Targeting the Arab Nation

Syria, a State that Challenges Many!


Adel Samara


While Western capitalism in its imperialist era targeted the Arab nation, in its globalism era it is embarking on the termination of this nation.


During the era of imperialism, Arab nationalist currents and regimes were resisting imperialism’s continued aggression. By the end of twentieth century, Arab nationalists were exhausted by the three forces of counter-revolution (CR) (Western capitalism, Zionism and Arab dependent reactionary agents), but the last Arab nationalist fortress, Syria, is still fighting. The result of the war against Syria will either breed the re-birth of Arab nation or its defeat for a long time to come.


Defeat of Egypt 1967, Iraq 1991, Libya 2011, current CR war against Syria and proxy war against Yemen shows two main changes in the region and even the globe:


  • In global  era, CR enters a stage of aggression against Arab nation aimed at terminating that nation,
  • In the current war, CR enjoys a safe and profitable war against Arab nation (see below).


Many Arab commentators and analysts thought in the last year that the CR leadership, the US is orienting most of its aggressive force against China and Russia, dreaming that a political solution for the Syrian crisis is about to happen.  Facts on the ground tell just the opposite. The goal of the three components of CR is still the same, but even developed towards terminating the whole Arab nation motivated by the fact that contradiction with Arab nationalism is an antagonistic one taking into consideration that:

  • The interest of Western capitalism in the Arab Homeland is still too vital and forces of Arab nationalism insist on terminating those interests.
  • The existence of Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR) is rejected by latent popular Arab nationalism despite the compromise and even betrayal of the ruling Arab nationalism.
  • Arab component of CR is in absolute contradiction with Arab nation falling into the crime of stealing Arab wealth and using it against Arab nation.


This Arab part of CR is composed of:

  • Regimes of Politicized Religion (RoPR), Saudi, Qatari, UAR and the rest of GCC.
  • Forces of Politicized Religion (FoPR). Wahhabi and Moslem Bros.
  • Sectarian (Sunni, Shia’a ) comprador bourgeois elites
  • Intellectuals of Sixth Brigade (IoSB)


When Arab proxy war in alliance with Turkey occupied Anbar in Iraq and Tadmor in Syria, Some analysts imagined that those agents decided to fight independently. This is not true. The US never allows agents to decide far from its sponsorship. In fact, US ruling elite is using several scenarios at the same time:

  • Talking about peace for Syria
  • Leading, at the same time, a brutal war against Syria through its Arab agents and Turkey to try their best to destroy Syria while maintaining its control over them.


In the last few years, CR moved to the stage of terminating Arab nation provoked by the development of Resistance Bloc (RB), represented by Syria, Iran, Hizbullah and part of Palestinian resistance.


The importance of RB is that it is rebuilding Arab liberation and nationalist movement and regimes to challenge CR, a fact which shows that conflict in the region is between the two blocs.


The steadfastness of RB was crystallized in:

  • Defeat of ZAR in Lebanon in 2006
  • ZAR failure to terminate Palestinian resistance in Gaza
  • Defeat of US military occupation of Iraq, and US economic attrition there

All those factors in addition to:

  • US and EU financial and economic crisis,
  • The readiness of Arab RoPR and FoPR, sectarian leaders and IoSB to fight a proxy war against RB gave a golden opportunity for the US as the leadership of CR.


Based on all those developments, the US as the leadership of CR decided to adopt a changeable tactic as mentioned above. It is to keep the door open for third Geneva political negotiations on Syria, and even to say that Assad will be part of Syrian future, and to mobilize its Arab agents, Turkey and ZAR to try again to defeat Syria.


At the same time, the US pretends that it is activating a coalition against ISIS while practically it considers ISIS necessary for its strategy to terminate Arab nation.

Some people believe that after CR support ISIS to occupy Ramadi and Tadmor, that Syrian regime will collapse and ISIS mission has been completed and CR will terminate it. I do not share that opinion.


On the one hand, RB is still strong, this bloc is liberating Syrian-Lebanon borders, and is very close to succeed in orienting Lebanese government to fight the terrorists in its own land and strengthening alliance between Hizbullah and most of Lebanese Christians. Those developments tell that Lebanon no more can stay as an open front against Syria.


In addition to these encouraging developments, Arab massesare more and more realizing the danger of CR war of termination against them.


This doesn’t mean that enemy camp is in a weak position. Capitalism in globalism era is very comfortable of proxy war which:

  • Does not cost the US souls and money as long as they are fighting a paid for war from sky
  • Operating its military complex mostly by its full capacity
  • Destroying Arab Republics and continuing a war of attrition against RB
  • And putting Russia and China in a critical situation as long as they fail to challenge the aggressive siege against Yemen.


The RB applies different tactics in war against CR bloc represented directly by terrorists of al-Qaida, al-Nusra, ISIS and others.


In addition to their victory in Lebanon, the Syrian Arab army applies the tactic of (al-Tawreeet wa al-said) bewildering and haunting, i.e. let terrorists occupy a certain place, village or city, an then attack them and kill them group by group. In that tactic the army avoids killing citizens and apply human attrition against terrorists.


Accordingly, the war is extended and will be expanded. CR led by Western capitalism will never go for peace without defeat, final defeat.


Following the fall of Ramadi and Tadmor most of western media and commentators started discussing the post-Arab nationalist era. They argue that Arab nation now facing a new colonial era.


When US invaded Iraq, 1991 and 2003, the pretext was democratizing Iraq. The result was the destruction of Iraq and all Arab republics and armies. In fact, US apply its real goal against Arab nation, “Creative Chaos”, i.e. the creation of disorder.


As long as the mission is completed, then US media tools like Robert Kaplan wrote:  “America requires a strong Egypt — democratic or not — as a regional anti-Iran ally to bolster Saudi Arabia…The challenge now is less to establish democracy than to reestablish order. For without order, there is no freedom for anyone”. Read more:


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Two questions remain:

Will Iran change its alliance with Syria following the signing of agreement with the US and its allies?

And what is the position of Russia and China in both cases, i.e. if Iran will change or not?

I think we must listen to the history and understand interests and to find out if history lessons go in harmony with interests of friends of Syria in the current war?

Arab experience with USSR shows that USSR never betrayed its Arab allies despite the fact that their relationship with them wasn’t as close as the case between ZAR and imperialism. USSR provided Arabs of all needed weapons, but it was never able or ready to fight on their behalf. The October war of 1973 shows that armies of Egypt and Syria defeated ZAR army.

Iran supports Hizbullah but never fought on its behalf. Iran is a direct ally with Syria. It is even a partner with Syria in both victory and/or defeat. This means that its interest is to stand with Syria and Hizbullah to the end.

Russia will continue supporting Syria. If, in critical situation, Iran will enter direct war in defense of Syria, Russia will not. It is not the role of Russia to enter the war, but Russia will support Syria and Iran not only because history confirms that, but because the victory of Syria is a protection of Russia from an imperialist and FoPR where many of them came from Russian Federation republics.

China will continue to support Syria, but not the extent that Russia will go to.

But, still, the most determining factor is the RB steadfastness in the field.

Since it is a long war, it is our duty to mobilize Arab masses to fight in at all fronts, i.e.

  • Boycotting enemies products
  • Destroying enemies interests in the form of peoples’ war of destruction
  • Challenging Arab regimes which are fighting the Arab nation in a proxy war in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, especially as long as those enemies of the nation are planning to declare the creation of the so-called joint Arab army.

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