The Other Face of Rashida’s Village … Resistance, by Dr. Adel Samara, Occupied Palestine

Accumulate, accumulate! That is Moses and the prophets!

Karl Marx, Das Kapital, 1867

With relative fear even without greeting, she asked: Where is the home of Rashida Tlaib?

I realized that she is a Zionist journalist. She is about 50 years old driving a small car.

I smiled and said: Go down back 300 hundred meters beside the occupation army spot.

Later, I saw a report in Netanyahu’s Israel Hayom on Rashida’s village.

The content of the report highly represents: How Jewish Zionist looks at Arab Palestinians, i.e. from a colonial, orientalist and hatred point view.

In Rashid’s case, the Zionist journalist designs, from orientalist point view, another picture of the village aiming at showing that Palestinians under settler colonial occupation are living, as if they are in Paris! (Read the report). But, in most of Zionist and even western news, stories, reports about Palestinians, there must be a picture of a peasant riding donkey.

But, there is more about the village and villagers my “dear enemy”.

Most of the 1,000 inhabitants in the village live from their work in the West Bank, and nearly the same number in North and South America where they immigrated 150 years ago, and the same number as well in Jordan and other Arab countries, while few are working inside
occupied Palestine 1948.

What the poor journalist refuses to inquire about is the deep history of resistance of the village taking into consideration that resistance is the real history of Palestine.  We certainly never expected objectivity from a Zionist.

In 1916, Jamil Abdullhamid Samara was hung in Khan Younis – Gaza by the Ottoman colonial leader Djemal Pasha.  Many peasants fought British colonialism. Two of them Yousef Abu Ali Tlaib and Ahmad Al-Aa’war were shot dead inside the village by British colonial army as
fighters in 1936 revolution when the colonial Britain was building the settler colonial state in Palestine including the little village.
During the Jordanian rule, many villagers were opposed to the regime, Arab Nationalist Movement, Abtal Al-Awdah Guerillas fighters, communists, and Farid Samara an officer in the
Jordanian Army was arrested because he was organized with a group of Nasserites who were planning ac coup de tat.

During the Palestinian 1987 Intifada, the villagers, women, men, kids, were closing the
Zionist army road every day.

Since the occupation of the West Bank in 1967, tens of the youths have been arrested and some wounded while resisting the Zionist Ashkenazi Settler Colonial regime (ZAR) as members of PFLP, DFLP, Fatah and Hamas. Two homes were demolished. Some people jailed by Arafat and Abbas as opposition to Oslo Accords and normalization with the ZAR. .

Most of the land of the village falls in area (c), we can’t farm it.

The Israeli occupation siege of the village by military orders limits the allowed part of it for building. This beautiful village will be very crowded if its inhabitants do not travel to Jordan or other places.

ZAR built a settlement on the village’s land called “Beit Huron”. Its homes are few meters from ours.

What attracts the mind of Zionist journalist is money! In fact, of course, it is the heritage of Accumulate, accumulate! That is Moses and the prophets! ”, while Jesus said:  Pray for one God, it is either God or money.

But, the village is more than a BMW or a Mercedes. It is the village of educated women and men who are workers, peasants, teachers, professors, engineers, lawyers…etc.

Finally, let me tell Netanyahu’s newspaper:

In the first year of 1987- Intifada, when ZAR was considering negotiations with PLO leadership, the military ruler, i.e. the enemy, called many intellectuals, activists, professionals…etc. I myself
was one of them. After several discussions in politics, economics, gender, sociology, nationalism, communism…etc let me tell you what one of the Israeli officers said:

 Look Dr. Samara, more than fifty percent of Palestinians are originally Jews.

I said, ha ha ha, you can’t bear that an Arab Palestinian is intellectual, if he is, and then he is a Jew! But remember that I will never participate in any negotiations.

 Note: in 1972, a group of Zionist parliament members visited Nablus prison led by Shloomo Helliel (Iraqi Arab Jewish settler). He said: look, the prison is much better that the time of Jordan rule.

I said how?

He responded: look at the sink on the wall.

There was a little sink of about 50 cm length and width.

I said: But it is from the time of Jordan, I have been previously jailed here.

He said: Are you all the time in jail? (In Hebrew: Ata kol zman bbeit shohar)

I said “yes”

They left.

The first picture is the last remnants of my home that was demolished on 17 December 1967. The Military Zionist governor of Ramallah Ner decided to bulldozer it and threw it far from the village so tourists will not be to see it because the home was on the side of the road which connected Jerusalem and Lod Air port (After the occupation of Palestine in 1948, the occupation calls it Ben-Gurion Airport).

The second picture of my brother’s home demolished 19 March 1969.

The third is part of my study room.


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