New Three Worlds … New Internationalism, Adel Samara

New Three Worlds

New Internationalism

“Your labour power for my accumulation and your health as well”

Adel Samara

It is a current working fact that the world is changing but this shouldn’t lead to an exaggeration that the world economic system, the capitalist, the market system will collapse soon.

Anyways, the term itself “world system” is vague and became meaningless as long as each country because of Corona close its doors in front of the rest of the world. Many describe that as national orientation while it is in essence a class one as long as most of the capitalist regimes justify the death of elderly because they consume and do not contribute to accumulation.

What is actually taking place is that the world is changing in the one hand, and the parts which will not change might face some form of chaos and nihilism.

The world is witnessing four wars at the same time:

  • Economic crisis
  • Imperialist military wars in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen…etc
  • Imperialist trade wars
  • Health war regardless whether it is natural or designed.

Despite the Corona pandemic, the Counter-Revolution (CR) is expanding its wars globally, i.e. in Syria, Yemen, and Palestine, China…etc. The front of CR now is composed of USA, the Zionist Ashkenazi Regime, Turkey, Arab rental comprador regimes and currents of Politicized Religion (PR). This front acts aggressively inside their countries and globally as well, as if there is no Corona Virus threats to humanity, a behaviour and policies that motivate us to think that Corona is human made mainly by US/ZAR.

The first features of the new world might be divided as:

  • The classic capitalist imperialist western world, but changing form its past and basis.
  • New second world but different form that during the cold war the socialist block.
  • New Third World but still not as the one of Bandung

During the last five decade, the non-aligned block evaporated and most of its ruling classes/regimes integrated into the world capitalist system through an alliance led by the Western capitalist classes/regimes and the ruling classes/regimes in the remnants of Bandung, i.e. the Third World. This alliance made the world as a Global Capitalist Public Sector (GCPS) for this alliance, which ruled itself by trickle-down economy. Later most of the former socialist block integrated into the same alliance.

During and following the disintegration of the socialist block, two, but not only, main features played an effective role in weakening this world capitalist alliance until it entered the current economic financial crisis:

  • Capital’s export to the periphery especially the working productive capital which increased the productive areas in periphery, but maintained both, their peripheral dependency and the world division of labour.
  • The capitalist core adaption of neo-liberal policy in parallel with capital inclination towards financial non-productive economic sectors.

Those two features are the premises of the current crisis of the capitalist core.

1-The Classical Globalized Capitalist Block

This block is internally changing through:

  • Its production failure to compete with China and other rising regimes that are also producing in a competitive manner.
  • Its concentration into speculation more than productive activities motivated by financial accumulation.
  • It’s breaking the rules of WTO of Liberalization of Trade by adapting more protective policies taking into consideration that free trade was not its real policy and it is only imposed on the dependent countries.
  • Uncover the myth of invisible hand where the regimes are interfering in economies either by injecting trillions of dollars, mainly to the big banks and corporations, the return to public sector and even the nationalization of some sensitive sectors.
  • More inclination towards fascist polices internally through more termination of working class’s rights, and externally through more aggression and wars which uncover that their democracy means you are nice as long as you do not touch the line of production which breeds more accumulation.

The economic/financial crisis of 2008 uncovered the weakness of the monopoly capital deep departure from real economic sectors, motivated by speculation and import sheep commodities from China.

Corona crisis came later to uncover that capital is looking for accumulation at the cost even of human health and Corona might be designed to oblige humanity to buy medication(s) produced by the same capital.

The core capitalist countries were and continue to concentrate for creating wars, producing weapons for wars, never thought of producing even simple needs for hospitals, but producing medicines for all ready prevail sickness which affect many people and create large demand. The pharmaceutical companies did not produce vaccine in advance for expected pandemic waiting for it to take place and then manufacture vaccine against it to sell and accumulate capital.

When Corona virus took place, the response of most of core capitalist countries was:

  • Either to jail people at homes as cattle waiting the government to feed them, most of the victims were the poor who are because of their fragile way of life feel that being out of home as if they are released from prison.
  • Or decide to leave the situation as it is so as to enable the virus to kill people who are not part of productive forces.

One of the direct results of both policies that their countries will be obliged to import more from China, a challenge which terminates the trade war against China whose economy is returning gradually to normal even at lower growth rate.

It is still not clear if those policies will lead to intensive decrease of population as a mechanism to minimize imports, consumption and the need for human labour in favour of using robots. Those are parts of the plan of what so-called world government of the few who control wealth and even planning to control the body of every human being.

If this is applied on the capitalist core population, how would be towards the rest of the world? At least what we realize in the Arab Homeland that the war of terror launched by regimes and forces of Politicized Religion (PR) that is designed and led by imperialism and ZAR, is the first campaign to annihilate our nation, it is a Terrorist Orientalism.[1]

The final goal of the world oligarchy, the world government, is to terminate any possibility of the working class response, the blockage of any possibility of international struggle and any chance for communist internationalism. It is a racist and class war.

