The Shameful Abdication of the Western Media

Said Arikat

Kana’an eBulletin – Volume IX – Issue 1766

The savage Israeli attacks on Gaza leave behind wanton death and unspeakable destruction in perhaps the most densely populated piece of real estate on earth. The victims of this savagery are overwhelmingly unarmed civilians, brutalized by a chronic military occupation and garroted by sanctions for over forty years. The scenes left behind stagger the soul; babies for days clinging to the lifeless bodies of mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, neighbors, others; the obscene and deliberate targeting of schools, hospitals, clinics, ambulances, food depots, places supposedly protected by the UN. Repeatedly, these Israeli-joyous bombing s runs unfailingly leave in their wake a confused jungle of body parts of humans and dolls alike.

Almost comically, synchronized and ceaseless bombings by submarines, surface ships, helicopter gunships, F-16, artillery; monstrous looking tanks for the umpteenth time pouring fire and hatred on the hapless. Closely behind like body-cooties, hundreds, thousands of Israeli soldiers, their high-tech helmets diapered in these absurd looking netcaps climb out the metal hatches of gargantuan chariots of fire into the next room up in the house, killing the living, strewing about whatever stark and abject poverty in their conquered space, hawk-eying through their gunsights and night-vision their next victim in the alley below; perhaps a child too shell-shocked to double-step back to the doorless doorway; a wailing woman or the toothless elderly hajj, too encumbered by the many decades of misery to give a damn.

Yet through it all, the western fourth-state, this pinnacle of western claim to superiority and civility; this sanc timonious western honor (alibi lofty arrogance); this forever in your face “only us” private club of credibility; this multibillion dollar jet-setting, skyscraping, eye on this, eye on that star-war graphics dawning, Pulitzer prize winning, through it all, and in all, has gone AWOL.

This same western media that has for 60 years told us over and over, and over again; told us to death; told us until we almost drowned in the telling that Israel; this miracle, this eighth wonder of the world for democracy was “The One”-step aside Obama– Israel the one and only haven “befitting our reporting standards and media ethics,” etc., etc., etc., This Israel, minute after minute, bomb after murderous bomb, body after bloated body, has kept these paragons of the truth, the western media, this gold standard of objectivity, on the periphery of Gaza, content to watch from afar the streaks of smoke: now it is white, now it is yellow, now it is orange, now its black; content to see from afar the flash of fire descending down, the flash of fire ascending up; smug in their bullet-proof vests’ jacketed pretense; content to watch from afar the orgiastic death of Gaza; content to hear the fading wails of the dying only a stone’s through away.

Content, perhaps complicit, in parroting the Israeli censor’s line of cynical duplicity about rockets and Hamas and targeted militants and elderly women in Sedirot too terrified to have their hair done, or take a stroll or do this or do that, and so on, and so on.

A life time ago, as the statue fell and the banner proclaimed mission accomplished, we all remember all too well, how the glorious western fourth-state became all too FOXifized, and danced to the drumbeats of warmongers only to regret its acquiescence shortly thereafter. Shortly thereafter, as we all remember all too well, this western media, this vanguard of the truth, this beacon of fairness, wading through the fog of war, stood stunned at the size of the lie, and the sight of the hemorrhaging truth.

For now, it maybe frozen like a deer caught in headlights, or mesmerized by the cacophony of the sonic booms of the metal beasts from above and below, or even too complacent to earn its honest living. But the day of reckoning will come. Then this western media, which has so shamelessly abdicated its responsibilities for the truth about Gaza , must come to terms with its willful bearing of false-witness to the ongoing massacre.