From Financial Trap to Liquidating Negotiations


Adel Samara


For anyone to be able to summarize developments of such a prolonged national globalized struggle in few pages, such as the one in Occupied Palestine, this doesn’t mean that he is genius, but is means that the conflict is finalizing because one of the partners accepted to be defeated, self-defeated and accordingly he went to negotiations just to listen and agree.


This is the meaning of the Palestinian negotiator’s self-defeated slogan: “Life is Negotiations” challenging the historical lesson that: “Life is Resistance”.


Currently there is a new round of negotiations between Zionist and Palestinian teams. Considering two decades of negotiations and the Zionist continuous expansion in the West Bank prove that what is going on are not real and serious negotiations, but a US/Zionist plan/conspiracy which the Palestinian partner must accept on the one hand, but act is if he is negotiating on the other. What is going on is a plan in general and conspiracy in terms of execution.


In these artificial negotiations, the Palestinian team must, and really is, accepting two main conditions designed in advance by the US and Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR):


To help protect and cooperate in executing US colonial interests in Arab Homeland, with the Zionization and Judiazation of Palestine being the top priority. US insistence on that objective reflects US need to achieve some gains in the region in the current era when US role in the region is in decline. A main part of that gain or goal is to guarantee the survival of ZAR as long as possible. The hidden discourse and agenda here is that US as the main enemy against Arabs and Palestinians deeply realizes that the region will never stay under its control without the security and stability of ZAR.


And to provide ZAR of all it needs in Palestine in parallel to giving Palestinians little and scattered parts of their Homeland to justify the conspiracy and the signing of PLO leadership of the final agreement.


Briefly speaking the plan/conspiracy, it is the Judization of Palestine on the one hand, and an artificial amendment of the Self-Rule to look as if it is a state representing Palestinian rights on the other.


This new “state” is a new version of Self-Rule recognizes that Palestine, the land of Palestinian people, became the land of Jews. The new “state” is limited to few scattered spots of West Bank even without a clear fate of Gaza Strip. This “state” is divided by Jewish settlements especially those built on 1967 borders to wipe the truce line of 1948. Those city settlements are: Ariel, Modaa’im, Gilo, Maa’leh Adomim in addition to all small settlements that will stay as well. Both city and small settlements will have the ‘right’ to expand according to the so-called “natural growth”.


According to the plan/conspiracy, some form of confederation will be created between Jordan and the Palestinian semi-colonized entity in terms of policing, while “security” must be monopolized by ZAR. Refugees’ Right of Return is totally terminated and substituted by a charitable program called “family re-union” giving some Palestinians the right to return to the tiny entity but not to their homes in occupied Palestine 1948. Palestinian refugees will be transferred to and settled in Arab Gulf countries that will pay the cost of that part of the plan/conspiracy and will pay substitutions for the refugees’ homes and land in the occupied Palestine 1948. What a generosity! Arab regimes must recognize the ZAR as the “owner” of Palestine and must normalize with it.


Of the main goals of this fast settlement is to gain time as early as possible to obstruct:

The strengthening of the role of Russia in the region

To challenge the new rising power of resistance (Syria, Iran and Hizbullah) as the main challenge against Counter- Revolution.

And to terminate the new blossoms of Arab nationalism resurgence and transformation.


Unfortunately, any careful reading to the plan/conspiracy will realize that there is a good chance for it to go on except if Syria defeats the aggression on the one hand, and if new Syria will be able and believe in launching counter attack against the rest of Arab regimes, especially those who participated in the current aggression against it.


But, lets’ say that the Plan/Conspiracy is going to gain grounds in the time being, then the question is: How this became possible?


This article is not devoted for a long or even short historical analysis of the conflict, but a brief explanation of two main factors will illuminate that “HOW”.


1 – Trapping Palestinians and the Creation of an Palestinian Authority Society


The orientation for surrendering the Palestinian Homeland started with the very early beginnings of PLO due to the suspicious reactionary and foreign finance to its leadership. In this context we must differentiate between the fighters and the leadership. The leadership realized early on that it is unable to achieve the liberation of Palestine in separation from the Arab liberation movement and masses. This PLO leadership were motivated by the goal of creating a new Qutri (anti Arab nationalism) regime for its own in a rejection to Arab nationalism and unity.


