Three basic Pillars for a Continuous Intifada



Adel Samara

Occupied Palestine

To maintain a practical and continuous Intifada, we need to move from spontaneous response to the strategy of “Life is Resistance” (LR) or from spontaneous to methodology, from Palestinian youths (she/he) to Arab youths. All these issues must be taken into consideration to achieve the goal of LR.


The current Intifada continues from place to another, from an organized activity to individual initiatives. There is a variety in people’s initiatives, challenge and defense.


In all those confrontations, the difference became obvious between Palestinians as the people and owners of their Homeland, and the imported settlers to Palestine, the old and new Zionist Ashkenazi Regime’s (ZAR) settlers. The difference is  between us as natives without any weapon and the settlers (as soldiers or armed settlers) who posses US and western capitalist’s rifles, jet fighters and especially French nuclear weapons.  But despite that gap which is extended from earth to sky, we continue to resist and never stopped. We are entrenched as earth and they are evaporating in the sky.


Once, twice and endless, we must emphasize on the three main pillars of Intifada:


First: The building of popular committees in villages and neighborhoods, and the cooperation between villages especially in blocking roads in front and behind ZAR settlers and army. We must confront them in each place and position by technical military operations, and popular committees defending every place.


Second: We must depart for ever from that long history of fighting bravely only in the moment of confrontation, and after that moment we return to normal life as if everything had ended and every goal was achieved.


Many of us go back to normalization with the enemy and do not boycott it in any level. As long as LR, we must continue rejecting normalization and we must continue boycotting the enemy. By other token: The technical military operations are the intensified and direct resistance, but the boycotting and the rejection of normalization, are the extended resistance in every single moment of life. The intensive and extended resistances are the two components of LR because our struggle is prolonged. This is related to the paradigm of Development by Popular Protection. But this needs another discussion.


Third: We shouldn’t feel tired from agitating Arab masses and telling them that they are part of our struggle with ZAR, that they are not just part of the solidarity camp. The participation of Arab masses in our struggle is the practical and popular wiping of Sykes-Picot artificial borders, and it is the profound response to those who fall in sectarian conflicts, who are a mere tool in hands of Counterrevolution which extends from Saudi Arabia to Turkey, France and US, some of them knew that and many did not know at all.


My question here is to Arab youths:


how many stones have been thrown against embassies of our enemies who are arming ZAR?


How many of us have decided to boycott enemy’s products?


How many decided to march against cultural centers of the western capitalist regimes which are our enemies at least since the world inception of capitalist’s mode of production? All those activities are a contribution in disintegration of the sensitive links /joints of Qutriya Arab states (small states divided by imperialist powers) as clientele for imperialism.


How many Arab leftists, nationalists and Islamic organizations called the masses to march against Western capitalist interests, embassies, NGOs and cultural centers?


How many of us realize the fact that ZAR decisions are not  designed and stem from its mind directly, but rather they are made in the capitalist west? That is why the west must lose so that it will control and stop its agent: ZAR.


Remember all the time that ZAR is a society of agents to the capitalist west, from the school student to the Prime Minister.