A War for the Termination of Russia and China: Is Capitalism the last stage of Human Race? Dr. Adel Samara

A War for the Termination of Russia and China

Is Capitalism the last stage of Human Race?

Dr. Adel Samara, Occupied Palestine

Few days before the Russian troops started it’s defensive war against Zio/Nazi regime of Ukraine, I wrote an article touching upon the roots of the whole situation from a Marxist theoretical/political economy’s perspective arguing that political and military factors are not enough to elaborate reasonable analysis. The following is a synopsis of that article.

I wrote that the war is coming because it is the only and last alternative for US imperialism to manage its crisis and accordingly the US department will oblige Ukraine to attack Russia and they were sure that Russia will respond.

Russia’s response against Ukraine aggression is because Ukraine insists to be a member of NATO a step considered from Russia’s perspective as a threat of war against Russia.

But there are other and big reasons for US launching war against Russia which are more decisive and making the war imperative:

First: The US internal economic situation has been deteriorating continuously at least since 2007-08 economic/financial crisis, which was followed by covid-19 where the growth was very simple, no real employment vacancies opened for the working class, Trump’s attraction of US companies in China wasn’t too effective and its economic war, which is called “sanctions” against China and Russia, wasn’t a solution at least for the short run to provide remedy for a current crisis which needs direct reform.

The US debt reaches the edge of $30 trillion and more and more countries are trying to avoid dollar hegemony especially Russia and China by creating their own exchange system and even an alternative to IMF and SWIFT system.

The solution to face this crisis needs internal deep reform, economic and social reform, i.e. similar to what Roosevelt did in the thirties and the adoption of Kenya’s theory of expanding state’s role, the state of luxury, creating jobs…etc. But the US since Reaganomics had adopted privatization, de-regulation, minimizing the size of the state, decreasing taxes on big businesses. 

The huge amounts of money which the Federal Reserve pours into the US banking system to face 2007-08 crisis and Coved -19 had disappeared inside the bags of the bankers. The bankers did not lend people and did not lend each other as well, because none of them believes others’ reports on their financial situation. The regime supported the gigantic banks pretending that “This is bigger than collaping”!  Some economists expected that, after 2007-08 and Covid-19,

that inflation will became very high as long as a lot of money liquidity were provided and the tax devalued to nearly zero. But this did not happen because:

a.     The money was been hidden by the bankers

b.    And the lock-down kept the people imprisoned.

Second: The other solution/alternative for this form of deep social/economic crisis is the revolution against the capitalist system. This solution has no chance as long as the real revolutionary tool is not available, in addition to the fact that labor is still defeated by capital on the world scale, a fact which encourages capital to give lip service to the interests and needs of the popular classes. This becomes very clear in the behavior of bourgeois regimes in the imperialist and even all capitalist regimes around the world especially in comparison with how China was very responsible, humanitarian and effective in containing the Covid-19 pandemic.

Third:  For an imperialist power the alternative is only war as the last resort. But this war, while it is war, it has its’ own characteristics.


According to the defeats of the US power in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan despite of the US victory in destroying those countries, and even despite of the collapse of the Soviet block and the expansion of the world capitalist market to the working class and economy of those countries, during the same era, the US economy continuous its decline.

The current war has two components:

  1. Classic economic war, the so-called “sanctions” which the imperialists launched since October Revolution, against North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Iran and later against Russia and China. That is why US and EU declared an expansion of that war against Russia aiming to bring it down on its knees in the long run.

b.    Luring Ukraine to apply for membership in the aggressive NATO and pushing Ukraine to attack Russia as well, a development which obliged Russia to respond against Ukraine, a response which might lead to the dismantling of Ukraine.

It must be noted here that the US will not enter that war by its’ own forces, even if it will expand to Europe. The US forces are coward enough and they never participate in a direct war with great power, but attacking little armies here and there. The US forces participated in the imperialist World Wars I and II only after all fighting powers became exhausted. This might be the reason why Mao describes imperialism as a paper tiger.

