EPIDEMIC OF GLOBALIZATION: Ventures in World Order, Arab Nation and Zionism

Author: Dr. Adel Samara

Publisher: Palestine Research and Publishing Foundation

Year published: 2001

Cover Design: by Samy Arbid

Number of pages: 278

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Chapter One: From Globalized Public Sector to Development by Popular Protection

Chapter Two: Arab Nationalism and the Deepening of Unequal Development

Chapter Three: What is Anti-Normalization and Why Did it Develop

Chapter Four: Peace for Jews in a United Socialist Arab State

Chapter Five: Globalization, the Palestinian Economy and the “Peace Process

Chapter Six: The Political Economy of Corruption

Chapter Seven: NGOs: Development or Individual Enrichment and Externalized Agenda


Dr. Adel Samara is a Palestinian writer and researcher. He was born in Beit Uor, Ramallah area, Occupied West Bank where he continues to live and write today. His undergraduate years were spent at the Beirut Arab University, Beirut, Lebanon, and he holds a Ph.D. degree in political economy and development from Exeter University – United Kingdom.

For more than two decades, Dr. Samara has written extensively about the most vital issues facing Arab and Palestinian struggle. He has written a plethora of books and articles, in both Arabic and English, as well as co-authored and edited numerous articles and essays. His articles were features in several journals and newspapers such as Journal of Palestine Studies, Al-Quds Al-Arabi, Al-Hayat.

Dr. Samara is the editor-in-chief of Kana’an, an Arabic cultural quarterly published in Al-Taibeh / Ramallah – Occupied Palestine and dedicated to the causes of Arabic development and unity. He is, also, a member of the editorial board of Kana’an Online, published both, in Arabic and English, and can be viewed at www. Kanaanonline.org.

Dr. Samara is considered one of the leading Marxist-Nationalist Arab-Palestinian thinkers who is intensively engaged in the political and economic analysis of Arab political life and reality. His analysis is astucious and dives beyond the surface to expose the underlying forces that deeply affect the struggles and the lives of Arabs and Palestinians. He tells the truth as he sees it with courage and almost brutal frankness. His writings are richly informed and full of precious details. His style is engaging, vibrant and reflective of his life – life under occupation.

Due to his political views and activism, Dr. Samara was deprived from any teaching or academic position throughout his political life and was imprisoned several times. He was arrested three times by the Jordanian authority and spent two and half years in West Bank jails before the Arab-Israel war of 1967. Under the Israeli occupation, he was imprisoned for five and half years. In November 1999, as one of the signatories of the Bayan Al-Ishreen (The petition of Twenty)* he was placed under arrest for twenty-three days by the Palestinian Authority with other Palestinian leaders.

* A communiqué signed by a group of twenty Palestinian political leaders, activists, and political writers criticizing the Oslo Accords and the corruption in the PA. It was published in the Occupied West Bank on November 29, 1999 and led to the arrest and imprisonment of some of the signatories.