, this must be explained, i.e. that Germany which is Protestant is an enemy and ally, at the same time, to the ZAR, but against Islam absolutely. The same goes for Catholic France towards Islam. Germany still pretends after Nazism its guilt for Nazist crime against Jews, and France is on the top of ZAR supporters, which means that both countries are conducting crimes against Palestinian people and both are contributors to global terror against Syria that is led by US enemy under neo-conservatism. The same is for the UK, the mother of Evangelism on the one hand, and the direct breeder of both white capitalist colonial countries of the US and ZAR. But, US, Germany, Britain, France and to a certain extent all the west maintain good relations with the very Moslem reactionary, non-democratic, brutal Arab Oil regimes! Is there any reason for that other than capitalist interests of the west?

Then, what is the integrator of all those countries to be an enemy against Islam on the surface, but targeting Arab nation practically? For sure there is Euro centricity behind that, but its motivator is capital interest.

Does that explain why Arab “very” Moslem rulers are agents for those enemies of Arab nation and even Islam? I means of that material interests, i.e. power and capital.

In fact, it is power, capital and hypocrisy especially from the west, i.e. the “paradise” of democracy and civil society inside their countries and the enemies of all humanity outside. This is really the behavior of savage society.

But, why Arab rulers are in alliance with the enemies of their nations and religion? It is first of all because those rulers are against their own people and the west is protecting them from their own people.

The PR in the US motivates other racist/chauvinistic currents first in Europe, such as Britain and Italy in the west, and in Hungary in the east.

But PR is taking the whole world to the worst. The new president in Brazil who represents the racism of the descendants of European colonialists proudly declares a racist war against the original people of his country on the one hand, and the left on the other. His first good relations started with the most advanced regimes of PR: the US regime under Trump and ZAR.

The same is in countries in Asia, especially in India which is always described by western media and academia as the largest democratic country!

In an interview, Arundhati Roy made it clear that behind PR there is the real content of capitalism and racism:

“… referring to Narendra Modi, the then-chief minister of Gujarat who had been implicated in the 2002 anti-Muslim riots in the state that killed at least 1,000 people…Following India’s latest elections, which Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won with a landslide on a brazen message of Hindu supremacy, he is set for a second term as prime minister—and is more powerful than ever… promising both the glorious resurrection of Hindustan and neoliberal reforms… but if a novel can have an enemy, then the enemy of this novel is the idea of ‘one nation, one religion, one language,’” which is the slogan of Modi’s Hindutva ideology…The funniest part of the Hindu Nationalists’ “one language, one religion, one nation” doctrine— known here as “Hindi, Hindu, Hindustan”—is that all those three words are actually Persian words”[10]

The three words are the same as in the ZAR, Hebrew land, Hebrew work and Hebrew state.

Roy also said:

“…first, that the 2019 election marked the official death of secularism in India”

The current global PR war launched by CR against Arab republics of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Algeria is against secularism in Arab Homeland.

While PR became a global phenomenon, PR in Arab countries is different from most of the world. In most of the world, PR organizations and regimes are in the service of nationalism; its loyalty is for the country’s nationalism and national aspirations are the motives of that PR, regardless if it is patriotic or chauvinism. In fact, PR currents in most of the world is not oriented or used against its own nations’ interests, integrity or development. Many of PR activities are used in most of the world as religious rituals and traditions, but these activities are used and devoted for other countries in an aggressive manner. The reason might be that religious organizations are been part of the builders of those capitalist formations.

In Arab countries PR movements and regimes are against Arab nation on the one hand, and fighting Arab secular state and targeting all Arab secular regimes on the other. They are launching a religious war even against and between Moslem sects, a policy which will finally push Arab Homeland back to stone ages.

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