This rule of the few over the controlled majority is a world designed to be without classes is similar to the imagined Marx’s Asiatic Mode of Production in his critique analysis of Asiatic formations. Every human being will be under the direct control of the rich racist elite.

The IMF is the financial tool to subjugate countries of the periphery and direct all regimes that need loans to apply policies designed by the core. The last IMF condition is that any country will ask for a loan must devote most of the money for intensifying quarantine and intensive medical treatment, i.e. to buy the vaccine which is produced by MNCs and might be conditioned to inject chips in human bodies.

Under the proposed Gates Foundation forced vaccination program – those who refuse vaccination, may, for example, not be able to travel.

In addition to those wild conditions, peripheral countries will fall into debt crisis harsher than those of 1980s when they borrowed to finance oil high prices.

To lend dollars tp periphery’s regimes will help US economy by minimizing dollars inside US economy and import US commodities. Because core’s imports of periphery’s raw material minimizes according to core’s economic crisis and internal blockade a factors led to decline the price of periphery’s exports including oil collapsed prices which is the most obvious example, a fact that might oblige periphery regimes to sell its historical/national assets to be able to cover the loans and its interest as one Russian economist explained.

In fact, the imperialist regimes and even the Gulf ones bought large pieces of land in Africa several decades ago, to create a new form of settler colonialism that owns the land! The result of those policies will increase poverty and minimize periphery’s population even gradually.

Another goal of the capitalist core is to tie periphery’s countries so they do not to trade with China and to agitate the world against China by launching a media campaign that Corona crisis expanded to the world because China did not inform the world early. The aim of imperialism is to oblige China to pay “compensation” to the world for a crime manufactured by capitalism. This is an accumulation through global rent, health rent similar to the conditions which imposed on Germany following the World War I which means that the world is in fact in war.

The Second Block

It is difficult to suppose homogeneity among the components of this block. China is the main one among them. China when led by Maoism lay the basis for fast development, delinking and socialism.[2]

After Maoism China under Ding adapted open door policy for foreign capital to the extent that it became the world workshop, mixing capitalism with socialism through what they call Socialism of Chinese Characteristics which mixes market and plan. Later China enters WTO and became the biggest exporter to US and most of the world. Hundreds of millions of rural labour power, after the dismantling of most of the communes moved to urban areas to became wage labourers subjected to harsh exploitation. By this policy, China achieved primitive accumulation on the one hand, and allowed MNC to gain surplus value drained from the work of Chinese workers. But at the same time, China did develop high tec to the level that it became real competitor to the West.

While India is also developing with high growth rate, its internal social policy lags behind China which improves the income and health of the popular classes. Russia is a capitalist regime as well, its regime allies with the local productive nationalist bourgeois which is inclined to be independent from the West. The rest of BRICS, Brazil and South Africa are in a weaker position in comparison to the above three, Brazil’s progressive regime changed by a legislative coup d’etat and South Africa’s problem of corrupted leadership by its black bourgeois.

Other countries in the block, Cuba and Democratic Korea are socialist countries, but with little weight in the world economy. The same is for countries of independent developmental regimes like Venezuela and Iran.

What gathers this collection, mainly China and Russia, is their position as competitors to the western capitalist imperialist block. The difference between this block and the former socialist block that this one is mainly capitalist, integrated into the world system, but on the basis of position and competition. Will they, or some of them, move towards delinking? It is still not clear, but at least China is leading a process of minimizing the use pf US dollar in its internal and external trade.

While this block is strengthening its position quietly and gradually, the US and the rest of the core capitalist countries are adapting polemic discourse, media and trade war against them.

The core war against this block in fact took place even before the Corona pandemic, but it is intensified after the pandemic which expands war from economy to health.

China’s success in controlling the Corona pandemic caused a strong shock against capitalism. China proved that the regime is responsible for its people’s employment, health and treatment which is a socialist aspect.

China’s large population enables it to achieve growth by itself even if the core succeeds in imposing a siege against it.

The closure of the core countries threatens their regimes since they will be obliged to import from the recovering Chinese economy, an event which terminates the basis of their trade war against China.

Moreover, China’s ability to export to peripheral countries and attract them to its block, but this depends on to what extent those regimes are ready to delink from the other block or to build its own one.

Finally, it is difficult to confirm what is the nature of the Chinese economic formation as a mixed of plan and market, it might be called state capitalism or a trial and error one. This opens the discussion to read and analyze what is the driving force of the Chinese economy? To what extent it is orientated towards internal market? What level of class exploitation is there, while wealth is being accumulated? How wealth is distributed? And what are the features of Chinese capital export?

The Third is the Rest

Why the rest?

