Gaza: Between this Massacre and the Next One… What is to be done?

Adel Samara

Kana’an eBulletin – Volume IX – Issue 1761

I. Historical Roots of the Conflict: When a Historian Lies!

Palestinian infants, women, men and fighters are under the Zionist fire day and night, but their resistance is still defiant. The massacre uncovers the real face of the triad (Zionism, imperialism, and Arab comprador regimes). More and more, the world is divided into two class camps: The ruling capitalists and the popular masses. That is why peoples around the globe protest while most of the rulers continue to arm the Zionists. Here is the importance and the potential strength of the Anti-War Anti-Globalization Movement as a beginning for a movement against capitalism and Zionism.

I will start by bringing three important points to the attention of the international reader, especially the young fighters against imperialism who express solidarity with Palestine and its struggle, and who deserve and have the right to know:

First: The Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR), which is mistakenly called the State of Israel, is a colonial – settler regime.

Following the First World War, Jewish settlers were trained, armed, organized and sent to Palestine mainly by British imperialism from more than hundred countries and nationalities[1], invade Palestine and evict our people to many corners of the world. Prior to the British colonialism of Palestine, only several thousand native Jews, (Arab Jew), lived in Palestine.

I raise this fact as I read an article by the Zionist historian Benny Morris and his lies. His main lie in this article is that he attributes the beginning of the Arab-Israeli conflict to the 1967 war:

“MANY Israelis feel that the walls – and history – are closing in on their 60- year-old state, much as they felt in early June 1967, just before Israel launched the Six-Day War and destroyed the Egyptian, Jordanian and Syrian armies in Sinai, the West Bank and the Golan Heights”.[2]

He never starts from the creation of the settler Zionist regime in Palestine by British colonialism, an event that dismantled Palestine and dispersed its people to all continents, to live and suffer as refugees from poverty, disease and discrimination. It is the shock which breeds all the rounds of bloodshed in the region and the root reason that explains why Morris’s “Israel” feels threatened!

As a historian, Morris decided to lie when he avoided referring to the settler origin and nature of ZAR and mentioning 1948 war. He did that because mentioning this truth will mean that the ZAR mere existence has no foundation.

As a historian, he can’t justify the invasion of Palestine by the myth of the ‘Promised Land” because, he can’t structure a scientific analysis on religious narration vis-à-vis historical narration. That is why; he decided to lie since he found that lying will cost him less!

To be fair and honest, it is not only the Zionist historian who is lying. The same conclusion applies on the PLO leadership and Arab ruling compradors who are repeating since 1967 that they want to resolve the consequences of the 1967 war, which really means that they ignored the Right of Return (RoR) of the Palestinian people to their Homeland. That is why it is not the mistake of international public opinion when it understood that the origins of the conflict go to 1967 (the second occupation of Palestine) and not to 1948 (the first occupation of Palestine).

Second: Those Arab ruling comprador started recognizing[3] the ZAR even before restoring the occupied land of 1967, the second occupation. They committed the second lie.

It was necessary to mention these two facts to explain why the Palestinians still and will continue resisting the occupation of their entire Homeland, in 1948 and 1967.

However, this writing is not devoted to reply on Morris’s article in its entirety.

Third: While the historian is openly lying, the “revolutionaries” unfortunately, decided to do the same, indirectly. A declaration by the Secretariat of the Fourth International stated the following:

“Sixty years ago, the partition of Palestine was imposed by the United Nations with the approval of imperialism and the Kremlin bureaucracy. This partition was basic to the birth of the State of Israel in 1947-1948. Now, sixty years later, 1.5 million Palestinians locked up in Gaza are again the victims of horrendous massacres”.

This paragraph does not mention that there wasn’t any thing called Israel at the time and before the UN resolution for the partition of Palestine in1947, and it does not tell the reader that Zionist Jews are colonial settlers in Palestine.

Despite all the false sympathy for Palestinian suffering and victims, ignoring the fact that Jews were brought from many countries and nations to colonize and settle Palestine, means that Arabs are those who started the ‘aggression’ against a “neighboring regime”, the ZAR which, in fact, never existed before the 1948 war.

The Fourth International is motivated to proof that the only possible solution is a ‘democratic state for both Arabs and Jews’. But, while it is “dying” to support this solution, it fails, and perhaps not by pure coincidence, to explain the roots of the conflict. Despite the new world developments following the financial and real economic crisis, the Fourth International is still defiant to recognize that Socialist Palestine is the solution.

II. Infinite Series of Massacres!

The Zionist invasion and colonization of Palestine was not the first in modern history against Arab Homeland. Western capitalist Europe the US, colonized most of the Arab Home land, fragmented it by force, created the ZAR, launched the wars of 1948, 1956, 1967, 1982, destroyed Iraq in 1991, occupied it in 2003, used Ethiopia to occupy Somalia, supported ZAR invasion of Lebanon 2006 and imperialist interference in Sudan, the division of Iraq, and the last but not the least supported the current ZAR massacre in Gaza.