  • Obliging old Europe to participate in the economic war against Russia, buying US weapons by billions and billions of dollars, in addition to the fact that if the war expanded it will not reach the US shores. The US capitalist regime is practicing military war by others and benefiting from economic war more than others and strengthens its hegemony and domination over Europe weakening the EU more and more.

 Goals, Opinions and Results of this War

There are, At least, three goals or stages of this war.

First: Capitalism is a formation of crime and war motivated in the final analysis by unlimited accumulation. That is why western capitalism launched all forms of aggression against the socialist regimes of Russia and China under the pretext that the west is fighting communism.But, even when both Russia and China became capitalist regimes, the West maintains NATO and declared both countries as their enemies, and expanding NATO to Russian’s borders.

The imperialist regimes’ aggression against Russia and China is based on two components or steps:

a.     To weaken both countries and blocking their development,

b.    And to plunder their wealth as in the case of the rest of the South.

The imperialist center’s strategy is to never allow any country in the globe to develop, to be independent and, for sure, not be able to compete with imperialism.

As long as this is the essence of this imperialist strategy, NATO must be maintained despite the fact that the socialist block and Warsaw Pact had been dismantled.

The preservation of NATO has astonished some people: Why would the West maintains NATO after the collapse of socialist regimes especially Warsaw pact!

Those people are:

1- Either naive and did not understand the unlimited lust of capital for accumulation by war, plunder, stealing, unequal exchange…etc. It is in the nature of capital looking for absolute accumulation on the one hand, and that it will never allow any country to develop to the extent that it will reach a stage of independence. In other words, the whole world must be dependent on the core capitalist regimes.

As long as Russia and China are countries who:

a.     Endow huge wealth

b.    And are ruled by regimes which are not clientele for the west.

Then, those countries must be destroyed, regardless of whether their regimes are communist or capitalist.

2- Liberal people who understood world politics but believe in capitalism, but as liberals, they criticize imperialism but stand against communism.

Noam Chomsky is a striking example of this trend. He argues that why NATO was not dissolved after the collapse of communism! 

His argument means that war did occur only between capitalism and communism! While wars between capitalist powers never stopped before the first socialist state USSR. Lenin wrote that imperialist regimes divide the world between themselves through colonial wars and after that they fall into internal wars among themselves each one try to catch the share of the other which results into the two world wars.

Some Marxists, in discussing the current war, exaggerate the role of technological advantage to the extent that they lost class analysis, class struggle and end in reconciliation with the bourgeois state, i.e. the US.

In his analysis of the current war between Russia and the west, the Marxist David Harvey https://youtu.be/rIr187kBwXs criticizes Russia, ignores NATO’s threat against Russia, praising the role of US state in developing technology and pretend that the state financing of technology must lead to well-being for the whole society! Unfortunately, Harvey lost his long history of class analysis:

“  It’s only a very rich state that can afford enough money to maintain its technological advantage, but technological advantage means that you get a super amount of surplus value flowing in your country. So, technological advantage is terribly important to the relative well-being of the population of the United States. And the well-being of the corporations that works here in the United States so technological advantage is something which the state is obviously involved in. “

Is it right that technological advantage really provides well-being to all classes of the United States to the producers and the capitalists, but with large gap between the shares of the two classes. While the producers’ share is too little in comparison to what the capitalists’ gains, the whole production process contains alienation of the real producers from their products.

This is without discussing the fact that when Covid-19 pandemic took place, the technological advantage of the US corporations did not help the majority of its population, while in China the case was the opposite.

Here, the Marxist Harvey left Marxism as a theory of class conflict, ignored Marxist political economy. Moreover, Harvey finished his speech by making a class reconciliation between state, capitalism and the rest of US social classes!

Harvey concentrates on the technological advantage to the extent that he justifies the state paying people’s money to the corporations to develop their industries, for instance the pharmaceutical industry, and he is pleased that the end result is well-being for the state, corporations and the people in general!