It is because it contains a lot of regimes whose economic formations are peripheral capitalism, some semi-feudal, pre-capitalist…etc, but their policies are mainly dependent on the core West and as comprador regimes they are in alliance with the ruling classes of the core. They are not part of the capitalist West and there is no homogeneity among them. That is why they are not a continuity of the non-aligned movement block.

Until now there is no hint that the regimes of these countries are toward delinking from the core capitalist system despite the fact that they are targeted by the same core capitalist block.

Corona virus provokes and renews in the core its old racist race and class discourse of Adam Smith, Malthus, Hegel…etc and the recent position of Henry Kissinger who said:

“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people”.

He wants to say that is the shortest road for accumulation. What a criminal way of thinking!

Now, Corona adds to Kissinger’s another dirty idea which is “control vaccine you control life of all humanity you will the sole owner of accumulation, when life and money of humanity are at your own hands and will, you are the God”.

Now, as long as oil prices are in decline and the US became one of its main producers, the demand for periphery’s raw material declines:

  •  Because, the technological development minimizes the amount needed of raw material for industry.
  • And the stop working of productive sectors of core economies.

To add to that the peripheral countries imported food from the core. But they lack money liquidity to pay for imports, a challenge that obliges them to borrow from IMF and core regimes and finally fall into a dangerous trap of debt worst that that of the 1980s.

This will put peripheral countries in front one of two choices:

  • To adapt national austerity measures and expand internal exchange between themselves which is a degree of delinking, extending its trade with China, and stop demanding and paying loans.
  • Or to continue being the GCPS for the alliance between the core capitalist class and dependent peripheral comprador.

The core’s plan is not limited into stealing surplus on global scale on the form of exploitation, rent, subjugating peripheral regimes, but even to control each individual all over the world to the extent that any who did not take the vaccine will never travel as noted above.

The question is: as long as the core is targeting every individual, will its ruling oligarchy bear periphery’s delinking, cancelling loan repayment, protecting their sovereignty, stop internal wars …etc? Taking into consideration that the core itself is in crisis.[3]

The New York Times (22 April 2020) reports, ‘Instead of Coronavirus, the Hunger Will Kill Us.’ A Global Food Crisis Looms. The world has never faced a hunger emergency like this, experts say. It could double the number of people facing acute hunger to 265 million by the end of this year.

The case in periphery is worst:

“In Kibera, the largest slum in Nairobi, Kenya, residents already live in extreme poverty. Desperate to eat set off a stampede during a recent giveaway of flour and cooking oil, leaving scores injured and two people dead.”

“In India, thousands of workers are lining up twice a day for bread and fried vegetables to keep hunger at bay.”

“And across Colombia, poor households are hanging red clothing and flags from their windows and balconies as a sign that they are hungry”.

The only choice for periphery is a revolutionary policy of three stages:

  • Development by Popular Protection on internal level which maintains surplus internally.
  • Delinking from the world market which stops a long colonial capitalism plunder of it for centuries.
  • And finally embark on the road towards socialism.

What does that means? It means that world revolution still possible to start from periphery, supported by life decline in core countries which weren’t the case in the 20th century.

New Internationalism

In such a world situation, which is in formal structure different from the world in the 20ts century, the threat to humanity is a global one but mainly against world popular classes albeit it is more over peoples of periphery, what is the strategy of the working class, the peasants, and the lower middle class?

We never expected that globalism will bankrupt as fast as it is now. This semi-collapse of globalism is a huge challenge for revolutionary movement, the Marxist-Leninist parties?

We shouldn’t ignore capitals power and resistance either by police and even army. Capitalism launches several wars already. One of those wars is ideology and media wars. Engels concentrates on the importance of ideological contradictions and struggle. Now bourgeois media are very aggressive, it is in many countries replacing political parties! In the place of media of the party the bourgeois changes it to the party dependency on bourgeois media, media’s party and even NGOization of many political parties!

 It is not enough to blame and criticize capitalism or to praise the logic of Marxism and historical materialism analysis.

The first step must be the adaption of new Internationalism as the late Samir Amin wrote, which must be an introduction for open discussion and be followed by a practical building of a Communist Internationalism to defeat capitalism.


The opinions and views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Kana’an’s Editorial Board.

[1] See Terrorist Orientalism in a State Form.  Using Marxism, Christianity and Islam to Dismantle Arab Homeland, by  Adel Samara, Kana’an – The e-Bulletin, Volume XV – Issues 3781- 3782. 24 March 2015

[2] The Battle for China’s PastMao and the Cultural Revolution, Mobo Gao, Pluto Press, 2008.

[3] “As a social scientist, I worked on social policy in the United Kingdom between 1945 and the mid–1970s, and this country passed through a period of great equality. Now, we’re back to something like the 1930s. There are children in this city with no food …”. Science and Politics, May 1, 2020.

I this is the case in Britain, how it will be in Africa?