From Occupied Palestine:Back to Marxist Legacy

Life is Resistance not Negotiations


By Adel Samara


“Those who escaped from house work were imitating Jan Dark, they did not hesitate to compare themselves with her, and during the last few days of the Paris Commune, these impudent who are eager for fight more than men behind barricades… steadfastness more than men”

This paragraph came to my mind as we were pushed by young militant youth females who bravely faced and beat the Palestinian Authority (PA) police. One of the main similarities between this little battle and that of the Paris Commune is that both are against bourgeois regimes which colluded with the colonialists, Tyeir in France and Abbas in the West Bank.


This was a demonstration that took place in the West Bank yesterday and was initiated by PFLP young generation and some of the old guard against the PLO decision to continue negotiations with the Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR) – Israel. The Marxist PFLP decided to adopt the slogan deduced from the long struggle against ZAR:


Life is Resistance not Negotiations, End of Internalization of Defeat.


The Marxist youth challenged the PA policemen who were well equipped and well trained as well by bloody US imperialism. It was nearly 3000 people males and females: Youths, old guards, Ba’athist comrades and some leaders from Hamas as well.


It is the first demonstration of its sort. It is not directly against existence of ZAR, occupation and land confiscation. It is not against inflation, hike prices, and poverty. It is Against the PA. It is the most direct event challenging the regime of Oslo-Stan, challenging the mere existence of this regime.


It is just the beginning in a long battle against Oslo-Stan. It is the real division of Palestinian society into two camps: those who are against and those who are pro negotiations with ZAR. It is a renewal of the long radical people’s war (Mao’s slogan) of PFLP that shows what is real position of a patriotic Arabism international struggle against counter-revolution including the PA.


This is the main difference between the internal conflict between the two main right wing organizations, Fateh and Hamas, the conflict for power. The differences between the two groups are small. The leadership of both is from capitalist class (comprador, parasitic, merchant, and bureaucratic). While the militia of both comes from the popular classes. The leaders of the both organizations were negotiating internal reconciliation between both of them but in vain. Considering the fact that seven years for negotiations between those two groups, one can imagine that 20 years of negotiations with ZAR is too short!


This event is a new orientation against the very existence of the PA and its policy of negotiations.


It is the first message to the US as the leader of aggression against the Palestinian people.


Some people might try to exploit the event to say that PA leadership will use it to strengthen its position in negotiations, but I doubt that. This event is the beginning of a turning point especially if it continues.


What must be mentioned is that there are premises to this advanced attitude. The steadfastness of the camp of resistance of Hezbollah and Syria, the victory of Iraq, West Bank and Gaza demonstrations in support of Syria which was initiated by committees in defense of Syria for the last two years, the student activities at Bier Zeit University which included the expulsion the British consul and the tens of Egyptian millions revolt in 30th of June. All these are the spiritual motives and the direct charging of the political and class conscious of the popular classes. I say class, because I did not see any individual of the bourgeoisie. It is like the Cultural Revolution in China, students, youth of women and men, it is a new Revolutionary Guard. The difference is that the goal of Cultural Revolution in China was a social/political one, while here it is patriotic.


Media provided full converge. For sure some of them will make two versions of their coverage: one for the police of PA, ZAR, US and Jordan, and one for their media stations.


Some youths were wounded and others arrested, and for sure more will be arrested tonight, and some will be transferred to the ZAR police.


The question that comes to my mind is:

  • The first waves of Palestinian struggle before and during 1948 Zionist occupation of Palestine was a popular semi-organized and spontaneous struggle. We shouldn’t ignore the fact that the Zionists never were able to settle and occupy Palestine without the full support of the Imperialist center, whish also fought on behalf of them.
  • Following 1967 occupation of the rest of Palestine (West Bank and Gaza Strip) the leadership of the Watani (patriotic) struggle fell into the hands of PLO right wing and finally this leadership colluded with enemies and became part of the Counter-Revolution.
  • Later the control was transferred to the organizations of Islamic Politicized Religion (known to many as Political Islam), especially Hamas. But Hamas leadership failed in the first national challenge since its leadership betrayed Syrian nationalist regime and allied itself with the Counter-Revolution from Qatar to Turkey and Saudi Arabia led by US imperialism and devoted firstly for the sake of the ZAR.
  • The challenge/question is now: to what extent a Patriotic/Arab and Marxist-Leninist current will be able to lead a new wave of revolution?

If PFLP is able to revolutionize the moment, it will fulfill an old duty which many revolutionary Arabs who were trained in its bases in Jordan and Lebanon have dreamt of and expected from its leadership, to constitute a Marxist Current in the Arab national movement – Arabism.


What is going on in Syria and Egypt is the beginning of a Pan-Arab resurrection. Are we ready to be part of it to restore the real Arab Spring which started and was betrayed in Palestine?


July 28 2013