Communist Boys of NATO are Building the “Wailing Wall” in Defense of Ukrainian Fascism! By Adel Samara

Ramallah, Occupied Palestine

Many arguments took place among Communists all over the globe following the Russian war of defense against the Ukrainian regime’s continuous aggressions, its neo-Nazi allies, and imperialist support for that regime.

What is really astonishing is that the renegade Communists who stand directly and firmly hand in hand with the Ukrainian regime, the US, EU, Japan triad and Zionist regime, ignore the roots and reasons which led inevitably to this war.

 (Thursday, March 10, 2022 the stance of the communists towards the imperialist war in Ukraine, By Nikos Mottas. Nikos Mottas is the Editor-in-Chief of In Defense of Communism.)

·       They ignored the fact that NATO reached the borders of Russia despite the fact that the USA promised the USSR that NATO will never expand a single inch in Europe!

·       While Communism is the main ideology and force against Nazism, those Communists never considered or warned of neo-Nazism in Ukraine and in most of Europe, taking into consideration the right of each nation to feel the danger if Nazis spread around its borders and worried more when it is encircled by NATO as well.

·       The renegade Communists never refer to the obvious coalition between the chauvinist regime of Ukraine which took power by terror, and its alliance with neo-Nazism and Zionism, and gives lip service to the fact that NATO militarizing Ukraine since the Bucharest NATO conference on 21 March 2014.

Any analysis ignoring those facts is deliberately rendering execution to the goals and aggressions of imperialism, Nazism and Zionism.

Tens of Communist parties and youths signed a declaration that equalizes the Triad and Russia as both are imperialism and aggression, while Russia was never an imperial regime especially according to Lenin’s definition of imperialism which proves that those Communists are on the side of the imperialist triad. The renegades are in fact using, but not calling Lenin’s theory.

Their argument that Russia is imperialist goes back to the “Communists internal cold war between USSR, China, and the CIA permanent tool, the Trotskyites”.

While, if they are Communists, they must insist that NATO must be dissolved after the collapse of the USSR, they did not! Moreover, they failed to consider that Russia had protested for twenty years NATO against its creeping forces to its borders.

Despite the fact that neo-Nazism spread “legally” in the West those Communists did not raise their voices against that as they did now against Russia’s defense.

Even many bourgeois analysts, i.e. John Mearsheimer consider that the reason for the current crisis is the triad, especially USA because of:

·       The triad did not dissolve the NATO

·       The NATO forces reached Russian borders.

While the Zionists never stopped reminding the world of the Holocaust, those Communists never criticized the alliance between the Ukrainian Fascist regime, the neo-Nazis, and the Zionists! Those Communists, including many Arab Communists parties, never protested against imperialism’s wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan. Those Arab Communists still feel inferior to other world Communists.

We, in the Arab Homeland, knew very well and with bitterness how much of world Communism compromised the Zionist Ashkenazi Entity which occupied  Palestine and evicted its people in 1948.

Yes, Russia and China of today are ruled by capitalist regimes, but their regimes never, at least declared, that their enemy is the West. While the West, especially US imperialism declares day and night that it is preparing to terminate the two countries. The US rulers, academia, and military are busy building a war machine against Russia and especially China.

Do we have the right to ask those Communists: Why is the Triad always against Russia and China, i.e. when they were socialists and when they were capitalists? Does this mean other than that the Triad is against any nation which embarks on development and sovereignty?

Even if Russia is an imperialist regime, it is the Russian’s right to defend their country.

The renegade declaration asked the working class in Russia and China not to be mobilized under: “flags foreign to its interests, under various pretexts (e.g. “protection/liberation of the people of Donbass, “de-nazification/demilitarization of Ukraine”, etc”.

Here the renegades failed to understand that despite class differentiation in each capitalist social formation there is a common interest to protect the land of all classes in any society against colonialism, Imperialism, and now capitalist globalism. To ask the working class not to fight the foreign invasion, even if it is on the borders of their homeland, is asking this class to betray its homeland and welcome colonialism.

