Chomsky Treats Sickness by Sickness! A strange Prescription to Challenge Trump, By Adel Samara

Many intellectuals, especially in the Arab Homeland, are highly impressed by Chomsky’s writings either in linguistics or in critiques of  US policies and even his sneaky writings/critique against Zionist Ashkenazi Entity – Israel (AZE).

This inferior impression led to two catastrophic consequences for people’s consciousness:

First: Those intellectuals failed to grasp the inner loyalty of Chomsky to capitalism/imperialism and Zionism.

Second: By doing that, they encouraged Chomsky to continue his service to those enemies of humanity. (See appendices)

This article will not and does not have space to review all of Chomsky’s large production. That’s why I will concentrate on his recent keynote speech at the Progressive International’s inaugural summit 18 September 2020, as his contribution/voting against Donald Trump’s struggling to renew his presidency. (See URL below)

Chomsky, as an anti-Marxist avoids even mentioning terms like Marxism, Communism or even Socialism. It is because, even when he is too old, he insists to serve capitalism until his last day, or in other word to apart new human generations far from revolutionary discourse.

While he includes Internationalism in his article, he does not continues in the right direction to write on Socialist or Communist internationalism. He is in fact going with the topic of a reformer summit “the Progressive International”.

Progressive, what a simple and humble, but vague term which is coined carefully to be far, as much as possible, from real Internationalism, i.e. Communist or Marxist Internationalism. It is even a distortion of the term far from its first coining, by Marx.

A lot of criminals some time look as “progressive”, for instance when the former fascist  Zionist prime minister Yitzhak Rabin stopped breaking the bones of Palestinian children during Palestinian Intifada 1987 or when the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman (MBS), who cuts the journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s body into pieces, allows women in Saudi Arabia to drive cars.!

The main argument of Chomsky’s paper is against Donald Trump, but not against the environment that breeds Trump, i.e. the bourgeois liberal democracy transformation since 40 years to neo-liberalism. But, it is hard to grasp Chomsky’s wickedness unless you put your finger on his weakness and contradiction which are his avoidance of pointing on capitalism as the source of all current human crises.

Any eloquent writing on the current era especially in its globalism stage, without reducing/attributing them to their incubator, capitalism, is meaningless. Or, in defending capitalism and criticizing imperialism is an indirect collaboration with capitalism on the one hand, and contradicting the logic of history because imperialism is the natural development of capitalism, on the other.

While Chomsky avoids, even mentioning capitalism when he criticizes Trump, he is in fact hiding the real environment which Trump himself is its natural and necessary product, i.e. capitalism.

Chomsky, in his paper, like an advocate who is asking the world to pay the price of the crimes of capitalism without mentioning the criminal, i.e. capital itself! This form of demand is a breach not a role of challenging and terminating the criminal.

That is why the term capitalism is mentioned only once even when he was quoting another person.

In fact, the obvious fact is that capitalism is a crime in human history in both its prosperous or crisis.

During prosperity, capital exploiting the working class, gaining surplus value transformed into wealth for accumulation and more accumulation, a process which encourages capital to invade rural areas in one country and later to invade other nations either by force, culture and un-equal exchange. That is why countries of the periphery are still suffering from backwardness and will continue to do so as long as they do not uproot their dependent ruling classes.

When capitalism, i.e. in the US falls into an internal crisis it is going to downsizing, increasing taxes of the masses, minimizing taxes on capitalists, smuggling capital through money laundering to safe heavens…etc, or:

  • Launch wars against other nations
  • Intensify its’ internal, national, protectionism
  • Ordering nations of the periphery not to adopt protectionism.

In other words, the US capitalist regime exports the crisis to other classes and nations.

There is no meaning for any imagination that Chomsky did not know all of that and even much more! To quote him from his same paper:

“… The submissiveness of the Republican Party under Trump and McConnell in its service to the rich is truly remarkable, even for the neoliberal standards and their customary glorification of greed. An illustration is provided by the leading specialists in tax policy, the economists Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman. They show that in 2018, after tax fraud that was Trump-McConnell’s only accomplishment so far, “for the first time in a hundred years, billionaires paid less [in taxes] than steel workers, teachers and retirees * inside”and thus“a century of tax history”was practically wiped out.”

But all of the above mentioned crimes are caused by the capitalism.

Despite all of that, Chomsky is still worried about the fate of America if Trump is elected again as if the man Trump, came from the sky, not the direct result/product of the capitalist America as the dictator of the globe, and if there will be any chance to liberate the world, it is only by the defeat and termination of American capitalism by socialist forces and as a step of global liberation and emancipation of humanity from capitalism.

Chomsky’s cry came two weeks before American elections to give his cry some form of holy one. According to his own writing that he is an original/fundamental Zionist, Chomsky is trying to behave, preach as prophet, a Zionist prophet but not from the sky.

There is no doubt that Chomsky is aware of the important paper of Samir Amin’s call for a New Internationalism and for sure of the Communist Internationalism of Marx since 170 years ago, but Chomsky and the summit of “progressives”, as liberal capitalists are against socialism.

