Germany and Zionist Regime

Saturated of Racism

Not in Need for Hajj Hussain’s “Advice”


Adel Samara


In his false attempt to clean the history of Nazism and Hitler himself, Netanyahu falls into deeper trap attributes of the Holocaust to an “advice” from Hajj Amin al-Husaini to Hitler.


Many had written negating that hallucination, so I will take the discussion to another level.


History does not teach us that there was any nation that is totally racist. In certain periods and under the hegemony of certain ideology, many or most of some nations deteriorate into being and behave as racists. This deterioration is highly applicable on Germany under Nazism, and currently the Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR) as a settler colonialist in all of Palestine. I will look at the roots of that joint criminal attitude of both.


■ ■ ■


This strange attitude and similarity between Germany and ZAR did not start neither from the intensive Nazi Holocaust against Jews nor from the current ZAR extensive Holocaust against Palestinian people. It is rooted and inherited into the history and culture of both.


In Germany, it is Hegel, in the first half of 19th century who made a distinction between the ‘historic’ peoples and “peoples without history”. “The civilized nation is conscious that the rights of barbarians are unequaled” (The Philosophy of Rights, (Encyclopedia Britannica, Chicago, 1971, p. 111).

In fact, it is not only Hegel,


“…The ideology was a quite mystical doctrine, deriving  from Herder, Fichte, Hegel and some others, according to which the German nation is  a superorganism with a ‘will’  and ‘spirit’ of its own, and the German citizen is someone, not at all free as to will and rights, but merely  a cell or a component part of the state organism and subject to its superordinate ‘will’ (James M. Blaut, The National Question, Decolonizing the Theory of Nationalism, Zed books, 1987. P. 34).


Those absolutely racist arguments are the real cultural/theoretical foundations of Nazism. It is entrenched in Germany’s culture. So, it is natural to breed after several decades the philosopher of Nazism, Martin Headgear, who never apologized for his belonging to Nazism. The shame is that neither Zionists nor US regime punished him. In fact he was welcomed by the United States.


But today, Netanyahu redraws Hitler as a naïve criminal, and that a Palestinian Mufti al-Husseni who lured him!


It is irony enough to hear now that many German leftists are supporting the division of Syria along sectarian and ethnic lines through standing for the demands of part of Kurds who live in Syria to split. Kurds in Syria are refugees who escaped the Ottomans massacres. In this position this German left is repeating the creation of an entity similar to that of Zionists in Palestine. But, they do not realize that their own country is occupied by US imperialism! It might not be a joke to remind them that the one million Syrian refugees who are captured by Germany capitalism will demand self- rule and independence after ten years!


As for the origins of Jewish racism, it is enough to mention their big lie of the “chosen people”, which shows God as a discriminator who prefers one people over all human beings! If this people is different, God could have kept them in heaven.


This historic Jewish racism was and still is the background of Zionist intellectuals and politicians:


Let’s recall Borochov, who justified the building of a Jewish state on the bones of another people, just to enable the Jews to build a Jewish socialist state! What a criminal racist socialist! (Borochov Ber, Nationalism, and the Class Struggle: a Marxian Approach to the Jewish Problem (New York, 1937). )


Herzl also emphasized that the “Jewish State” will be a wall to protect the West from the barbaric East. God knows by what means this protection will be achieved? By roses!


Later the well known Jewish/US intellectual Noam Chomsky, as a figure in US main stream left wing states that he is a Zionist, and he refuses a joint state for Palestinians and Jews in the land of Arab Palestinians, (  Noah Cohen, “Noam Chomsky and ‘Left’ Apologetics for Injustice in Palestine ”, Aug 23, 2004 ,

) and refuse even to criticize US aggressive position against Syria! (


Now, as long as both, Germans and Jews, are educated by those political and intellectual racists, it is no wonder that when Netanyahu visited Germany last month was welcomed by German Prime Minister Mrs. Merkel. But what is more stranger and more frustrating for is that not even a small demonstration took place against his visit, at least at the time when ZAR soldiers and settlers areburning Palestinians alive and killing based on color to the extent that they shot dead an Eritrean worker imagined that he is an Arab. Even the so-called left in Germany does not dare to denounce that visit.


In this environment, it is expected from Netanyahu will throw his tremendous lie that Hajj Hussein told the “poor” Hitler to kill Jews.


I never thought that Husseini must “embrace” Jews since they that they are and will continue to evict his people from their Homeland.


It is only the sick racist who might believe that Husseini must embrace those settlers.


German left must feel ashamed that their state did not arrest a bloody criminal like the Zionist Prime Minister who is rude enough to teach them that the black history of Nazism was a shining one.