Will and when War Makers became Peace Makers?

Dr. Adel Samara, Ramallah, Occupied Palestine

A paper presented in Eurocse conference to 2nd International Syria conference A Decade of War on Syria – Future Trajectories (one-day online conference)

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Are the interventionists against Syria the proper peacemakers for the same crisis?

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Thanks to Eurocs and Dr. Machool in particular for donates me that little time to participate. 

I believe that all believers in peace are looking for direct and real analysis and approach to tackle and solve a very complex crisis. 

This means that only the right question will lead to right analysis and finally breeds the right result. 

What is going on against Arab Syrian Qutor is a link of a Counter-Revolution (CR) “Capitalism” against humanity in general and Arab Homeland in particular, which, for three hundred years has been taking place, i.e. since Mercantilism capitalism, industrial capitalism, imperialism and globalism of today.

The last decade which is called Arab spring, it is, in fact, both spring and fall as well, because peoples’ demand for change was quickly kidnapped by CR taking into consideration that CR’s forces are there latent under the skin of the ruling classes. )    See Samara Adel, Thawrah Mudadah, Irhasat am Thwwrah, 2012, Fada’at Publications, Amman 2012, and Counter-Revolution,  The People’s Movement has been Hijacked, By Michel Chossudovsky, URL of this  article:      www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=21110.      Global Research, September 20, 201 


This is not the place or time to expand the analysis by reviewing developments, but only to refer to: that while CR camp succeeds in most of Arab countries, the war and propaganda machine is oriented against Syria as the last castle of Arab nationalism. 

Since the very beginning of that war the slogans and solutions for the Syrian crisis were endemic, i.e.

·         Dividing Syria on sectarian, ethnic, religious basis!( https://www.ecfr.eu/publications/summary/no_going_back_why_decentralisation_is_the_future_for_syria7107   )

·         Democratize Syria through forces of Politicized Religion!

Helping Syrian people through hundreds of thousands of terrorists into Syria state from the colonial Turkish borders. (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D-0SfY0LXOKw%26fbclid%3DIwAR0ZJBMAFEXw15-vrHNASIbINIhSQ_4KGke1Y-iHTx6U79eIlsSGhIycLkw&h=AT3nPXhGXg9nrYYnIGLhX6ONCKI0RBdwNg0BAjOtfvO4IekaXNxWPIftkr7_NYyxIgZttvgE_5WnBIxFvmDJgJUG2SsV_hB7oDYApuYdgVVWhsfVvMuVUvK0j2BzQf1WqLeZYQ

·         Financing, training and arming the terrorists by Arab Gulf regimes who never allow inside their countries any political parties to exist, suppress public freedoms and individual rights, and never adopt parliamentary…etc. Qatar bankrolls Syrian revolt with cash and arms – FT.com (   )

·         And finally, all those forces and solutions have been produced in the western capitalism’s political and think tank circles in what I calls it the last Orientalism, the Terrorist Orientalism. 

History of the western ruling classes, i.e. those of EU, USA and Japan the only non European as the leadership of the Counter-Revolution time and again confirms that history is really a record/process of class struggle while national, cultural, religious issues are mere covers of the fact that behind all wars is capital and behind it human beings, i.e. capitalist classes, MNC and even individuals.

In the core of all forms of wars against Syria is the interest of the ZAE (Zionist Ashkanazi Entity – Israel) to be integrated into Arab Homeland in the form of “Integration through Domination”.

As long as most of Arab ruled rulers launch class wars against their own ruled people, subjugate to neo- colonialism, deliberately developing unequal development between Arab economies, normalizing with the ZAE, either in secret or declared manner, then all evil forces must be devoted against the secular Syrian nationalist regime after the destruction of most Arab republics and their armies and occupation of Iraq and Libya.

The capitalist West goes beyond the pioneer analysis of Edward Said in his Orientalism 1978, that the West re-creates the Orient according its own image. Said inspired by Marx and Engels’ the Communist Manifesto (1848) which states

“… It compels all nations, on pain of extension, to adopt the bourgeois mode of production…In other word; it creates a world after its own image” (1955.  p. 14).  But the capitalist/imperialist center is now telling us that:

Either to accept the rulers who were we imposed on you, our colonial interest, exploitation, culture, or we will destroy every single home in Syria by various forms of wars, i.e. terrorists, direct US, UK, French and Turkish occupation armies supporting the Zionist part of the Syrian Kurds and financed by Arab Gulf rental regimes. The west even export to Syria Homosexuals to fight there and the regimes and organizations of Politicized Religion PR export Jihad al-Nikah! (  See Samara A, Jihad al-Nikah  Siyasi la Dini )

And Currently, US is stealing Syrian oil on the one hand, and imposing economic war through Caesars Law on the other. On the top of all of those wars, the West encourages continuous ZAE raids against Syria.

If this picture is right, I wonder where and how both diplomatic routes can work taking into consideration that the diplomacy never catch the Ox from its’ horns.

Even frankly, will it be right that most of diplomatic interventions are coming from the same military and terrorist interventionists against Syria! Is this other an insult to human intelligence?

Let me elaborate, the last meetings on Syrian crisis with the participation of Turkey, Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia, all of those regimes are part of the various wars against Syria on the one hand, and very close friends and even clientle states of the US regime on the other, that if ignore that all of them normalizing with the ZAE which, as a matter of fact, all the wars against Syria and Arab nation are devoted for that purpose, in parallel or even more and before both imperialist aggression goals against Arab Homeland which are:

·          Interests of stealing the wealth 

·         And capture Arab markets.

What a unique and contradicted gob to solve Syrian crisis by an alliance of enemies against Syria, i.e. the Imperialist, Zionist, And Arab Islamic regimes of Politicized Religion on the one hand, and at the same time they themselves are the gravel holders of peace for Syria!

All of those are still occupy parts of Syria and fighting against Syrian state each one by his weapons!

While Russia and Iran called by the state, who invites the Chinese terrorist’s uyghurs, i, and all of the three forms of the above mentioned aggressors?

It is impossible that the same makers of terror are the maker of peace especially in the same issue and the same place!

While the capitalist parliamentary democracy is fading and scarping in its motherland the capitalist west, unfortunately, still there is no other tool to approach the Syrian crisis by other means at the moment. It is only the Syrian people who have the right to vote for their constitution on the one hand, and to elect its representatives on the other. But, both issues must be observed by missions from the south, east and the west, and to confirm, not from the west only.

I saw with my own eyes on the streets of US and European cities millions of innocent people, protesting against the US, UK rulers preparing war against Iraq 1990, but the regimes went for war, repeated their criminal war in 2003 and pushed it to its’ final crime with the Spring/Fall in all Arab Homeland. Millions of Arabs slaughtered but war mongers, especially Bush senior, junior and Blaire who are now enjoying luxury life and might be considered as national heroes.

Let the people vote for the secular constitution of one united Arab Syria. People’s vote will be the better way to know what people want and prefer. This will be the best test uncover the popularity of the regime, the real opposition, and the real joke of armed opposition and even the so-called moderate armed opposition!

But to go to all these steps to solve Syrian crisis, all of us must ask the enemies to stop their wars against Syria. 

Iraq, Libya and Syria were not a paradise of democracy before terrorist wars, but how they are now after the “paradise” was imposed by wars of Terrorist Orientalism?

To go back to the first lines of this paper, the CR three camps: Imperialism, Zionism, and Arab two fragile elites, the ruled political rulers and the intellectuals of Sixth Brigade were and still are against:

·         Arab central united state

·         And against the cause of uniting Arabs and the liberation of Palestine.

To block those two great Arab goals the CR must attack Syria.


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