This is not the place to analyze these aggression and even massacres, but to address the following question to international Anti-War and Anti-Globalization Movement and Arab popular classes:

Considering that the entire Arab Homeland – the region of this discussion and not only Gaza/Palestine that is the victim of the current attack – has been for decades under permanent aggression and massacres by this large camp of enemies, and while the world is watching what is happening in Gaza, what do we prepare and how do you act in the period between one massacre and

the next one?

How do we act towards the Arab ruling classes?

To what extent we build an international camp of solidarity?

Briefly, what form(s) of resistance do Arab popular classes need to establish at all economic, military, development and gender levels?

My point here is that the Arab Homeland is under a continuous threat and aggression not from the ZAR only, but from the core capitalist countries, Arab ruling regimes as well.

It is in this context that the massacre against Gaza should be viewed.

For the young generation in the west, it is important to know that, we Palestinians and Arabs, as all peoples of the world are here in our Homeland, and it is, as it has always been, the invaders who came to us, invaded us, attacked us, stole our wealth and resources, and blocked our development. It is true that during these aggressions, several Arab comprador classes and regimes supported the enemies, but this is not a justification to colonize and invade our nation.

The Western Capitalist Enemies and Gaza Massacre

While the ZAR is shelling Gaza’s government buildings, schools, mosques, even homes, the Chancellor of Germany declares her support for “Israel” and blames Hamas. The British Prime Minister supported the massacre and added, “but I am afraid that the fight will strengthen Hamas”. He fails to even mention the civilian victims. The US rulers, on the other hand, encouraged ZAR to kill more.

None of the western capitalist regimes blamed the aggressor. In fact many regimes supported it. This is the reason why I am addressing the following question to the international Anti-War and Anti-Globalization Movement and our popular classes: How (and what) do we plan to do in the period between one massacre and the next? Be certain that the “Next”, more massacres, are on their way.

The question (and the issue) is how to go back to “normal” life after the current massacre when so much blood had been shed.

It is for people of the world, especially in the capitalist west to stand and oppose their ruling classes which created, financed and continues to support the ZAR and Arab ruling comprador. This is the only way to achieve peace and to stop war mongers whether by direct military intervention or indirectly, i.e. through a client state like the AZR and Arab regimes.

Where are Events Taking Us?

At the time of this writing, the ZAR aggression continues in Gaza and Zionist leaders insist on refusing proposals for ceasefire[4], the Arab comprador support the aggression and Gaza continues to resist.

It is not clear what consequences the ground invasion will have[5], and what developments might follow. But, as I call for a plan of action and to prepare for what to do between one massacre and another, I also think that we are the victorious, even if the triad enemy (ZAR, the capitalist west and Arab comprador) continues to kill more, persist on uprooting Hamas, demolish Gaza infrastructure and destroy more Palestinian homes and lives in Gaza.


The massacre has pushed normalization with the ZAR too far behind us. The Arab nation became more and more opposed to compromise with ZAR and insist to support the Palestinian struggle for the right of return of the Palestinian refugees.

While the triad dreamt that aggression will bring Gaza to a fast surrender, the massacre in fact persuaded Arab masses to support resistance, criticize their ruling classes and oppose even more the capitalist west especially the US regime.

Accordingly, I think that the so-called peace accords, Oslo Accords, are withering out, the two-state solution is now out of discussion, and only the socialist state solution is gaining grounds, although it will need a long time. Despite the fact that the socialist solution in Palestine is a vision, at the present time, it is the only real solution and as I wrote on several occasions, the one-sate should be a socialist state and a part of the Arab Homeland.[6]

[1] See Adel Samara:” The Position of Zionism in Imperialism and New World Order a paper presented to the Conference of International Parliamentarians in Solidarity for Palestinian people, Brussels, May 2008.

[2] See, NY Times, December 30, 2008, Op-Ed Contributor, Why Israel Feels Threatened
By BENNY MORRIS,, Li-On, Israel.

[3] Some regimes did it openly, such as Egypt, PLO, Jordan and Mauritania, and others secretly like Qatar, Tunisia, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia…etc.

[4] French racist president welcomed the ZAR foreign minister despite the massacre and despite her rejection of his proposal for a 48- hour humanitarian truce!

[5] It is worth noting that Norway might donate to the ZAR special equipments to enable the soldiers to see in the dark nights and continue the killing. Norway had donated the same to US invaders when they occupied Iraq. The irony here is that Norway is also the gravel-holder of the infamous Oslo Accords. The Norwegian masses, however, should be proud of their youth who supported Gaza.

[6] See Adel samara: “Why the Socialist Solution in Palestine! And why the Secular Democratic State will serve the Zionist and Arab Comprador Solution! Kana’an e-Bulletin, 11 July 2008 at Also see Tikva Barnas in the same site and Masad Arbid and Adel Samara in several articles