If the renegades did not read the Communist Manifesto they must realize that the developed and powerful nation is the most capable to transfer to socialism.

The renegade’s declaration notes:

“Contrary to the CPRF, the Russian Communist Workers’ Party (RCWP) issued a statement acknowledging that the Kremlin’s actual goals are to strengthen the position of imperialist Russia in the international political scene, noting that the source of the war lies in the “inter-imperialist contradictions”.

The opportunistic position of the Russian Communist Workers’ Party (RCWP) is really funny as they wrote:

“The RCWP hails the recognition of the “People’s Republics” of Donbass by President Putin but, at the same time, points out: “Not the masters but the workers will die on both sides. To die for class brothers is worthy, but to die and kill for the interests of the masters is stupid, criminal, and unacceptable”.

( Russian Communist Workers’ Party on Ukraine war:

The Peoples Republics of Donbas since 2014 was attacked by Ukraine and certainly many workers have been killed by that aggression, as long as the renegades criticize the worker’s defense even in the two republics, they are asking the working class to be coward and betray their people. How will the working class be accepted by the people to rule in the future if they never defend their own country?

In several places of their declaration, the renegades occupied Lenin’s writings and used it in a false manner. In the time of Lenin, the war was between imperialists who were fighting each other for their share of the colonized world. As long as Russia is not an imperialist country, Lenin’s ideas will never apply.

The renegades accused the Communists who support Russia that they separate economics from politics, while they themselves ignore economics absolutely when they concentrate on false politics, and military conflict and never refer to the economic interests of the Triad that NATO built and maintained.

They never got the fact that the Triad economic war against Russia, which was called sanctions, especially that from the US is a Renter war. The US continuous financial/economic crisis in the US obliges it to depart economics of production and concentrates on speculation on the one hand, and rent, i.e. oil, weapons, and real estate, on the other. This deterioration of the US economy pushes its administration to compete with Russia’s strong renter economy for European markets.

Moreover, the economic interests of imperialism are the main reason behind the current war against Russia and later against China. Only a mad person who does not understand that imperialism will launch a war, even nuclear war when it realizes that accumulation will decrease or be blocked.

The renegades pretend that there was a war in Georgia! It wasn’t a war. It was  Russian defense against NATO expansion in Georgia on the one hand, and against Zionist Ashkenazi Entity’s bases built in Georgia against Iran, on the other.

Again, the renegades accuse Russia of “annexing Crimea” which in fact is a part of Russia and most of the people vote for a return to Russia.

In fact, to compare the Russian restoration of Crimea with the Ukrainian coup (Euromaidan) is a rude argument.

The renegades try to minimize the importance of Russian victory over Fascist Ukraine and NATO, but it is really a victory in the eyes of most of peoples around the world.

There are many other victories over NATO, Atlanticism, as many countries of the world, including India, Pakistan, and China did not condemn or boycott Russia. The same is the Iranian, Algerian and Venezuelans’’ rejection to provide oil to Europe to substitute for Russian oil.

When Russia launches its war of defense, it was challenged by two hard choices:

·       Either to de-militarize Ukraine by force,

·       Or to wait until NATO launches a large war from Ukraine against Russia.

If Russia waits to be attacked and might lose the war, it will be colonized by the West which will continue its war against China motivated by the imperialist lust for wealth of all world nations.

The collapse of the USSR opened the way for imperialism to destroy Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria and the collapse of Russia will enable imperialism to take the world towards barbarism.

The western media machine built a “Wailing Wall” for the sake of Ukrainian  regime and its allies of neo-Nazis and Zionists showing them as victims of Russia’s war of defense. It is worth noting that all of Europe stands against Russia including the bank of world dictators which stole their nation’s wealth, i.e. Switzerland, and called itself neutral. Fortunately, the renegade Communists are part of that Wailing.


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