World War I between multipolar countries did, in fact, open the opportunity for the first socialist revolution. World War II also took place between imperialist countries and resulted in strengthening and expansion of the socialist camp. World War II was launched by the capitalist Nazi regime against the socialist USSR, and it was its Red Army that defeated Nazism and rescued humanity.

While we are not for war for the sake of war, but capitalism is breeding wars and now who knows what route this war will take and what results might come out of it?  In fact, a new world order will emerge out of it with three poles, the imperialist block, the self – reliance capitalist block of Russia and China and the Third World/the South.

If labor lost the war with capital by the collapse of the USSR, this shouldn’t mean that labor will lose it after the current war if it is expanded unless and unfortunately it will turn into a nuclear war. The current war might strengthen the relationship between Russia and China and some progressive regimes North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

The imperialist block will tighten its economic and technological wars against Russia and China aiming to besiege them and subjugate them to their domination over world market and to keep them on a second level of technological standards.

This policy might push Russia and China to orientate themselves towards a defense policy of:

·       Development by popular protection/internal withdrawal

·       Adopting de-linking.

Those policies will push both countries again towards socialism. By other token, any war between capitalists might breed revolutionary changes. In fact, China has been more oriented towards expanding its own internal market following the 2007-08 crisis and pandemic Coved-19. Due to the economic sanctions since 2014, Russia has concentrated on self –reliance and developed its industry and agriculture.

As the world is already divided into two capitalist poles, the competition between them will intensify especially in technology which is more monopolized by imperialism.

Two questions arise on this level:

1-   To what extent China and Russia will be able to bridge the technological gap with imperialism taking into consideration the great development of the USSR, the current development of China and the possible transfer of Russia’s current military technology to civil industries.

2-   To what extent Russia and China will move towards socialist policies into their own countries and build alliances with world revolution?

Some people believe that imperialist countries will maintain its technological hegemony, and the other block will never be able to compete. But the experience of the USSR and Socialist China proved that the bridging of the technological gap is possible.

Who Blames Russia

For sure Russia was in problem and must choose one of two bitter options:

a.     Either to let NATO threatens its’ mere stability, wealth and even  existence for the sake of western capitalist/imperialist companies,

b.    Or to enter a war of defense which will cost it a lot and might reverse its economic progress.

If Russia decides to sacrifice its mere existence for the sake of rescuing human race, capitalism will never stop war against all nations to continue its hegemony and blunder.

 An Alliance between Fake left and Politicized Religion

A lot of traditional communist parties either stand against Russia or criticize both Russia on the one hand, and imperialism on the other in equal terms. This is the position of many communist parties, i.e. the Greece, Israeli, Iraqi, Egyptian, Sudani, French and many leftist organizations in the USA…etc.

It is really astonishing that despite the colonial history and the current various imperialist wars against Arab Homeland, many Arab “communists and leftists” support imperialism against Russia which at least never attacked any Arab country! In fact, this communist and left is a tail to Arab clientele regimes and Arab forces of Politicized Religion as well.

The Trotskyites maintain their position that Russia like the USSR is an imperialist regime and the war is between imperialist countries, i.e. not between imperialism and capitalist Russia! When imperialism launches any war, the Trots blame both the imperialists and the others who were invaded by imperialism, when US and other 31 countries invaded Iraq 1991 and later 2003, the US destruction of Serbia, Libya the Trots blamed both equally. In fact, this uncovers the curtain which this current hides its cooperation with the western imperialists against other countries.

The most shameful position is the formal and most of private Arab media which support imperialism.

Unfortunately, imperialists’ war against Russia and later China aimed at changing the regimes of those countries to be similar to clientele Arab regime which launch a civil war against their own people, executing inside their countries all imperialist policies, protecting imperialism interests, and their armies suppress its’ own people on behalf of imperialist armies.

While Lenin was right in his argument that imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism, if capitalism will not be defeated by revolution, then capitalism itself will be the last stage of human race.


The opinions and views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Kana’an’s Editorial Board.