Ironically, Chomsky and the people of summit of “progressives” are trying to avoid “Downing” of the world which caused by the same capitalism but through maintaining capitalism itself!

Chomsky did not touch the real tool for protection of the globe, i.e. the working class, the poor peasants, the marginalized, all of women…etc and escaped to cry in the voting box which had depreciated more and more to the extent that the “elected” put the society inside the box during all his period and opens it after the end for next jailing of the public opinion.

Chomsky and his followers wrote thousands of books against the former socialist regime calling them “totalitarianism”! What a joke! If the communist parties were the only ruling parties, which are true, the neo-liberal plurality put the people in a box whose’ key in the hand of one man, Trump. If not, why is Chomsky crying and is frightened from an individual, not party as the case of the socialist regimes.

If this is not the case, how come millions of demonstrators fled to the streets of USA and Europe rejecting imperialist wars against Iraq and Afghanistan, but the rulers launched the brutal wars without being questioned later! To put it briefly, Chomsky never touched the real beginning of world downing as a result of the defeat of labor by capital.

Chomsky warns the world of the dangerous of wealth accumulation in the hands of few which is right, but this accumulation is a result of the main cause which is capitalism as a system during its stages, colonialism, imperialism and globalism, i.e. capitalism is a threat to the world not because it is breeding wealth accumulation but because of its’ mere nature as a system of exploitation and pauperization.

Chomsky correctly criticizes free market, but, as he has done against wealth accumulation, he did not attribute it to its’ practical and historical sin which is the private ownership as the battle and victory of those who own over those who disown and mainly males over females.

He feels sad because the free market leads to monopoly capital and terminates  competition. But, this is also a necessary result of capitalism despite the fact that a lot of bourgeois economists are still painfully affected by the decline of competition and semi-competition for the sake of both monopoly and monopsony.

William Shepherd mentioned in his good study, Economics of Industrial Organization 1997.p. 210, twenty two obstacles used by companies to displace their competitors and maintain their monopoly authority.

In fact, the era of globalization brought the termination of competition, regulation, large state apparatus, real taxing of the rich, and more taxation of the poor, privatization…etc. This confirms the fact that history never typically repeats itself. I don’t believe in the well known saying that history repeats itself in two forms tragedy and comedy, but only in a similar manner.

To quote Chomsky, he wrote in his paper:

“… In the coming weeks, the problems in the two imperial great powers of modern times will come to a head”

In fact, and to a certain extent, the problems between USA and China might come to head, but Chomsky ignores the fact that the same Trump as the head of US capitalism/imperialism which lunches a global trade war especially against China and prepares for military war, is the reason that pushed China’s president to warn Chinese army to be ready for a war of defense. Chomsky did not hesitate to accuse China that it is an imperial power! It is strange from an expert thinker to reach this conclusion that easy.

Chomsky wrote:

“The latter may seem inappropriate at first, but it isn’t. The observed decline in democracy fits into this gloomy trio. Because the only hope of escaping the two threats to the “end” is a living democracy, in which concerned and informed citizens are fully involved in deliberation, policymaking and direct action.”

The source of both mentioned great threats, war and decline of democracy is capitalism. The question is: How to breed “living democracy” from the same capitalist system, which breeds them! And will capitalist authority let “informed citizens are fully involved in deliberation, policymaking and direct action “, to do that? I am afraid that this attack on democracy is just the beginning. The change from capitalism must not be in reform, but in antagonistic contradiction which replaces it by socialism.

Chomsky added: “Trumps recently warned that if he is not satisfied with the outcome of the November elections, he may not step down. This threat is taken very seriously in high circles. “

If Trump might not accept his personal defeat, will capital gave up and let “informed citizens are fully involved in deliberation, policymaking and direct action”?” to terminate its’ power, to quote Chomsky himself again:

“…But it’s not just governments. The same is true of the fossil fuel industry, the big banks that fund it, and other industries that benefit from actions that seriously endanger the “survival of mankind,” according to a leaked internal memo from America’s largest bank.”

Will the “direct action” be enough to challenge this regime? Or, it is the socialist revolution as the only radical force for real change?

Chomsky added:

“Free markets” led to monopoly with less competition and innovation as the strong swallowed the weak”.

Chomsky do not only avoids mentioning capitalism, he also avoids calling Trump and his partners with their real name, i.e. those of politicized Religion, the no-conservatives, the Hindustan chauvinism , Zionism and Wahabism including Viktor Orban’s “illiberal democracy” in Hungary .

With no introduction, he finally became close to Marxism:

“It’s kind of a class struggle on a global scale. It is no exaggeration to say that the fate of the human experiment depends on the outcome of this struggle.”

But, a class struggle towards what? The old Zionist did not continue.

* Noam Chomsky: Internationalism or Extinction

PI Council Member Noam Chomsky’s keynote speech at the Progressive International’s inaugural summit.


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