Prison is a State Invention

Inherited by Zionism and Imperialism to Jail Nations

By Adel Samara

Occupied Palestine


(This Speech was prepared for International Gathering in Defense of Revolutionary Prisoners Organized by International Red Gathering in Defense for Revolutionary Prisoners, Paris 28 June 2015. )


To begin with I appreciate and support your International activity, especially because it is taking place in an era where the very and fast scientific and technological innovations in the world have been used by Counter Revolution for the genocide of nations.


Thank you for the invitation and please accept my apology for being unable to attend your meeting personally.


Prison is of ugliest tool in the hand of political authorities in human history. It is a governmental institution and tool, against citizens justified by the pretence of applying the law and order which is designed by organic intellectuals of the ruling classes. It is a governmental class tool enforced over the popular classes especially the opposition. It is a tool for maintaining authority’s power which is either the dictatorship of bourgeois or the dictatorship of popular majority. In both cases it is an authority’s tool.


Prison exists in parallel with the existence of state. The state itself emerges as a result of humanity’s transformation to private ownership, which in the era of the current capitalist globalism that reached it’s highest stage of barbarity.


In the age of the core barbaric global capital and its’ support for dependent regimes in the periphery, the Committee in Defense of revolutionary prisoners is of a special importance at a human level. It is the minimum activity to rescue humanity from all forms of dictatorships in the capitalist center and periphery as well.


Resistance, activity, attitude and positions against invaders especially against aggressions launched by settler colonial white capitalism and on the top of that, the Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR), is the most noble human struggle. The defense is the resistance by popular classes when its latent energy explodes as resistance. During this resistance, many women, children, and elders are killed, injured and/or arrested. It is not understandable why many associations and media did not include youths and soldiers of resistance as victims. Through this resistance and arrest became imperative.


But, imprisonment is never limited to cases of colonialism and invasion. It is originally a local one in the national state, i.e. that authority’s repression in national state is really there. Most, if not all regimes, are repressive especially the so-called liberal western democracies which are covered by silk and money. From those circumstance stems the defense for the sake of revolutionary prisoner’s freedom.


It is worth noting here that there are global prisons. Ten years ago, the Palestinian Authority (PA) jailed comrade Ahmad Saadat, the Secretary General of PFLP and two other Palestinian militants and placed in a jail in the city of Jericho in the occupied West Bank. The jail was guarded by American and British police. This was the first known global prison. But despite that, the ZAR army invaded the prison and kidnapped the Palestinian comrades without any resistance from the imperialist guards or protest from either the old imperialism, Britain or from the other, the US which is fortunately in decline. This very prison was built as a “donation” from the government of Holland which is, in the imperialist division of colonial labor, delegated with the role of building jails for our people!


Following the Jericho prison, a net of US prisons, global prisons, was uncovered in more than 20 peripheral client states, most of them are Arab and/or East European regimes.


Moreover, the US regime is sponsoring prisons all over the world as soon as the prisoners are revolutionaries. In Jordan 1965 the leader of the jail told us that the US regime pay $ 5 daily per each prisoner. In fact the regime never spent that little amount!


But, let me say some thing about the Palestinian case. The entire historical Palestine is under Zionist settler colonial occupation since 1948 and 1967. It is a prison for an entire people. Each two Jewish settlers are engaged daily in torturing one Palestinian citizen either physical psychological, economical, cultural, political…etc, in addition to a continuous killing and arresting of Palestinian revolutionaries. (The following video below shows the similarity between ISIS and the Zionists and sure US‘s CIA.


This Zionist brutality has two goals: that the Palestinian either die or leave his homeland. That is why, the issue is not the number of jailed Palestinians who are either still in jail or had been released to the large jail, their homeland.


Arresting Palestinian revolutionaries started with the occupation of most of Palestine in 1948. Accordingly, in addition to those who are in jail, the rest of the Palestinian people suffer from land confiscation, terminating of productive sectors in agriculture and industry through flooding West Bank & Gaza markets with Zionist mass (and less costly) production. Not to mention repression of individual freedom, civil liberties, and economic right of free export/import. Briefly speaking, it is impossible for any Palestinian to plan his tomorrow because any Zionist military patrol might at any time close any Palestinian city, refugee camp or village.


The total number of Palestinian prisoners until 5 June 2015 is 5750. This number is distributed as follows:

– Administrative detainees 401, including 6 parliament members,

– 125 women,

– 164 children,

– 12 arrested parliament members,

– 496 prisoners with life sentence,

– 458 prisoners sentenced for more than 20 years. In jail before Oslo Agreement are 30, and prisoners of Jerusalem citizens 471.


Resistance has never ceased inside jails. One of the most sophisticated struggles of Palestinian prisoners is hunger strikes, collective, partial and individual. Hunger strike is the battle of mind, will and body against Nazi ZAR. Yesterday, the militant Sheikh Khoder Adnan stopped his hunger strike after 55 days, when the enemy gave up and promised to release him on July 12, 2015.  This is his second hunger strike as administrative detained.


This is Zionism.


Note (1): The first hunger strike during the ZAR occupation of the West Bank and Gaza is the one I started on July 1968 in (Beit Leed- Kfar Yuna Israeli jail) because the prison’s administration refused our demand to receive books. The enemy put me in an individual cell. In the first day the enemy forced me to take milk by pipe, I pushed it back and in the second day I refused to take water. In the fourth day they transferred me to ar-Ramlah hospital jail. By the seventh day, the jail administration gave me the first book which my family brought  but the administration of the jail kept to see whether I will insist to receive books. The book was Political Parties by the French author Maurice Diverges. It was a text book for the second year in my study at the University of Lebanon-Beirut. The strike was documented by Dr. Assad Abdurrahman in his book Awraq Sajin (Prisoners’ Papers).


Note (2): Those who like to know how USA created ISIS, may read my paper: Terrorist Orientalism in a State Form Using Marxism, Christianity and Islam to Dismantle Arab Homeland. The paper is located at Kana’an website at the following link:



Thank you.