Between these two alternatives, the leadership decided to compromise the country for the sake of its class interests and capturing power. That is why, PLO leadership decided to accept a Self-Rule on parts of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. This choice was supported by Arab Gulf rulers who continue to finance this leadership and who share this leadership’s hatred and fear of Arab Nationalism.


The first direct step in this orientation was PLO leadership decision to leave Beirut following the ZAR aggression on Lebanon in Summer 1982 and their escape to Tunisia. This self-defeat has been camouflaged by the pretense that resistance from Lebanon is impossible.


I remember, in 1982, a friend of mine asked for my opinion on PLO leadership’s decision to leave Lebanon 1982. I said that it was wrong:”Palestinians shouldn’t leave Lebanon under occupation. They must stay and resist beside Lebanese resistance even if they will face the fate of Paris Commune leadership (1870). Time proved that resistance and even victory are possible.


Flight from Lebanon was a decision of departing military struggle. One of later developments based on that was the role played by Edward Said who opened a secret channel between PLO and the US administration when he was an appointed by Arafat as a member of the Palestine National Council. Said introduced Yaser Abd Rabbbo to the US, a step which put PLO under the US influence. The result of that were Oslo Accords 1993 and Paris Protocol 1995.


ZAR and the US never dreamt of a Palestinian leadership to accept this form of Accords. To maintain Oslo, they decided to finance the Self-rule (the PA) in several means: Direct finance from the so-called Donor Countries and direct finance from NGOs to the leftist PLO organizations.


The result of that is the creation of an authority survives totally dependent on foreign financing as a “political rent” for PLO and PA acceptance of Oslo as a political/patriotic compromise.


Falling into this conspiracy, PLO leadership became part of the Counter Revolution. The large amounts of financing the PA in a “political rent” manner reached $25 billion until 2011. This rent has been devoted to recruit, as much as possible, employees in the PA departments especially those who were either working in the economic branches of ZAR and who are loyal to the PA. Through that policy, nearly 200,000 persons have been employed by this authority. They with their families reached one million, i.e. one third of the population of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Their number will be grater if we add to them those who are secretly recruited in security apparatuses and many of the private sectors especially the comprador class which is favored by Donor countries and World Bank.


This part of the population has its own social/class hierarchy as if it is a special society, a society inside the society. It started from the PA high ranks of the bureaucratic capitalist leadership which in harmony with the private sector which enjoys most of the Donors’ support. There are other social classes which are also articulated with the bureaucratic and comprador capitalism, i.e. the middle class of other employees going down to ordinary employees. This class structure privileged and accordingly loyal to PLO/PA regime which I called “Oslo-Stan”, they are ready to fight for its continuity and survival.


To elaborate most of Fath movement is absorbed in the departments of PA state structure. Each member in this organization when he/she reaches he employment age is granted one job or more, while the PA did not care of unemployment of the rest of the people. The only exception was a few jobs donated in a trickle-down manner to the leaderships of other PLO organization leaderships to gain and guarantee their loyalty.


Through this form of dependency on foreign rent funds, spending most of the PA budget on salaries and security, adopting liberal and later neo-liberal policies, open market and other market oriented economy and a lot of side effects deeply rooted in the country, i.e. neglecting productive sectors especially because markets were flooded by imported goods. This forced more people to leave their land and look for jobs in the PA.


Those who benefited by rent as an invisible income encouraged to consume more as long as the income was not generated from direct personal work as it is in the case of independent producers. Productive investment went to zero and the surplus fled abroad from a risky place looking for higher interest rates.


In the same orientation, many intellectuals and academics were marketing Oslo compromise under the pretend of peace. They supported Arafat’s call to stop the Intifada, stop boycotting and encouraging all forms of normalization with ZAR. Those intellectuals played the role of Sixth brigade.


