A Condemnation of the Military’s Slaughter in Egypt—

A Challenge to Those Who Deluded Themselves into Thinking the Military Coup was Progressive

August 15, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us

The Egyptian military has carried out a bloodbath against supporters of Mohammed Morsi. Estimates of those killed range from hundreds to 2,000, and the vicious repression continues. This onslaught is totally unjust. It must be unequivocally condemned.

Let’s be clear about what the Egyptian military represents. It has been financed, trained, and propped up by the U.S. This military is the bulwark of the repressive Egyptian state that has served the interests of U.S. imperialism in the Middle East. This military, with the backing of the U.S., staged the coup in late June against the Morsi government. And the massacre of August 14 was made possible by U.S. support for this coup.

If you were in the streets demanding the downfall of the Morsi regime…or you saw that as a positive thing and cheered it on…deluded yourself and others that this was a “people’s uprising”… or are in denial that what took place was a coup by the reactionary Egyptian military, but you are now—correctly—appalled by the massacre of Muslim Brotherhood protesters…then you have to take some responsibility to confront that you were USED, PLAYED, and MANIPULATED by one oppressive agenda and section of the oppressive ruling class to facilitate and justify a reactionary coup and a slaughter to try to crush a rival reactionary oppressive force.

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Response by Adel Samara

Editor-in-Chief of Kana’an Magazine

Occupied Palestine


Adel Samara To believe in Marxism is different than to be a real Marxist. But in all cases one must understand deeply what is going on in any place when taking a stand with or against conflict.


To ignore the mass demonstrations against Morsi and just concentrate on the military is a one-sided analysis.


For us here in Arab Homeland, all forces which Politicize Religion (Political Islam) are historically dangerous against the country, economy and especially women. Morsi represent the market, male dictatorship and normalization with the Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR)-Israel. Unfortunately many Marxist groups are still standing on the side of ZAR in an inferior manner and in contradiction with Mao’s position. We ask those groups not to mix Maoism with the sickness of Trotskyites. Those who are against Morsi are most of the people, not the military only. We call them the Multitude or the (or a mix of forces into one coalition). Some of them liberals, Salafists, Nasserites, Marxists and remnants of Mubarak’s regime. Both Morsi and the Multitude have relationships with Counter Revolution (the US, EU, ZAR and Gulf renter monarchies). But still in the Multitude many people are patriotic, believe in women liberation, stand against ZAR and believe in the liberation of Palestine. The issue of liberation of Palestine is painful to some Marxists!!! The military must choose one of two mechanisms to deal with the Morsi supporters who refuse to quit the Mayadeen (squares): Either to let masses fight each other or to do it through police, by the state. Finally, we ask the orientalist Marxists to think about two issues: First, not to act as leaders and teachers for us in periphery (like Stalin and Trotsky) and second not to jump to fast conclusions.