A Globalized Islamic Terrorist Settler Colonialism, by Adel Samara, Occupied Palestine

Even in the phenomenon of settler colonization the Politicized Religion Islamic Forces (PRIF) comes too late behind other forms of settler colonization, both western Christian politicized Religions in many continents and for sure after Jewish settler colonialism in Palestine. The reason might be due to the western colonization of Arab and other nations whose religion is Islam where their development has been blocked.

The Crusade invasion of Arab Masher has been camouflaged by rescuing the tomb of Jesus Christ, while the real goal was to occupy new land to provide surplus for European princes who failed to gain or inherit and rule under feudal system, which led them to recruit many criminals (fighters) who were ready to be mobilized for invasion and mainly deceived by politicized religion.

Following the discovery of the Americas, the Spanish and Portuguese regimes were the most powerful countries at that time, who settled South America and their armies practiced the most brutal massacres in history until that time.

White colonial settlers who invaded the Americas built states under the name of religion a process which provided a chance for emptying Europe of the surplus human force who were mainly criminal and adventurers.

Those settlers were human surplus because they did not find chance to work in Western Europe despite the fact that the transformation of this part of Europe from feudalism to capitalism did not need them in the new manufacturing sector as a new route for employment on the one hand, and the transformation did not harm agricultural sector on the other.

This transformation strengthened the kingdoms at the cost of feudal princes and it laid the foundation for nation states.

The Spanish and Portuguese European settlers brought with them their families for the development which ended by making many of South American countries composed of white settlers and native societies, while in North America the white settlers slaughtered tens of millions of the natives, and gather the tiny remnants of the native societies in some form of concentration camps. The settlers established their own political states under a religious cover especially through an adoption of the myth of Chosen People as a tool to justify the extermination of the natives in those countries. This, in addition to the colonization of South Africa, Australia and New Zeeland where the white settlers carried and used the same white racist culture and politicized religion to exterminate the original peoples in those countries. In all those places, where the whites settled established capitalist regimes, they ruled by force and covered these policies by religion.

In parallel, with western European settlers’ invasion to Americas especially during the era of commercial capitalism, Martin Luther (1483-1546) might be the first reformist who, theologically and politically, was interested in Jews. Later, the Dutch and British protected their trade to India (East India Companies) and reached the need for a settler state in Arab countries which might be a Jewish one.  This was more than two centuries before Theodor Herzl called for colonization of Palestine and creating a settler Zionist state there. Luther, the British, Dutch, Napoleon, Palmerstone and Herzl in their call for colonization of Palestine were motivated and encouraged by the need for a force to protect west European economic interests and not motivated by religion. Following their victory on the imperialist WWI the west European capitalist colonial regimes, especially the British and French who colonized most of Arab Homeland, decided to:

       Divide Arab Homeland into several tiny regimes according to Sykes-Picot Agreement

       And to create a state for Jewish settlers by colonizing Palestine to be supported, armed and assisted by volunteers from all western countries. The Jewish settlers occupied 78 percent of Palestine in 1948 and evicted nearly a million of it’s’ population and build the first state camouflaged by Politicized Religion (PR) in recent history.

Islamic Settler Colonization

It wasn’t in the mind of any that the so-called “Arab Spring” will breed a dangerous phenomenon, beside the destruction of Arab republics and their armies, which is an Islamic global settler colonialism led by regimes and Politicized Religion Islamic Forces (PRIF) loaded by ideology of those forces. While this phenomenon is recruited globally, its goal was concentrated around the bloody extermination of people and destruction of the structures of Arab countries despite the fact that their population is mostly Moslems!

 While the invaders are Moslems they are also global in two terms:

       They are led by western colonial imperialist center as the incubator of global terror, its’ last version is terrorist orientalism

       They are recruited from all over the world.

In this Crescent war (a term I use as opposed to Crusades war) around 200 hundred thousand terrorist has been thrown into Syria through Turkey, Lebanon Iraq, Jordan and Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR).

It noteworthy that many of these terrorists brought their families with them who came with the intention to go and occupy Syria, defeat the regime and create their Islamic State.

The issue here is not if their analysis and expectations were right or not, but the plan to destroy Syria and settle there, the issue is the goal more than the ability of the invaders.