The irony is that many of those who participated, supported and benefited from Oslo Accords started lately criticizing them as if they were opposed to them. But, they did not cut off with the benefits of these accords. This opportunist behavior in the final analysis encouraged PLO leadership to go to negotiations easily as long as the opposition is so “polite” and opportunistic!


While Donor’s money was transferred to the regime, NGOs money was devoted to corrupt many leftist leaders and cadre who renegade to become supporters for Oslo regime. Some of them criticized Oslo from inside, a behavior which gave the Oslo regime a chance to look democratic and flexible enough to contain people who benefited from it and criticized it at the same time. Most of the so called leftist NGOs criticized Oslo and foreign money but depend on that money and worked in Oslo-Stan! One of those is the German Rosa Luxemburg NGO in Ramallah.


The best evidence for the trap conspiracy is the Donors’ cut off money when Hamas gained the majority of the Palestinian Counsel (which is falsely called legislative) and led the cabinet. Before Oslo Accords a lot of Palestinian workers were living through working in the ZAR economic sectors. With Oslo, most of those workers recruited in PA departments. Accordingly, when the Donors cut off donations the Palestinians, they found themselves in the trap.


The irony is that these elections were designed, financed and supervised by the same Donor countries!


While the donors did not respect the result of the elections which they sponsor, also Hamas leadership betrayed its previous commitments to do participate in the first elections under Oslo umbrella when Hamas participate in the second elections.


Since Hamas fell in the trap of elections, its leadership started competing with Fath for power. The competition for power led to armed conflict between the two organizations which ended by Hamas controlling Gaza Strip. Since that time, two Palestinian governments have been established. Both pretend that it is enthusiast for reconciliation, which never took place. So, Hamas like Fatah departed from military struggle to power competition.


Hamas needs for weapons for Gaza Strip maintained relationships with Iran, Syria and Hezbollah, but at the same time Hamas strengthened its relationship with Arab anti-resistance and anti-Arab nationalism regimes which are client states to US policies in the region including the recognition of the ZAR.


The Syrian crisis terminated Hamas’ margin of maneuvering. As a branch of Moslem Brotherhood, Hamas supported the terrorist organizations in Syria and its leadership fled to Qatar which launched direct war against Syria.


The flight of Hamas leadership to Qatar is similar to that of Arafat from Beirut to Tunisia in 1982, as both steps are preparation for abandoning military struggle. Accordingly, Qatar supported Gaza government to gain its loyalty and to depart from military struggle.


2 – Arab Spring


Briefly speaking, what is going in Arab Homeland during the last three years is a beginning of revolutions clashes with the Counter Revolution. Counter Revolution is there in Arab Homeland and the battle with it is a fierce and fateful one. The Counter Revolution targeted the main Arab capitals: Baghdad, Cairo and Damascus and the Arab camp of resistance. But the fierce fight is for Syria. ZAR is the one which benefited the most benefited from the destruction in Arab Homeland, especially and as long as the main Arab armies are engaged in war with terrorists, who are backed, financed and trained by US, EU, Arab Gulf regimes and Turkey.


This case of chaos paved the way for the US to impose a “peaceful” settlement on Palestinians exploiting the moment of the absence of the three main Arab capitals, Baghdad, Damascus and Cairo, from supporting the Palestinians.


The last developments in Egypt, the collapse of the Moslem Brotherhood regime, pushed the US to accelerate negotiations between ZAR and Palestinians. This development might terminate all US project of alliance with forces of Politicized Religion in most of Arab Homeland from Morocco to Syria.


This shaky and changeable situation encourages the Counter Revolution led by the US to finalize a “peace” settlement in the form of plan/conspiracy as fast as possible.




There is no doubt that the plan/conspiracy is a victory against Arab national project as a termination of the Palestinian question for the sake of the ZAR. But history tells us two main lessons:

  • First, is that in case of Syrian victory, all these arrangements might collapse.
  • Second, in the long run, there is no chance for ZAR to last in the region.


The US and Zionism are trying to extend the life of the ZAR as long as possible.

It is well known that Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza are unable to challenge and defeat the enemies’ project, but at least it is our duty to refuse it, and resist it as a step on the long path of liberating our Homeland.