The counter-revolution … strikes, will strike again until it is defeated, by Adel Samara, Occupied Palestine

Leave the Arab dependent regimes cheering about the assassination of the Iranian scientist Zadeh. They are accustomed to practice betrayal of their own nation, they have no other profession, and when you hear their “analysts”, you feel sorry for the mentality and fate of the new generation who are obliged to hear them, even only them.

The assassinated scientist Zadeh was on the United Nations sanctions list!

On this scale, thousands of American scientists must be included in the suffering of sanctions, because their country alone has openly used nuclear bomb with all its efficiency. Of course Britain used it against Zimbabwe to a limited extent, and France in Algeria, and it was often used this year against the port of Beirut.

Did the Zionist Ashkenazi Entity (ZAE) do it? USA? We do not know, but we know that this is a service for the new discovered Arab Zionist Entity the UAE.

What about the thousands of Zionist nuclear scientists and of course the British and French … etc, as aggressive colonial countries? Someone might say what about China, Russia, the DPRK, India and Pakistan? But these countries produced it defensively.

The question is: Why would not Iran produce it? And if Iran might use it offensively, it would not be the first to do it! If this threatens the ZAE, the same entity occupies the homeland of an entire people, the Palestinians, then why does the United Nations recognizes and supports it? And if Iran’s possible nuclear bomb threatens the Arab Gulf regimes, then why don’t they unite? And why would not they spend on a nuclear program instead of paying their surplus to the last penny to the American and today to the Zionists! The cost of bringing “night butterflies/ slaved women” to oil rulers and rich parasitic figures is more expensive than a nuclear program, so do most of us, i.e. Arabs understand this, especially Arab feminists who are educated by Western NGOs to the extent that they are externally oriented.

The matter, the event, that is the assassination of an Iranian scientist, is far from that.

The issue is that the assassination was conducted by:

 A – The coordination of counter-revolution from Washington to the ZAE, to all the oil capitals and all other Arab intelligence services in the service of Zionism.

 B – The tools of the counter-revolution inside Iran, regardless of whether they are planted in intelligence or even in the nuclear site. These are completely agents because the scholar and the academic are in the service of his country and not, for example, the ruling regime. This is similar to the terrorists in Syria who from the beginning killed Syrian missile scientists. And intensely, then this is a picture of the event, a struggle or even confrontation between the counter-revolution and the popular classes in the world scale.

The main lesson here is: The forces of revolution in the world must take into account at every moment two things:

The first: that the Counter-Revolution led by capitalism/imperialism, including Zionism, is ready and working on aggression every moment. Its scientists, intelligence, academics and laboratories are in a daily aggressive job, and this is its job because behind this work is the survival of control over the world, the survival of the plunder and the profit leading to accumulation and accumulation forever.

The second: that the counter-revolution exists in various countries of the world, especially in the Arab Homeland and Iran. They are “under the skin”, and therefore they will soon attack any national, developmental and rejectionist/resistant movement, and this is what happened in most of the popular movement in the Arab world in the current decade. (See my book: A Counter-Revolution, Harbingers or Revolution, published 2012).

Therefore, the assassination of Zadeh is here, in the presence of local agents in the service of the globalized counter-revolution.

Let us remember: when America sent its soldiers to invade the Arab people in Somalia in the beginning of 1990s in what it called “Restoring Hope!” And the Somalis were able to kill dozens of invading American soldiers and drag them into the streets led by the martyr General Muhammad Farah Eideed …etc, the US department declared that it will pay 10$ million for anyone who inform where Eideed is. The US newspaper Washington Post, or may be New York Times wrote as follows:

“…US satellites are able to recognize home, car…etc but cannot distinguish a person, and this needs spies, and this is the role of intellectuals. Unfortunately, there are no intellectuals in Somalia”. With all this impudence.

Of course, the question is not whether there are intellectuals in Somalia or not. The question is whether there are people who can be recruited. Later, the United States received information that Eideed was hiding in a hospital and bombed it killing 375 people, and the man was not there, and some time later the man was assassinated.

On another level, one should differentiate between a country bombing another country’s military camps as long as they are in a state of war, and a country or even states assassinating a scientist! The assassination of a scientist is an official globalized terrorism, and only the counter-revolutionary regimes, especially Western capitalism and Zionism, have done so.

But, it takes you to a feeling of disgust to see Arab “analysts” rejoice over this assassination, ordered by the dependent rulers of their countries taking into consideration that those rulers are mere tools for imperialism and lately/finally for Zionism!

Here, some may be surprised to talk about the issue of the mental dignity of analysts! How can a person lead a normal life while lying to such a low level! How can an analyst condemn Iran’s so-called nuclear attempt and not condemn the ZAE? How can a person describe Iran as a country of political tyranny while speaking from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE! Yes, we are in an alliance with Iran in one place and diverge in another, and this is what requires us to build an Arab renaissance, but when the matter is related to the counter-revolution, we and Iran are in the trench of defending all humanity.


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