Dissecting an Aljazeera Report of a Massacre

by Yaseen Dhaifalla

· Exposing al-Jazeera Lies.

In a report by Aljazeera’s Cal Perry, published on April 24th, 2011, he describes in detail what he claims to have witnessed on April 23: a massacre of innocent civilians in Syria, 1 Km from the southern town of Izra’.

On first reading, the report left me extremely sad, and angry at the perpetrators of such a heinous crime, which is ultimately the Syrian regime. However, I had to read the report a second time with a critical eye. I will explain the reason in the epilogue of this article.

On second reading, I noticed that the report contained inconsistencies and inaccuracies, which could be chalked up to the emotional condition of the writer after witnessing a massacre, but they were enough to do a third reading, this time analyzing every statement in depth. The only material I used in my analysis were the two Perry articles mentioned below, and Google Earth to look at the site of the massacre as reported in his April 24th article.

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