For the last five years the news have reporting that these invaders came from many countries around the globe, but especially from Chechnya and Arab countries like Tunisia and brought their families to an area in the south of Syria. This development reminded me of the Zionist settler colonialism in Palestine. The following are some of the similarities between these settlers and the Zionists are:

       They came to settle by force;

       They do share the language or culture with Syrians, except for the religion which is only part of culture;

       They were gathered from more than hundred nationalities;

       They are in the service of a project against Syria and more against Arab Homeland.

       Their goal is designed and censored by imperialist center and its Turkish and Arab dependent regimes.

Through the continued war against and within Syria, it became obvious that in the occupied areas of Syria there were communities of civilian settler’s families. It became an ordinary that when the Syrian Arab army liberated any of the Syrian areas, there were special treatment and agreements to evacuate those women and children to a safe area in northern Syria, Idlib.

The recent evacuation of terrorists families is what currently carried by the US, British and French  occupation forces in the north of Syria are evacuating with them families of the terrorists who were captured by the separatist Syrian Kurds who were moving toward creating a settler colonial regime like and supported by  ZAR!

My argument here is that those Islamic terrorists who are collected globally has been taught that they are going to the place where victory is guaranteed and they will be the pioneers in building the castle of the empire of PR which means that they are gaining paradise in earth sooner and sky later. Again, this is not in difference from the ZAR which pretend that the settlers are executes the mission which God mandated them for, i.e. to occupy the “promised land”. Accordingly, they occupy Palestine as paradise on earth and because they did that, heaven’s paradise is guaranteed. In fact all those paradises are in the service of core capitalist ruling classes.

The main difference between ZAR and the settler Politicized Religion Islamic Forces (PRIF) is that the Syrian state did not collapse, and the core of all the war is that it is a war led by imperialism, financed by regimes of PR  targeting Arab countries one by one, Libya, Syria, Yemen and aiming to dominate the entire Arab Homeland.

 It is worth remembering that those settlers of PR are a reviving a Turkish settlers’ goal of occupying Arab Homeland.

The same Turkish enemy was donated Syrian district of Iskenderun area in 1939 by French colonialism, this French crime reminds us of the call of colonial invader Napoleon Bonaparte for the Jews to settle in Palestine in a declaration that stated that France will prepare the country for their comfort and what they must do is to come and inherit it – Palestine.

Nowadays, the ruling PR Islamic regime in Turkey is still dreaming of occupying Arab Homeland starting from north of Syria to the North of Iraq and more.

The Turkish pretend that it will settle Syrian refugees in the land which its army is invading now. This pretence shows to what extent this regime is ugly and brutal occupying the land of other nation and controlling its citizens!

In fact, the Turkish regime started preparing camps for refugees even before the PR terrorist war started against Syria in 2011. When the war started the same Turkish regime encouraged lots of Syrians to seek refuge in Turkey and since then had used them (refugees) as a demographic bomb against Europe. It is a shame that the racist regimes in Europe bribed Turkey with six billions US dollars to keep the Syrian refugees in Turkey.

The Turkish regime is now trying (October 2019) to build a buffer zone in Syria to protect itself from what it calls the “terrorists Kurds”. The irony is that Turkey is oppressing more than 20 million Kurds inside Turkey itself. Inside turkey, there will never be a buffer zone! By pushing Syrian refugees into Europe, using them as demographic bomb and/or buffer zone in north of Syria, the Turkish regime is treating those Syrians as slaves. The so-called United Nations is giving lip service towards that obvious crime.

The Syrian Kurds will never agree to be a buffer zone inside their country for the sake of another country which is already an enemy to Syria.

If Turkey succeeds in occupying this part in north Syria, it will bring extreme nationalist Turks there to colonize it and it will be Islamic settler colonialism in the land of another Moslem country!

This colonialism challenges the pretence of the nation of Islam! This question must be answered by various Islamic Politicized Religion currents:

       The Sunni regimes and forces of PR, i.e. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Moslem Brothers, Al-Tahrir party and the like.

       The Islamic Republic of Iran

       The TV channels and other means of media which are financed and directed by regimes of PR.


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